I Keep Meaning To Blog, But…

Then summer keeps happening.


IMG_3983And my 3 hours of productivity a day are often spent putting on and taking off little swimsuits, and covering little legs and arms in sunscreen.



Or taking Leyna to the potty. She’s nearly potty trained, but not really. It’s a strange little tightrope we’re walking with it all right now, but I’m very hopeful she’ll be mostly out of diapers (except for night and naps) by the time the baby comes… except not on days she has Mothers Day Out. Just for the summer session. She’ll be in Pullups those days (trust me, I’m groaning with you right now, I HATE them) because she only has one teacher in her classroom most of the time. So… it’s… we’re working with them on this. For now.



And, uhhh… I’m currently looking into switching to a new midwife. At 35 weeks pregnant. It’s a long story that I really can’t get into right now, but I will eventually. So that’s been a real blast.

Tomorrow we head off to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX for a little family staycation. A few months ago, I planned to take the family to the beach this month. Then I got really pregnant and decided that was the stupidest idea ever. But an indoor water park that’s 30 minutes from home? Yes. We can do that.

Oh, and then there’s this thing I’m doing this Friday. Remember I told y’all how I’m going to make my national TV debut by revealing to the world that I eat sand? Yeah. That’s a real thing. So I’ll be Skyping from Great Wolf Lodge to… further embarrass myself? Is that even possible?

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  1. Sorry about the midwife situation (I was the one who emailed you recently) and I am bummed too because she was awesome. I thought I had pregnancy #2 all ready to go, dang it, but I cant imagine being as far along as you and having to switch.

    I suspect you know quite a bit about the other options available in DFW, but on the off chance you need more info, I think I’ve found a few good alternatives after looking into myself.

  2. Oh, summer. It’s a good distraction to have though. Also, blackberries! And just think of all the women you’ll be helping, poor sand wannabeeaters who haven’t told anyone because they think they’re crazy.

  3. Ugh, such suckage about having to switch midwives so late, BUT the last thing you want is a midwife you don’t agree with/like/get along with when you’re in the middle of transition and trying not to kill everyone in sight. I hope you can find someone else and soon! Also? SO JEALOUS of the blackberries.

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