Holiday PJ Roundup

This is not something I typically do. I’m not really a shopping/fashion/deals blogger, but I’m currently looking online for some pajamas for my own kids, and thought I’d share what I’ve found with you all.

Last year, before the funk of the first trimester hit me, we took pictures in our pjs for our family holiday cards. I happened on a good sale from Lands End, and loved the coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy look. It was also the easiest family self-portrait ever. We threw on our pjs (and I put on some makeup), and piled onto Kendall’s bed.


I set up the camera on my tripod and used my remote to fire off some shots.

The cost of all 4 of our pajamas was less than what one new outfit for myself would have cost. Plus, they were an awesome and acceptable way to hide the first trimester bloat.

The cards, designed by Birdesign, came out super cute, including the jumping-on-the-bed outtake we put on the back.


They are still cute, sitting in the plastic shrink wrap in my closet. By the time I got them, the first trimester was in full swing AND I had the flu. They never went out.

But still! I think the pajama idea was one of my best ever, and I plan to possibly replicate it in a way this year. So I’m hunting for good pajamas for the kids again.

1. Lands End- As I mentioned, this is what we went with last year. Fantastic quality! They had coordinating styles for the whole family. This year, though, the selection just isn’t speaking to me in the sizes that we need, especially considering we have a baby to dress this time around.

But they might work for you!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.29.47 PM

Lands End Boys Flannel Pajamas, $44

And they are having a 30% off Friends & Family sale now through November 12th. Use the code FRIENDLY and pin 3055 when you check out.

2. Gap- I think this is the winner for us this year. I specifically have my eye on these for Leyna, with some coordinating pjs made from jersey for Kendall, and a candy cane stripe footed onesie for Lowell.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.34.04 PM

Gap Plaid Ruffle Trim Classic PJ Set $35

They also have a Friends & Family sale going on now through November 11th. Save 30% with the code GAPFRIENDS at checkout.

3. Gymboree- I’m really bummed they don’t have all the sizes I need to deck the kids out in this adorable Elf line! They are only $15 right now, and Lowell would look adorable in this.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.28.40 PM

Gymboree Elf one-piece pajamas, $15

4. Carters- They don’t offer the size range I need anymore (since my 5 year old looks like a 12 year old), but they still have some adorable options for the littles, and at super prices. These are only $10!

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.32.16 PM

Carters snug-fit 2 piece pajamas, $10

Through the 11th, you can get 25% off purchases of $50 or more with code 25DEAL, or 15% off your entire purchase with 15DEAL.

5. Target- While these aren’t specifically on sale this weekend, they are always a good price because TARGET. In store I’ve seen some cute Carters jammies (similar to the ones posted above by Carters), but I mostly love the Nick & Nora flannel pjs they carry for big kids every year. I haven’t seen them in store yet (nor have I looked hard), but they have them on their website right now for $20ish.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 8.58.23 PM

Nick & Nora for Target, $20

6. Hanna Andersson- These organic cotton pajamas are classic to  me. Hanna Andersson’s quality has always, always impressed me. So these would be wonderful, classic pajamas to buy and plan to pass down to younger siblings. They also have the best variety when it comes to sizes, making it easier to coordinate kids of all ages.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.02.29 PM

Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Long John Pajamas, $28

Several of their holiday-themed print pajamas are on sale this weekend for $28 (down from $42), including these super cute polkadot girls jammies. And according to, you can also save 15% off your order if you’re a new customer by using the code NEWCUSTOMER.

7. Personal Creations- I just don’t know if I can pass up getting Lowell some of these personalized butt-flap jammies! I keep coming back to them. This is probably the only year of his life I can get away with putting these on him. (And if you have a little girl, you MUST see the ruffly butt ones!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.13.51 PM

Personal Creations Premium Rudolph Long Johns, $30

I just searched for a coupon code for, and found one for 25% off your order AND free personalization. Just enter code SRCH25FP at checkout. I have no idea how long this is good for, or if it actually works, but it seems to be working for a lot of people.

8. Zulily- There are some great deals to be found on Zulily (there always are), but the key is to order, like, NOW. Zulily orders can take a while to ship, so if you need these in time to do anything other than just put them on the kids Christmas Eve, get to it. That said, if you can hold out for the shipping time, there are lots of cute holiday pajamas there for really, really great prices.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 9.29.48 PM

Zulily Gray Stripe Star Pajama, $14

Zulily is a membership only website that offers new deals on kids, women’s and household stuff every day. The links I’ve provided to them will take you to my personal invitation account if you’re not already a member.


I’m sure I’m missing some really great deals, but I have to cut myself off at some point. If you know of any, feel free to post them in the comments below!

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  1. put both cards in one envelope this year.

    If I was your friend… well like a real friend – not internet friend – even though we could probably recognize each other’s kids at the park – I would totally love to get both cards at the same time.

  2. These are all too cute! I just have one little to dress, but still. Adorable! I saw the Zulily selection this week, but I didn’t go for it since they take so long to ship. (I did order a handful of other things, though.) I really love the Nick & Nora ones above; I’ll have to check Target.

  3. Tracy Harper Kistler on

    I am so happy I am not the only one who didn’t send out their Christmas cards last year!!! You just wiped away so much mama guilt I have been feeling for the past 11 mths 😉

  4. I totally did the 2-cards-at-once thing! I made beautiful cards then was in full IVF mode and didn’t send them out one year. I was glad to get them out of the shrink wrap and heard many a tale of both being tacked to the fridge.

  5. those PJ selections are great! thanks for posting.
    one note about zulily though. they wait until the sale is over before making their purchase of the items which they then get and send to you. so you might want to figure out how late you can take the photos and still get cards made.
    this comment based on the fact that I bought some gDiapers on Zulily on Nov. 8, and the estimated shipping date is Nov. 24.

  6. Courtney Helms on

    I went with Gymboree for the boys’ (matching) Christmas PJs this year. Found a couple cute pairs that I could get in 5T (for my 3-year-old) and 18-months.

  7. Love this! I think I could actually pull this off this year. I’m 7mo preggers and not feeling photo-friendly at the moment. I was wondering though… how do you get the light glow on the bed? Flashlight under covers? Spotlight? I love the effect it has on your faces.

    • I was wondering this too, Jill. 😉 I am thinking about attempting this for our cards this year since I never got around to getting our photos taken and I love this idea! But yeah, wasn’t sure about lighting and I love the way it looks like you’re in a dark room, but there is the spotlighted area in the center of the photo.

      • Hey! Just answered this above: No special lighting tricks here. The window in Kendall’s room is to our right. We had all white bedding on the bed, so it worked as a natural reflector. We shot this at a time of day when the sun was streaming pretty directly into the window. Hope that helps!

    • Hey Lisa! No special lighting tricks here. The window in Kendall’s room is to our right. We had all white bedding on the bed, so it worked as a natural reflector. We shot this at a time of day when the sun was streaming pretty directly into the window. Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks for this! It has really saved me some time 🙂 I have a question… How did you light last year’s picture? Natural, artificial?

    • Hi Melissa! Just answered a similar question above: No special lighting tricks here. The window in Kendall’s room is to our right. We had all white bedding on the bed, so it worked as a natural reflector. We shot this at a time of day when the sun was streaming pretty directly into the window. Hope that helps!

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