I Crave The Recline

I have a new craving.


Bradford Leather Rocker Recliner from Sam’s Club

Don’t worry. I don’t want to eat it. I just crave laying in it, eating in it, sleeping in it, watching the kids from it.

I have never been a big recliner fan, truthfully. But now, I don’t care how ugly and overstuffed it looks, I want it. I am so uncomfortable from 7 pm and through the night, from all the acid reflux and general discomfort of growing a baby in the 3rd trimester, that I dream of doing everything from the reclined position.

I tell myself I’d get so much more work done if I could sit reclined with my laptop. Sitting upright at my desk is only bearable for a few hours now, and the thought of walking into our office past 5 makes me want to curl into a ball and pass out.

I don’t know…. do you think it’s worth it? I’ve been contemplating picking up something similar to that one up there this weekend. I have at least 6 more weeks of this left. And surely I’ll use it a bit after the baby gets here, right?

Did you use a recliner while pregnant? Did you sleep in it? Did it help?

Or is this one of those things I think will help, and then I just regret having spent money on this big beast that takes up too much space in my living room while I remain uncomfortable no matter what?

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  1. Just be careful about reclining too much…can lead to not great positioning for baby and possible back labour. πŸ™‚

  2. My dad has that recliner & it is incredible.

    I mean, it’s ugly. It’s bulky. I refuse to have one in my house because then Doug would never sit with me.

    But if I was preg? Ohhhhh yeah, baby. Recliner city.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. In my first pregnancy, my hips got so sore that I borrowed my mother’s outdoor recliner and took naps in it. Near the end of my second pregnancy, I bought a puffy nursing/recliner. I slept in it many a night pre-baby and after. I still love it. Sometimes my back hurts and I hang out in it with my nursing pillow on my lap and computer on it working:) I think I’ll never give it up.

  4. When I was pregnant with my first baby, a friend of ours gave us a hideously outdated eyesore of a recliner in hopes that it would help ease my nightly hip pain. Three babies later, it is by far the ugliest yet most valued piece of furniture I own! It helped me get through the hip pain, acid reflux, severe restless leg syndrome, post-partum soreness, and provided the only way I could get any sleep at all during months of having to hold a very sick and fussy baby all night long!

  5. I had HORRIBLE heartburn with my first baby, and my husband would not buy me a recliner. I insisted with our second baby that I would be miserable without it, and that I would totally use it to sleep in every night, and nurse the baby after he was born. But, then I found the Wish Garden Herbs heartburn/pregnancy formula which helped so much and that combined with a much lower baby meant that I didn’t have very bad heartburn… So, I have a not too expensive chair in my nursery that I do actually use to nurse. It’s been especially helpful since I fell down the stairs three months ago and bruised my tailbone. Try the Wish Garden drops, and if you’re still miserable, buy the recliner. You can always sell it on CL if you don’t end up using it too much. Good luck!

  6. Ha, I like your first paragraph clarification, because I was wondering when I clicked on the post if this craving comes with a side of ketchup πŸ˜‰ I don’t have a recliner, so I am useless as far as any advice on this topic goes, but I do remember I missed the hospital bed so badly after my first. I loved that you could adjust it in so many ways with just a push of a button. If they were for rent, I would have seriously brought one home with me.

  7. Kelly Chausovsky on

    We had a rocking recliner (microfiber, not leather) as our nursery chair and it was the best baby gear we bought, hands down. Yes, I nursed in it, but we also slept in it in the baby’s room when we needed to be close, took naps in it with them when they were newborns, it’s big enough to have everyone on my lap for bed time stories, and when we’re done with it in our nursery, it doesn’t look like “nursery furniture,” and we can move it into our living room and continue using it. And it’s comfortable as fuck. Like a big, fluffy cloud. I seriously love our recliner.

  8. Liddia Clift on

    When I was pregnant, my husband wasn’t even allowed in the recliner. That wonderful, comfortable chair was all mine. So yes, do it. Your back, reflux, heavy belly, and swollen legs will thank you. After baby you can use it as a chair to nurse in. Alone. πŸ™‚

  9. Jamie Christian on

    The Weir’s Outlet off of Spring Valley/Inwood (Addison area) has some amazing selections at clearance prices. I’ve had numerous prego friends go there πŸ™‚

  10. Leppard Queen on

    I’m not a big fan of recliners either, but I like to think it’s because I just haven’t found the right one….our sofa has recliners on either end which are nice (great when I was preg and for nursing a somersaulting two year old) but I hate having to put it down, there isn’t a lever to lower it, you actually have to push it back to locking and with my residual PSD that sucks a lot. I actually got this chair from IKEA (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/series/07472/) shortly after Amelia was born for our bedroom. I love it and I just put it out in our den because I’m tired of shoving the recliner down ;^).

  11. Stephanie Fraley on

    I slept in one while nursing/holding my “don’t put me down” baby for several weeks. And they are great for sleeping when heartburn sucks (like right now at 36 weeks for me).

  12. WORTH IT. In my 34ish wk of pregnancy I lost my mind and spent $900 on a gorgeous leather rocker/recliner because I was literally crying daily from not having a SINGLE place in the house to sit without major back pain. Anyway, its a crazy swedish brand, but I adore it and we use it for the baby (our second) ALL THE TIME. We had another in the nursery for my first, but now I have 4 rockers (3 are recliners) scattered about the house. So necessary.

  13. Courtney Helms on

    I lived in my recliner my entire second and third trimesters last summer. Baby’s position wasn’t affected. And much of my sleep during the “fourth trimester” was in that recliner, holding my refluxy baby on my chest. My recliner also rocks, so it was quite useful for rocking baby to sleep. I still nurse him there every night before putting him in the crib.

  14. Anne Benson Salmon on

    I lived in the old LazyBoy recliner that we got for free from my great-aunt. It’s super ugly, but saved me from severe lower back pain during my 3rd tri with my first pregnancy and the overwhelming heartburn during my second pregnancy. I don’t know if I would have bought one, but I was so grateful we had one. I shoved a squishy pillow in my lower back and partially reclined. Wonderful!

  15. Let’s say you have 10 weeks left and the chair is $450.

    If someone said that they could solve your heartburn issue for $6.50/day would you do it? If so, go for it!

    In the meantime, I cannot recommend for heartburn relief enough Hazelwood necklaces and bracelets.

  16. We got a recliner when I was pregnant with our second child, who is now 16 mos. I couldn’t sit comfortably on any of the furniture we had because I had what I called “floating hips”. Anyway, between that and heartburn and a big baby who did a full gymnastics routine 20 hours out of the day, the recliner saved whatever sanity I had left. After he was born, it was the nursing chair and now it’s my chair. I’ve called dibs for life.

  17. When I was pregnant with my first, I was the typical first time mom planning the dream nursery. When I got to the rocking chair, I looked at all the gorgeous shabby chic overstuffed, amazing looking rocker/recliners…and they were $1000 – before you customized the fabric. My daughter’s room was pink and green and my mom had this hideous LazeeBoy recliner in Hunter green that I had given her ENDLESS grief about. She kept offering it, and I finally relented and took it begrudgingly, (like I was doing HER a favor, right?) and most definitely “temporarily.” My husband almost didn’t let it in the house. Well. We spent endless nights sleeping with her in it, it was perfect for nursing, and you can actually sleep! It was in her room for 5 years and is now in our living room, shockingly. The only reason we didn’t put it in my son’s room when he was born is because there was no room for it. Get it, it’s so worth it! The leather one is way cooler than our sueded green, but I don’t know if I’d like the slipperiness. The sueded ones are uglier but more comfy I think. Good luck!

  18. We got ours while pregnant with #4 and I loved it and lived in it and she is now 2 1/2 yrs old and that is our favorite place to sit and chill… I nursed her in that chair and napped with her and now pregnant with #5 I wouldn’t trade that thing for all the chocolate in the world!! Lol

  19. I got one while pregnant with my first (much uglier than the one above) and lived in it. It rocks so after he was born I slept in it, with him on my chest when he would wake for mid night feelings. It lives in our basement now and comes back to the living room after each baby. It’s great for keeping swollen feet elevated too.

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