Babies Grow Fast, Yo

 Let’s talk consignment sales! This post is sponsored by Just Between Friends, a Dallas area consignment sale. 


This guy is 8 weeks old.  That sound I just heard was your mind being blown, I know.

And in true Krause Kid fashion, he’s starting to chub out.


That is both exciting (because SQUEEE CHUBBY BABIES!) and a little sad.

He doesn’t fit any newborn clothes anymore, and has even grown out of many of his 3 month clothes.  How did that happen so fast?!

Since this is my 3rd time at the newborn baby rodeo, I knew not to spend much money on little clothes. Little clothes are a big waste, especially for my kids who bust through 3 sizes in 3 months. Now, once we get into the 6-12 month romper range, momma is going to spend a mint at Baby Gap (or half a mint on Ebay).

But I get it, when you’re a first time parent there’s no way anyone can talk you out of the joy of purchasing lots of weetle tiny baby clothes. (And shoes! So much more worthless than little clothes, but even cuter!)


And to you, new parent who doesn’t care if tiny clothes are a waste, I tell you consignment sales are your super cool new BFF.


Image Credit: JBF Dallas

See allllllllll those tiny clothes? Imagine this: they are practically brand new (some actually are brand new) and they are at least 2/3 cheaper than what you’d pay for them in the store.

Image Credit: JBF Dallas

See alllllll those baby exersaucers? Same deal.

Now, as a mom who has a lot of tiny baby stuff that we don’t need anymore, consignment sales mean that I can sell all of that stuff and recoup a bit of the money we blew on it. Okay, not ALL  of it. Certainly not the stained and ripped stuff. They have standards. But newborn stuff rarely ever gets destroyed, so I have quite a bit of that.

There is a method to successfully consigning clothes, toys, and gear. My friend Stephanie  from Froggy and the Mouse is a consignment sale queen. Some of her tips include:

Fighting horrid baby puree stains? Oxi Clean is by far my favorite for getting rid of stains. Make sure that you’re using some extra stain-removal power on any items you might have flagged with small stains when you went through everything earlier.


PIN YOUR ITEMS TO THE TOPS OF THE HANGER. I don’t care if they’re pants, or a shirt – they get pinned to the top of the hanger. If they’re pinned to the top, the safety pins can’t slide around, thus, your pants won’t all end up in a tangled clump in the back corner of your hanger.

You can read more of her wisdom, starting with this post. It’s a 5 part series. She’s that thorough.

Consignment sales vary regionally, but one that’s huge here in the Dallas area is Just Between Friends (or just JBF). The next one is coming up soon, October 3-6th at the Mesquite Rodeo Exhibit Hall.

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So clean out your kids closets, your attic, that random pile of stuff you’ve shoved in a corner of a room, and make you some money! And if you’re an expecting parent, don’t buy another thing (not a single baby sock, not a Bumbo, and definitely not a onesie) until you visit the sale and see what you can get. I’m telling you, you’ll be thrilled at what you’ll come home with.

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  1. definitely a cool thing. we have a giveaway at our local church once a year, one week you can drop off donations, the next go in and pick out whatever you want. We have gotten toys, clothes, books, etc. Everything that’s left goes to salvation army or whatever, so it’s not like any of it goes to waste. This is the 3rd year for it I think.

  2. Last year I cleaned up on toys at our JBF. This year I bought shoes. Ooodles of tennis shoes. Because those aren’t seasonal. Brand new Stride Rite shoes for $5? Yes ma’am. In four different sizes? Try to stop me. OK, OK, maybe I bought my girl a few frivolous things, like raspberry fur boots. Because every 2.5 year old needs them, right? Those sales are awesome.

  3. JBF is the best thing ever!!!!!! On a good year I’ll make as much as I spend. Essentially getting the next seasons wardrobe for me. And oh the thrill of a bargin cannot be beat!!!

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