As A Child Of The 80s, This All Makes Me Feel Old

My kids are 5, 3 and 5 months old. I am 32, but to them I might as well be 120.

I remember what it was like as a kid. 30 seemed tremendously aged. People who were in their 30s when I was 5 were far older than I feel right now. People in their 30s when I was 5 were born in the FIFTIES, for goodness sake. People born in the 50s were way older by the time they were 30 than people born in the 80s. Right?

If you’re a 30-something with young kids, perhaps these realizations will blow your mind as much as they have mine.

defleppardsugarcredit Def Leppard’s YouTube channel

Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is to my kids


was what Elvis’s “Blue Suede Shoes” was to me.


The Milli Vanilli leg swing is as vintage a dance move to them as the Twist was to me.

twistcredit Gordon Peters, The Chronicle 1961 via

Finding an original Nintendo Game Boy at their grandparent’s house is probably about as quaint and un-exciting as…


pulling the original Fisher Price Chatter Telephone out of a rusty old toy box at the baby sitter’s was for me.


I wonder if my daughter would enjoy dressing up in a power suit…

WorkingGirlcredit Working Girl via

as much as I longed to twirl around in a Poodle Skirt?

poodleskirtcredit Wikimedia

Skittles are as old a candy staple to my children

skittlescredit Skittles Facebook page

as old school candy necklaces were to me…


despite having seen a Taste The Rainbow commercial on Channel 1 in homeroom just yesterday, I swear.


And Bill Nye the Science Guy is as ancient to my kids…


as Mr. Wizard was to me.

I’m going to stop here so I can go pluck some gray hairs, apply eye cream, and  check on the status of my retirement savings.

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  1. My kids got a “simon” (remember the black circle with 4 colored buttons that light up in a pattern that you need to repeat?) as a birthday giveaway. This was the most epic toy of my childhood, now available in 12-pack from Oriental Trading Co. Worse yet they thought it was totally dull. Me = “I was popular because I was the only kid around who had one of these!!!” Them = *blank stare*

  2. Kim Nichols Angelo on

    Channel 1…forgot all about that! It was better than listening to the home room teacher drone on though. And as a teacher now, I would love to have access to it now in my home room ha!

  3. Rebecca McKenzie on

    We have one of those pull toy chatter phones! She was puzzled because it was a rotary. :/ Other than that, she loves it (and luckily recognized it as a phone at least). Also (from my mom’s FB page): “Over Christmas we were talking about the giant steps of technology and someone said something about black and white TV. Twelve year old [niece] asked, “What’s black and white?” Her mom said it was like the beginning of The Wizard of Oz. *sigh*”

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