Let Us Sing You The Song Of Our People

Many things have changed from my first pregnancy to my 3rd. I eat sushi and drink coffee now. I started wearing maternity pants at 8 weeks this time around. I don’t have time to lay around and zen out to soothing music, as I imagine my baby making his/her way down my birth canal just for funsies on a Friday night.

And I imagine life inside the womb is a lot different for this one than it was for the first two.

Just an example…

With my first, I played him music from a carefully crafted iPod playlist that ranged from classical to classic rock. Each song hand picked to evoke a specific mood and tone.

RegetisMusicBellyPicPhoto credit: Regetis Photography 

My 2nd baby  was bathed in sounds of her older brother’s favorite tunes- a pinch of nursery school rhymes, a smidge of Nick Jr. theme songs, and a dash of Katy Perry.


This 3rd baby?

IMG_3916-2 copy

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  1. You just nailed it! By the time I was pregnant with my 3rd all my sweet little fetus heard from me was, “Stop touching your sister! Stop touching mommy! Get that out of your nose! God I can’t wait for wine!” and the occasional Spongebob theme song. 😉

  2. Birthing Beautiful Ideas on

    YES! And then just wait until the third baby arrives. Instead of carefully crafted wooden puzzles that help teach kids shapes, it’s, “Oh yeah, look at that lid on the top of Mommy’s coffee! That’s a circle! BUT YOU CANNOT TOUCH IT THAT IS MY LIFEBLOOD!”

  3. It’s crazy! With #1 I made a freakin’ playlist on the iPod. Huh?! Now, with #2 in my womb, I’m not even sure I care about doing the 3D ultrasound because I don’t want to pay for it. I just assume the kid will have all it’s parts. well said!

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