2013 Inappropriate Elf Winners


Well, mostly just sorry I thought I’d announce this before Christmas when I was planning back in November. But not really that sorry that I took some time off from my blog over the holidays. Our last hurrah was last night. We wrapped up our holiday break fun times with a trip to cheer on MIZZOU at the Cotton Bowl.

M I Z!

Tonight, it’s back to business. The business of inappropriate elves.

The Judges

As always, I wind up with a kick ass panel of guest judges who vote on their top 2 favorites. Here’s this year’s rowdy crew:

Charlie & Andy, HowToBeADAd.com– They write for one blog, but they each submitted a vote. They are sorta like my male counterparts in this blog space, except much more successful, with bananas added for scale. 

David, TheDaddyComplex.com – I met David at a blog conference the beginning of 2013, back before he became all famous for the CTFD Method and got a book deal. I only hate him a little bit.

Ilana, MommyShorts.com – You’ve probably heard of baby mugging or seen her Evil Baby Glare-Off competitions circulating Facebook. Kind of a big deal.

Jamie, BabyGuideGearGuide.com– Jamie knows strollers, can teach you how to wear a baby, and guide you to the right sized flange for your nipple. He also has an Angry Baby sidekick with more Instagram followers than me, and my favorite kind of sense of humor.

Mary Mac, PajamasandCoffee.com– She’s written for important people like the Washington Post, and appeared on the Today Show for serious topics, but nothing is quite as serious as her hate/hate relationship with elves. She also totally agrees with me that claymation Santa from Rudolph is the biggest a-hole ever.

Roo, NeonFresh.com– Roo is like the effortlessly cool and hip person I wish I could be, but I’d just come off as an awkward poser. I simply don’t possess the gif curating powers she does. She is a gif whisperer. She also does professional stuff like write copy for stuff you buy in Whole Foods.

Sarah, ClickinMoms.com– This girl knows pictures. She’s the CEO of Clickin Moms, a super mega awesome photography forum for women. I puffy pink heart her and the forum.

Stuart, KTXD– Stuart is the Managing Editor of KTXD TV here in Dallas, and he’s had me on one of his shows- The Broadcast- several times, including segments all about inappropriate elves the last 2 years.

Tanis, TanisMiller.com– Tanis is my original blog idol, the very first blogger I stalked online AND NOW I’M HER FACEBOOK FRIEND. I really win at stalking. She is also so funny, and so real, and has a giant dog and… just go look at him.

Wendi, WendiAarons.com– Wendi was one of my directors for the Austin Listen To Your Mother show last year. She’s also a generally hilarious woman in the very smart kind of way. She writes for US Weekly’s Fashion Police. She is judging your fashion, celebrities. I hope you’re not making your own swimsuits. 

But enough about all of those people, am I right? You want to know who won!

All of 2013’s contest entries
2013’s Top 10 Inappropriate Elves

It was a tight race this year. SUPER SUPER TIGHT. The winner and second place were separated by only 1 point.

In SECOND PLACE, and winner of the Nintendo 2DS….


Wreck The Halls by LittleElise.com

And the WINNER, taking home the iPad Air….

elfyenorth-600x464 copy

Elfye North’s Bound 4 by DirtyDiaperLaundry.com

Thanks to everyone who entered this year! And thanks to Miley and Kanye for your questionable choices.

Happy New Year, y’all!


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  1. I had to do some googling to figure out what the hell the winner’s picture was about. Clearly I’m not “with it”

  2. It was so much fun to be a part of these elf shelfnanigans, especially with this amazing team of judges! True story: Tanis was my biggest inspiration in blogging from Day One as well 😉

    Thanks for letting me play along and congrats to the winners!

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