Living In Our PJs

I’m really glad we put a little effort into our bedroom before Lowell got here because it’s basically our own 2 man (or one mommy, one baby) cave. We spend a lot of time on that bed.



Though sometimes we have visitors.


Yes, 4 weeks and one day into this (you did not misread that nor did I mistype- FOUR WEEKS), and I’m still hardly able to get it together enough to get out of my jammies for the day or move past a sloppy ponytail.


We are so, so, so fortunate that Scott just went back to work, and that he works from home quite often. It’s been much easier on all of us as we try to transition into a functioning routine again- one that now involves mandatory punctuality when it comes to getting Kendall to kindergarten. I am not exaggerating when I say I am scared of how much I will fail at that part when I’m on my own.

I’ve done a pretty good job of fighting off the urges to jump back into life and laundry and menu plans and to-do lists. It’s not hard when you get to lay on your bed and look at this all day.



I love to count the rolls starting to form on his chubby arms and legs. I love marveling at his cheeks as they fill out.

IMG_5283I love that belly button.



Can’t we just hang here until he’s old enough to run away from me?


Real clothes are overrated anyway.



Thanks to Belabumbum for the matching PJs!

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  1. Leyna Williams on

    Gosh, you’re beautiful. My “newborn” is six months and I still hide behind the camera lens because, well, no one needs to see this mess. Lowell is a total, complete doll. Soak it in. As you know, it goes too fast.

  2. Which co sleeper is that?! I like it better than ours. I would love to know where you got it so we can make a chane at our house!

  3. 1. Your “sloppy ponytails” look far better than my hair when I spent hours getting it just so.
    2. Gosh that baby is cute!
    3. Wherever did you get those baby jammies? LOVE!

  4. Oh my word. Did you self portrait all of those? WHHHHYYYYYYYY didn’t I do that???????????? Beautiful. All of you.

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