My HLN Debut- The Anti-Glamorous Pregnancy

Last week, from the comfort of our Great Wolf Lodge suite, my hair barely dry, I Skyped into the HLN studios to discuss “the real deal” about being pregnant with Kyra Phillips and the Raising America team.

I’ve been working on sending them little video diaries throughout the last few weeks, and they put together a montage of some of the highlights of my not-so-glamorous pregnant life.

You can see the full clip here. It’s only a few minutes long.

I plan to keep documenting these last weeks for them. The good, the bad, the makeup-less moments at 3 am where I’m choking on my own stomach acid. It should make for some entertaining birth control.

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  1. Love this Jill! My twins are 14 now but I HATED being pregnant. I was so huge and so uncomfortable, but I was ashamed I felt that way. Thanks for keeping it real:)))).

  2. I’m 22 weeks pregnant, and HATING. EVERY. SECOND. I hated it last time, too, and I wasn’t sick, whereas I’ve thrown up for 22 straight weeks this time. Thank you for not being one of those people who gloss over pregnancy.

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