If You Don’t Love This Post, Your Soul Will Die In 2014

Not really, but since 99.9% of the headlines I’ve read since December 20th have presumed to tell me how I should feel and things I must stop saying and doing this year, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

I can’t vouch for your soul this year, though. I can’t even take responsibility for my heaps of laundry. For the second time, we wound up just going to the laundromat to catch up on everything this weekend. It’s so much quicker that way. And the kids get excited for vending machine Skittles. And our dryer is pitiful. Asleep on the job.

I’m in no position to tell you how to do anything with your life. I only know what I hope to do with mine this year, and that’s only after thinking about it for a short period yesterday.

Oh, right. It’s a new year. I should resolve to do… something. 

I still don’t have much of a plan for 2014. I haven’t even filled out my planner for the month yet.

I do know I want more of this-


Dinner table dance parties.

And I want to focus even more on documenting the real, embracing the imperfect, and letting go of the stress that comes with the visions I have in my head of how things should be.


So we let the kids climb on the table after we finish eating dinner off our paper plates in a kitchen that is just renovated enough to make us feel like we’re done with the hardest parts, and not un-renovated enough to make us feel like we should finish it anytime soon. Who needs baseboards?



Who has time for baseboards when there’s serious baby-watching to do? Truthfully, I DO hope we can carve out a little time after they go to bed, or something, soon… ish. I’d kind of like 2014 to be the year we kill uncompleted projects.

But I’m TRYING to be okay with it not being that.

I really suck at resolutions.


This year, I just want to do more of the same, but do it better.

I think that’s all I have to say about that.

(And yeah, Leyna broke her arm. More about that tomorrow.)

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  1. I can’t make resolutions, but I did recently notice that having my house perfect was stopping me from blogging. So I resolved to not care (as much) and started an IG project. That I will probably get tired of in a few months, but maybe not 🙂

  2. I think being a better version of yourself is a more achievable thing. I’m not a resolution kind of person either. I just know I’m good but I could be better, and I have more than one year to work on myself. And yeah, I hate those headlines and posts that tell me what to do! ha.

  3. Sara Cavallino Ruppel on

    I don’t have baseboards either after a kitchen reno that was 1.5 years ago!! ugh.. it would drive me nuts (or more than it already does) if I had more time to worry about it. We also have no trim around the door and two windows in the kitchen yet **sigh**..

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