I Didn’t Cry

Kendall’s first day of kindergarten was yesterday. I didn’t cry.


Be sure, there were plenty of emotions in me, and it’s possible I expelled all my tears the night before when he came home with a botched haircut (that I did my best to spruce up the next day with the help of daddy’s hair gel).


But no real tears were shed from me as I watched him walk to school EARLY in the morning. (That’s the sun rising, people. I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun RISING.)



And into the halls of his new, big school.


No tears when I realized late last night I took this picture-


And this one at the same spot, 4.5 years apart. Walking to learn, learning to walk.


I started this blog 6 years ago because of this boy.


Because of the idea of this boy. The one I knew would change us.

The one who continues to challenge us, make us eat our words, and drive us just crazy enough to keep us from signing up for any of the parenting awards we were sure we’d easily win before we actually became parents.

While I fought him and won (for now) on the Skylanders backpack, I caved to the Skylanders t-shirt. Never in a million years did the pre-kid me think she’d let her son show up to the first day of kindergarten wearing a licensed character t-shirt. Good thing we’ve both done some growing, learning, and getting to know each other these last 5 years and almost 4 months. And I’ve learned to pick my battles.


I bought his regular school supplies, then scoured the internet for any kind of notebook, pen or pencil with Skylanders on it. I freaked out and felt inadequate when I couldn’t find the 2 pocket folders with brads ANYWHERE. I helped him cover a pencil box with Skylanders stickers and relished in my momentary “coolest mom ever” status.

I reflected, I laughed, I gave MANY hugs and kisses, and I made him pose for pictures.

But I didn’t cry.

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  1. such a big milestone! I didn’t cry when I sent my first 2 off to kindergarten but when I sent my last baby last year I bawled…I”m sure it didn’t help that we had just moved across country & I was feeling lonely myself.

  2. I cry at the most random things. Like I got all weepy seeing everyone’s child going to kindergarten but I didn’t cry the first day I dropped my own off at daycare and went back to work. Emotions are crazy! But so happy for you guys and this experience. How fun!

    • Sounds like me, I cry every time I read someone else’s birth story, and didn’t even tear up when my own babies were born.

  3. Haha. My sister-in-law just told me today “I guarantee I won’t cry when Devin goes to school. Doesn’t ANYBODY else get excited about free childcare?” 😉

  4. Awwww…so exciting! My oldest has another year before he starts kindergarten (thank goodness…he’s almost five but he will benefit from the extra year, as will his classmates…lol…).

  5. Good for you, but I cried just reading this entry. Can’t be because I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second and cherishing every second of my one-on-one time with the 20-month-old little (big) boy who changed me forever? Nah.

  6. Well, I cried reading this and dropping my baby boy (3 weeks younger than Kendall) off at kindergarten last week.

    Been reading your blog these last 6 years, our 3 kids are similar ages, and you hit the nail on the head with what it feels like to be a parent of many young children (I think of your “future memories of my frustration” post more than I care to admit). Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  7. we got skylander folders at Target! They’re out there!

    congrats on getting to kindergarten! it gets so much better! like the first time they sit and read to you it is amazing, emotional, amazing, crazy, amazing.

  8. Fran Wilson Magbual on

    I didn’t cry until my son had gone into the classroom! I held it together at least that long. 🙂

  9. Kristin Wintle Gagnon on

    We must have great taste in shoes because we pick the same ones! Leyna and Jack had the same sneakers a while ago (L’s were pink and J’s were blue) and now Kendall and Jack have the same sneakers!

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