How Old Is Your Baby?

I used to be able to answer the question, “How old is your baby?” with such precision. It seemed… irresponsible? Wrong? Misleading of me to not chime back with the most accurate response possible.

There is SUCH a difference between a 5 month old and a 6 month old, you know? I mean, even mere days in an infant’s life make such a difference.

Except, nobody cares. Nobody cares how many WEEKS and DAYS your 5.5 month old is. But trust, I get it. You’re in that mindset because it’s all about their weekly milestones and the precision is important to you. Or… well, it was to me.

The first time.

The second time, I stopped checking what her weekly milestones were. I read up on what to expect each month when I got around to it. I mostly knew how long it would be until the next month hit.

This time, seriously y’all, I have a hard time remembering the 3rd baby’s birthday. Someone asked the other day, “Is Lowell really already 5 months old?” And I’m sure it was just a sweet thing to say and meaning, like, “Wow! Time has gone so fast. I can’t believe he’s 5 months!”

Except it made me pause and re-do the math. I counted from the end of August through the middle of January. Then I felt super embarrassed because here I had just posted on Instagram that he was 5 months old, but he was only 4 months old!

And then I remembered he was born at the end of July, not the end of August. So… yay?

Ugh. My poor brain.


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  1. Exactly! I’m on number 2, and I don’t know how I kept track of my first born’s weekly age. Really?! Of course, now with two I have less time to think and less brain to think with (because my theory is the babies siphon it out when they breastfeed). I can only imagine how much my IQ will have dropped after I finish breastfeeding my second. That doesn’t even take into account any others. You are doing awesome! You can still form complete and witty sentences. I can only hope the same.

  2. My third baby is three this year, and I genuinely have a hard time remembering her exact birthday. I mean I’m not terrible, I know it was May, but the date? Clueless!

  3. Courage Lightflow on

    My niece gave the idea of weekly pictures, that first year, with my youngest. so…. I had to count the weeks again. 😛 KInd of odd.

  4. Just today, I called my baby’s doc’s office. When asked for his DOB, I first gave my 5-year-old’s, then my husband’s, THEN finally, my baby’s. I almost gave my brother’s wedding anniversary because it’s around that date.

    I adore him. Really, I do.

  5. lol- I have baby number 2. right from the start, we said we wouldn’t do the ‘X week thing” because that doesn’t mean anything to anyone. when I went back to work someone asked me how many weeks the baby was. I sat and thought for a few minutes, gave up and said “I don’t know, he’ll be 3 months old in a week and a half”. we can pretty well remember the X month age, and say ‘he’s 5 months old”- right up until about 3 days before he switches to 6 months. then we finally switch to ‘he’ll be 6 months in a couple days.’

  6. I had to be reminded he was 15 months when the daycare asked for immunization record updates. Oh yeah….that’s a thing. O_O

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