There Is Magic In 5 Months Old

I’ve seen him roll over both ways a couple times, so I know he’s capable of it. He doesn’t do it often, though.


I think this would have caused me great anxiety as a first-time mom. I encouraged my first baby to track brightly colored objects until he shifted his weight enough to land from back to belly and back to back.

I toted him to actual baby-gym classes three times a week. THREE TIMES! A WEEK! WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME?

I guess the same mom who had time to bathe her baby every other night. Lowell is my dirtiest (and happiest) baby of the three.

IMG_9771His first bath in a week…ish.

But I’m 100% okay if this kid just sits and smiles at me for a few more months to come, always in the same spot I last plopped him.


To me, there is magic in this age. This stage. This time when the babies are mostly happy, over the gas, sleeping in relatively predictable patterns, smiling, laughing, AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOUR HELP.


Freeze, please.



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  1. Love it. I didn’t know how lucky I was when my son was 5 months old. Now he’s 2.5 and goes nonstop. ALL. THE. TIME.

  2. He is so cute! You and Scott make the most adorable babies! Props to you both! And I agree on the baths thing, as long as their butt is clean, they can go a few days w/o a bath, am I right?!

  3. he is soooo adorable. my 2nd son is 6 months old and it’s my favorite time. I wish I could freeze him at this age. (even though there are so many fun surprises at every age).

  4. I do miss putting them somewhere and they’re still in the same spot when you come back. Yesterday I couldn’t find my 10-month old. She had crawled into her room and was looking at a book. That’s all. Now I look forward to when she can walk so I won’t have to carry her as much, and I can make dinner without a little girl holding onto my pants legs and pulling my pants down because she wants me to pick her up.

  5. Sara Cavallino Ruppel on

    I’m enjoying my 2nd the older she gets, 9 months right now. She has not been an overly happy or easily satisfied baby. But the older she gets and more mobile she is – she now stands and walks along things, crawls all over, goes up stairs now – the happy she becomes!

  6. This is totally my favorite age too! Well at least for my first. My second son as soon as he could sit he started crawling…

  7. Kim Nichols Angelo on

    I wish my baby was sleeping in a predictable manner haha! He also just turned 5 months and is my first. They are definitely more fun as they get older in my opinion, but I’m really looking forward to the stage where sleep is not such a battle…when is that again??

  8. Yes. I’ve always had an affinity for that 5-6 month mark. They’re “doing things” other than sleeping, crying and pooping, but not too much. They’re starting to sit and play independently for spurts of time, sleeping better, the whole nine yards. But then they start crawling and it’s all shot to hell. 😉

  9. Kelly Couch Moyer on

    my fourth, and last, is seven months old and trying (way too hard for my taste) to crawl. i want it to stop!

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