My New Favorite Coffee Mug

In December, Kendall’s school offered a little store where he could buy gifts for family. I sent money with him, along with a list of people to shop for.

His attitude turned sour the night before when I asked him if he was excited.

“Ugh. I don’t even KNOW, mom. I don’t know what anyone wants me to buy them,” he huffed.

I think Kendall’s love language is gift-giving. He’s always telling me we need to buy friends, acquaintances, and that one kid he just walked past in the mall different toys and things he enjoys. But I’m guessing there was a conversation at school about the store and how it was important for the kids to think of who they were buying gifts for and what THEY would want.

“Oh! Well, I can help you with that,” I said as I tucked him in.

We talked about what each person in our family likes, starting with his brother and sister.

When we got to Scott and me, I said, “And mommy and daddy like…. we like to drink… coffee!” I emphasized coffee in hopes he’d gloss over my more obvious beverage of choice- wine- pretty sure they wouldn’t be selling any wine paraphernalia at the school store.

On Christmas morning, Leyna got a giant pen from Kendall because “she likes to color” and Lowell got a pair of glasses with googly eyes that pop off on little slinkys because….. well, I think they just probably had a nonexistent selection of infant toys at the school store.

Scott got a foam football so he and Kendall could play together.

And he got me a lovely patent leather clutch because I’m forever losing my tiny wallet.

And then there was a gift leftover, addressed to “Grandpa” in grown-up handwriting.

“Aww, you got grandpa a gift? Which grandpa is this for?” I asked.

“Ugh,” Kendall rolled his eyes. “I TOLD them that is NOT for my GRANDPA. They just wouldn’t LISTEN. It’s for you and dad.”

Scott and I unwrapped the box, opened it and found a ceramic coffee mug.

With “grandpa” written all over it.

“See! It’s a coffee mug. Because you guys LOVE coffee. Isn’t it perfect?! I told them it was for my mom and dad who love coffee, and they kept telling me to give it to my grandpa, but it’s for you.” He was very proud of himself.

The lone coffee mug in the store, and he had to have it for us. Never mind that it says “grandpa” all over it, and the grown ups kept trying to tell him his intention didn’t match his choice.


Details don’t matter. It’s the heart that does.

It’s my new favorite.


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    • Tiny little tears in the corner of my eyes. Mostly we laughed at what a strong spirit he has, imagining his determined face as he did his best to explain to the grown-ups manning the store, and then just giving up because who has the time? Ha! I can’t wait to see what he becomes.

  1. I don’t know why but this post just made me cry. My son is Kendall’s age (a couple months older) and his school did the same thing. James also loves to give people gifts. We didn’t get any Grandpa mugs, but my gosh that is so sweet.

  2. Haha, Kendall is such a character, I love him! And I must commend Kendall’s school on such a cool store. My kid’s school has a terrible little Christmas store, very overpriced for what they make the kids buy. Oh well, it IS the thought that counts.

  3. The BEST. Hands down. I wish I could be a fly on your way many, many years from now when all the kids are grown and their spouses and/or significants are there and this story is told. The laughter and tears and joy to fill that room will be phenomenal. A great story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is so sweet! My oldest, also 5, had a holiday shop at school also and the gifts were so sweet it hurts my heart. I love this post!

  5. Get it, gramps! You should pair that delicious cup of foreshadowing with some Worther’s originals during a Howdy Doody marathon and then you’ll feel like I did after reading your candy post 🙁 (hehehe)

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