The Big Bedroom Makeover Giveaway!

I had SO much fun re-doing our wretched master bedroom this month.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t “fun” while we were doing it, but I like to tell myself it was worth it, and like my wedding, I plan to erase the memories of me crying over the bad stuff and replace them with the word “fun.”


Worth it.


So I’ve already told you how we chose the color pallet and used Sherwin-Williams paints. There’s still time to enter to win $100 to Sherwin-Williams over on this post (where you can also see more before pics of the room) and this post. 

Now, I’m going to tell you a little more about the rest of the room. And then I’m going to give one of you lots of cool stuff to makeover your own room! Get excited!

The focal point of the room is this gorgeous headboard Scott designed and built himself, using leftover pieces of our red oak hardwood floor. The same stuff we used to build our dining room table. We  will be using up the rest of that for many projects to come! This will eventually become an entire bed frame, complete with footboard, and we plan to get plans for it up over here. But don’t hold your breath. It’s going to take a while.

Here’s a pic of the headboard in progress, to give you more of an idea of the detail (and the awful paint color we had before… and the sad bedding). He’s really so effing talented.


 The duvet and shams are from Cassa Decor – the Letto Studio line by Kassatex. White. I know. I know! But the thing is? I love it. It’s bright and brings in some much needed contrast to the dark gray walls. It provides a lovely backdrop for the rest of the pillows, and (please don’t hate me for this, eco-friends) if it gets really gross, we can bleach it. The quality is like something from a high-end hotel. I’ve always said I want a “hotel” room for our room. Who doesn’t love fresh, crisp, soft bedding?

And about those pillows. I may not sew much, but I have sewn many a pillow cover in my day. They’re nothing but straight lines, so I feel very accomplished when I tackle them.

I headed to my favorite Dallas fabric store- City Craft– for inspiration. Once again, they helped me pick out some fantastic, coordinating (but not too matchy matchy) fabrics that I turned into pillow covers of all sizes. The body pillow cover is made from this glorious Driftwood Slate faux bois, and the others are made with a tartan and a Historic Tile print from the Joel Dewberry Notting Hill line.


 That lovely frame above the bed? It’s by Poppy Tree Frames. Not familiar? Prepare to fall in love. If you’re already in love, you know the obsession of which I speak. That’s a Nebula collage frame in Little Boy Blue. It holds 2 5x7s and one 8×10. I originally purchased it to put actual pictures in, but I love the way the scraps of fabric tie the whole room together.

We also brought in new carpet, and a white Hemnes dresser from Ikea (previously in Leyna’s room). I mentioned before that we’ve had those side tables for ages, and we painted them white and added new hardware. The table lamps were a clearance buy at Target last summer.


I can’t giveaway everything that went into making over our bedroom, but I think I can give one of you a great start on making over your own. In total, I’ve got over $450 in prizes for one lucky (US resident) winner. Here’s the good stuff:

One Letto Studio Duvet and Shams (any size and color) or $250 toward any Kassatex brand bedding you choose from Cassa Decor
$100 credit to City Craft ( for fabrics of your choice
$100 credit to Poppy Tree Frames for frame(s) of your choice

Also, I’m throwing in a priceless, autographed copy of my good friends’ book Guide To Baby Sleep Positions, by the hilarious duo at Charlie and Andy. Because here’s the deal: Now that our room is the comfiest in the house, we couldn’t keep the kids out if we guarded it with wild pigs. They both find their way into our bed most nights. So this book is basically the story of my life right now, and it seemed an appropriate addition to the prize pack.


Ready to enter? GO RAFFLECOPTER GO!

Disclosure- Cassa Decor provided the duvet and shams for me at no cost. All other products discussed in this post I purchased myself. 

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  1. Natasha Anderson on

    I have always thought that bedding can totally change a bedroom. New bedding, fabric, and frames would inspire me to simplify clutter and do something more cozy!

  2. Jess Cadena on

    This would help me kick off my bedroom decorating BIG time! We just moved in a few months ago and my room is the last that will get pampering. Right now we’re sleeping on 5 year old worn out, bleached when they shouldn’t have been, not so awesome sheets that may or may not have a few holes. GULP… Also, I love DIY projects, so this is right up my ally! We’re planning to redo our bedroom set that happens to be my Grandmothers… I use to sleep on it when I was a kid (not the same mattress, we’re not barbarians!). I would LOVE to win!

  3. This would help so much. Since moving half way across the country in Sept, and having my first baby in Nov, my place is lacking in the decor department. Our money has gone to everything but decorating our home. Which makes it seem less like our home, and more like just somewhere we are just staying for a short while. Your room turned out great! Hopefully I could win and make our bedroom, our own.

  4. It looks awesome! I love the colors! I was thinking the same thing about the white duvet cover (you can bleach it). We have been trying to get our master in order before baby # 3 gets here and this giveaway would rock!

  5. Rachel Brown on

    The makeover looks amazing! I would love to win this prize pack- our bedroom is lame but all our time and money goes to the rest of our home improvements, and kids’ rooms.

  6. Cheyenne Chinea on

    This would inspire me to change up my room for many reasons! Ill keep it short though. I dont know where to start in my room with a change and I never go in my room because it seems so dull! I have a black and gray comforter purchased from walmart years ago. It has a giant hole and is getting faded but I dont really have the money to go out and purchase all new stuff! No theme whatsoever and I have posters up as if I were 15, I know its ridiculous but when we have money to change stuff up we spend it on our son! Not gonna rabble but I would totally use every bit of it and loooove it all!

  7. Hanan Webster on

    Our room is downstairs in the finished basement. There’s like no natural light, except for a tiny little window, and our bedroom furniture is hideous. I’d love to get some new bedding to spruce it up a little.

    Also, you are one lucky duck to have a hubby that does all that woodworking. Mine thinks he can…ha!

  8. Lisa Genco Contessa on

    Oh my word. I feel a sense of serenity just looking at the photos! Our current master bedroom is lined with boxes for our move down one wall, our bed in the middle, and all my business/craft/inventory supplies down the other wall. Definitely NOT the peaceful place it once was.

  9. Teresa Zetwick on

    We just bought a house and need tons of stuff! This would help me feel like at least one room is actually done!

  10. We are in the process of moving into our new home. Need to find a new bed and of course give it a nice new wall color and rug. This make over would be so perfect, since our budged is so streched at this time.

  11. Whitney Sewell on

    Hit enter too early! We went super budget friendly when we decorated our master. Basically, we spent all of our money on the house and didn’t have budget for decor! Fast forward 3 years, and my energy has gone into the nursery and family room over the past few months as our first child is due any day now. Today was my last day at work in order to be a full-time mom, so we are officially on a tight budget again! This would definitely be an awesome blessing to get to finally update our bedroom!

  12. Kristal Page on

    We live in an apartment, so being able to do some little things to make it out own would be fantastic.

  13. We’re doing some remodeling as well and trying very hard to keep our 3 kids out of our room now too…they always sneak in!

  14. This would help my dumping ground of a bedroom look soooo much more grown up! I also have the same problem of children wandering in every night.

  15. We need a makeover just as bad as you all! Our walls are white. Just white. (New house, they don’t do colors). We slept on a mattress on the floor for 6 years until I bought us a bed a few months ago. We’ve had the same sheets for 6 years and have no photos on the walls. I would totally be inspired to get on it and fix up the room like your awesome one!

  16. This prize pack would inspire me to add fun new colors and patterns to my bedroom because right now it is very neutral.

  17. Jill, when I read your initial post about your bedroom makeover I felt like I was looking into my own life. Our bedroom is SAD. We’ve been in this house for nearly 2 years and it remains the place where I dump laundry, hide clutter when company comes and where I collapse after a day with the kids. It’s not cozy, or a sanctuary of any kind. Winning this would help get my butt in gear it make it a place I WANT to spend time in. I think I deserve a room of my own after dealing with the kids all day 🙂

  18. Our bedroom is a disaster – mismatched furniture, no art on the walls, etc. And we’ve lived here for 5 1/2 years! This would motivate me to change things up for sure.

  19. We have been meaning to fix up our master bedroom since we moved to Texas four years ago. Last year we got a beautiful new bed but we still haven’t found bedding for it. It seems unfair to the lovely bed! Our bedroom walls are also completely bare. Maybe some new frames would also inspire me to finally order some wedding pictures before our next (7th) anniversary. 🙂

  20. wow. all new stuff? how could that not be inspiring? I would definitely be hounding my husband to paint and start searching for more accessories to brighten up our room. We’ve left all our stuff until very last. Everything the kids have is lovely but we’re got squat!

  21. KelseyAnn Rose on

    Our house is actually being currently remodeled. Its a long story but my husband and I moved here two years ago and still haven’t unpacked because the contractors took so long to start. We hought q mew mattress but that’s all we have for our room. Winning this would help us make our room look amazing vs having a bed and nothing else in our room!

  22. We really need to do this at our house! Our bedroom is the only room that is almost untouched since we moved in three years ago.

  23. April Huyler on

    Our house is old and it seems that just when I think we’ll get to do a “fun” project another “necessary” and usually costly one pops up. Our master bedroom has *gulp* yellow/green shaggy carpet and a horrible plaster job.*hangs head in shame* We’re expecting our last (4th) child in September and this prize pack would be just the thing to help us have a room that cries something other than laundry dumping ground.

  24. Amanda massie on

    I’d love to get new bedding to motivate me to redecorate the rest of the room 🙂 we just moved into a new house and it is suuuuper boring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I am in the process of trying to buy a house whose decor seems to be rooted firmly in the wood paneling aesthetic. So I would say the room I’d most like to redecorate is ALL OF THEM..

  26. We are getting ready to move to a SFH and we are in desperate need of a MBR makeover. Move your color palate.

  27. Our master bedroom is the most ignored room of the whole house. It is time for a change and to have a place to relax at the end of a long day.

  28. I have had the same bed and bedding in our bedroom since we got married….14 years ago….WHAT??!!?!? Yes, you heard me right! This girl needs an update!

  29. my bedroom is worse than your before picture! white walls, no nightstands, no headboard, my childhood dresser…which was a hand-me-down from my, mom!!

  30. Autumn Canter on

    Like your bedroom, my room is the least decorated in the house. I need something to inspire me with some color! Right now our bedding is plain brown.

  31. Laurie Hacko on

    My husband is in the process of remodeling our attic into a master right now. this would be awesome to pretty it up when it Finally finished 🙂

  32. Oh man, your master bedroom looks beautiful! We have a super shabby guest room in desperate need of a do-over. We purchased our 1968 ranch a year ago, and things have slowly been coming together. I could totally use a giveaway package like this to inspire some changes!

  33. Jennifer K C on

    Okay I will be honest… my room looks like a bachelor pad and it is so SO embarrassing. We have no paint on the walls, nothing hanging. We have a bad, a play pen, one meesly night stand, We moved across country and got rid of all of our stuff…. and THEN the job offer my husband had fell through the floor and he was unemployed for eight months (and I was 7 months pregnant- fun stuff) ANYWHO excuses aside, this would help give me the motivation/inspiration by providing me with some cool tools to make my room a little more of a sanctuary instead of just a place to sleep! Thank you for the chance!

  34. we’re getting ready to move so there will be LOTS of decorating to do soon. This prize pack would totally get us off on a good start!

  35. We moved into our house a month before baby #1 was born and promptly had baby #2 18 short months later. We have done NOTHING to decorate our bedroom. At all. Nothing!

  36. I love this giveaway! My bedding and everything in my room is hand-me-downs, so I would love the opportunity to redo it with this cute stuff!

  37. Heather Campbell Waloski on

    We bought a house and moved in when I was 5 months pregnant. The baby is 3 months old and we STILL haven’t done anything to our room.

  38. Amanda Wolfe Orchard on

    Our bedroom is a disaster – mismatched furniture, no art on the walls, etc. And we’ve lived here for 5 1/2 years! This would motivate me to change things up for sure.

  39. Ohh… How desperately I need this. My daughter’s room recently got redone. I’ve done a little around the house on my teeny budget, but my bedroom stays the same… Pathetic. It’s a hodge podge of different furniture that I’ve been given over the years. And now I’m a single mom, and I make exactly enough that we need to live. I would LOVE something like this! 😀 And totally agreed about Poppy Tree Frames.. I AM in love. 😉

  40. Rochelle Poelke on

    I love remodeling but my bedroom is always the hardest
    Place to do for me. I love the way yours turned out.
    I would love to win so I have a starting point. Thanks.

  41. Our master bedroom has been so neglected! I would love to add a little paint & artwork to spruce it up! You are an inspiration.

  42. Barbara Hietala Riley on

    We are moving into a new house and I was just telling my hubby I wanted our walls gray with a white comforter and a pop of orange. Seeing it here makes me want it even more. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  43. It’s would just motivate me to get started! We’ve redone every room in our house except our bedroom, and kitchen but that’s a whole nether talk, this would be great!

  44. I would love to win this, our room is the only one in the house that has not been done. Im so tired of making sure the door is closed when we have company!! I am now a sahm due to my company downsizing so we haven’t had the $$$ to do much, I could def do a lot with this. Looks great & I hope we win!

  45. The end is in site for our entire house remodel, but our bedroom has taken a back seat. This would be the perfect start to finish the remaining room in need to a remodel!

  46. Would love to finish our bedroom. We have the furniture we love, but haven’t gotten past paint samples we put up, three years ago.

  47. We are slooooooly making over our bedroom as well. I always forget I can make my own pillows, duh! Especially since I will be sewing the curtains. I want to do gray for our bathroom, I love the color you chose!

  48. We’ve lived in this house for not quite 3 years. We moved in 6 weeks before I gave birth to my first set of twins, and now I’m pregnant with my second set of twins. The only rooms that are sort of complete are the nursery and my office… This would give me the kick I need to finish another room!

  49. Our room has been a “work in progress” since we moved almost two years ago. Winning would give us the motivation to finally finish it and make it into the cozy, relaxing bedroom we need.

  50. I always focus on the kids rooms and on the other rooms of the house leaving my bedroom neglected all of the time. I really do think it’s time to focus on my personal space and spiff it up so that it’s more of a haven and less of a place where I crash.

  51. Sarah Presslor on

    Our room is looking pretty shabby these days, and not shabby chic. Just blah. Winning this makeover would help us get it to where it needs to be. We are a military family, so we move A LOT and having some nice things would make unpacking a little bit easier.

  52. Love your room! I can’t wait to redo our master bedroom now that my girls are finally in their own room. It’s time!

  53. Oh goodness, if I won we could actually have nice sheets and I promise I’ll put away my clothes if I had a nice bedroom! 😉

  54. Monica Myers North on

    I have been dreaming of doing something new in our bedroom for over a year but low on the cash to get it done. You have inspired me with your own makeover and i know i can put the prize pack to good use 🙂

  55. Megan Barber on

    With plain white walls, and no decor beyond our furniture pieces, our bedroom is seriously lacking. This would help us put some color and spice into our bedroom. 🙂

  56. Heather Hunter on

    I am so jealous of your makeover. Our master bedroom is in a similar state to your before pictures. It just always seems to be at the bottom of the priority list. Pick me! Pick me! I’d like to have a grown up bedroom some day.

  57. Kendra Vogiatzoglou on

    My bedroom is one of the most boring rooms in the house and it gets overrun by laundry baskets and toys. I’d love to use this as incentive to paint my bedroom, but up some cute curtains and decorate with style!

  58. Elyse Cannon on

    Like you, our master bedroom is the last room to be finished. We’ve lived in this house for 6 years and our master br is a wreck. Very bachelor pad. We could do so much with this prize pack. Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. Just looking at your pictures makes me want to redo our bedroom. We just got new furniture but it doesn’t go with the decor – actually we have no decor so this would get the ball rolling on something for the windows and bed! As well as getting the pictures on the walls that I have chosen, just nothing to put them in yet!

  60. Leah Williams on

    The room looks awesome!! New bedding would be great in our room as well as the awesome frame! The book would be a fun read too, with a 3yr old who now wants to sleep with us and a baby coming soon.

  61. Our room is so overdue for some style. We desperately need color. Everything is gray (which I LOVE) but I need something else. Sleep is minimal and I need it to be as glorious as possible.

  62. Erin Tveter on

    It would inspire me to actually care about our room and make it cozy and relaxing, instead of the plain dumping ground it currently is 🙂

  63. I was JUST yesterday thinking about a poppy tree frame!! So, this would allow me to get one! ha! I am doing our son’s room with airplane accents, and I wanted to somehow figure out a way to enlarge a VERY old pic of my great uncle and grandpa stepping off their own prop plane they owned. They owned a small airport in Dallas in the 50s, so I wanted to incorporate some pics in his room. :>)

  64. We’ve had the same boring (mis-matched) bedding since we moved into our house 5 years ago. I would love to splurge on some pretty new sheets and duvet cover!

  65. We have lived in our house for 7 years and have never done a thing to our bedroom besides painting it a drab off-white color. Our dressers are the ones my parents bought for me when I was in middle school. From Big Lots. Our bedroom is the one room in the house I really hate and I would love to be able to transform it into the relaxing bedroom of my pinteresty dreams.

  66. We moved into our house two years ago and only have a bed and some old furniture in our room. this would give us a jump on getting it put together!! Thanks for doing this.

  67. We have an old storage/headboard thing going on…what I would give to have something to motivate my husband to chuck that thing to the curb! It is awful…

  68. We did accent walls and art in all of our “public” spaces in the apartment, but the bedroom got sorely neglected. This would let us have something for ourselves, plus possibly hang some actual photography!

    Also, enough paint to take it to the next place and repeat!

  69. Nicole Vosburgh on

    We bought our house with the intention of fixing it up and re-selling it. With that being said, our bedroom was quickly put together in order to move on to another room. This prize pack would inspire me for sure!

  70. Steph Coupns on

    I need a big change for my room! it’s been the same for over 5 yrs now! this would definitely help me to fix that!

  71. I’m currently in the “middle” of our ::cough::2-year-long::cough:: bedroom redo. But of course the cash-flow always gets pulled other places, so some help in that arena would help us finish the project!

  72. I have been procrastinating on redecorating our master bedroom. Winning the contest would give me the push I need to get started redecorating. My current master bedroom is SOOOOOOO out dated. I would love to have my room look like this!

  73. We redid the baby’s room and it looks amazing, but our room is so sad. I would love some help and inspiration in sprucing it up!

  74. My room is pathetic. Furniture: 14 yrs old, I call it “rustic crap-tastic” and btw, no actual bed frame/headboard. Yes, we are grownups…really. Desperate for a new bedroom!

  75. My room look like a college frat house bed room too, I’ve been wanting to decorate it for years but then I had kids and their rooms took priority! 🙂

  76. My husband and I have decorated every room in our house except our room. Maybe this would give us the kick in the pants we need to make our room look as good as the rest of the house.

  77. I would seize the opportunity to decorate our bedroom! Like yours, it has been last on the list for way too long.

  78. We just bought a house, so our queen size bed went into the guest bedroom and we have been sleeping on a blow up mattress for over a month now 🙁 we just can’t seem to find the furniture we want, can your hubby build us a bed? Haha…..this would definitely push us to get going on finding a bedroom set and decorate our room 🙂

  79. The Master Bedroom Always gets moved to the bottom of the list in our house. I have a pile of decor purchased for the room but never seem to get around to starting and this would definitely help. I love the pillow shams and matching pics above the bed, really a great idea.

  80. Our bedroom is a hot mess. The furniture is good, but it needs paint and carpet and just lacks style overall. We have some plain old prints from Bed Bath and Beyond and a couple of photos of our kids on the sad beige walls. I would love to be able to redo it!

  81. Arthur Caudill on

    My daughter has some things that do not fit her age now…this would help to moderise hrr room

  82. Marie Osborne on

    This would be AMAZING! I am having twins in November and would love a room makeover, considering I’ll be spending a few months in that room nursing tiny babes.

  83. Every night when I go to bed, I wish that I had more framed pictures of my family hanging in our room. This would inspire me to add more pictures and design a new room around that!

  84. We really need a new paint color, some new bedding, and some art up on the walls. This gift pack would let us cross two of the three off our list!

  85. We’ve lived in this house almost 10 yrs and the master bedroom is the one room we haven’t really done anything with, other than painting. It could really use some help!!

  86. Susheela Mallipudi on

    I love this website- helps me get through the day! Our bedroom needs a makeover- our bed is still on the floor and we moved two years ago.

  87. I would love this! We had to give up our master bedroom to our twins and now our room is a hodgepodge of furniture and randomness because our furniture really doesn’t fit in the smaller bedroom.

  88. Stephanie Thurman on

    I would love to get a bedding set that goes together instead of the hodgepodge group of things I have! =) Plus who doesn’t need more precious frames to put precious babies pictures in!!!!

  89. Jessica Collins on

    We bought our house a little over a year ago, and just haven’t had the money to put a room together. We have dark grey walls in our master, and need new bedding desperately. This giveaway would help transform our master into a beautiful space!

  90. BreAnna Pattison on

    I LOVE the bed! I have been looking for 2 years and that I the bed I want! So gorgeous! Would he ever be willing to make one?
    The whole room is beautiful, love the color Pallet!

  91. Mandy Chase Faucett on

    I want to love our bedroom and this would do it! I love the easiness and comfort of this room! Beautiful!

  92. Lesley Cassel Wiser on

    Would love to win! We are a military family and constantly on the move so nothing ever seems complete!

  93. We are in the beginning to almost middle stage of re-doing our bedroom and winning would help us finish beautifully. (Current plans only involve structural improvements, nothing cosmetic except colored paint on the walls.)

  94. We currently have are dressers from when we were kids, and cheap curtains and lamps from target. Only nice thing, is I did splurge on a bed spread. I would love to update are room.

  95. We were just starting to get around to decorating when we had our first child 2.5 years ago. Now we have two children and the projects keep going to the back burner. Would love to have the money to help with the push for a re-design! 🙂

  96. Love you bed and the color! We just moved into a new to us house where EVERY single wall is the same khaki color…I am bored with it and NEED to ramp it up!

  97. Ok I commented before I read what I was supposed to comment about. We need a master bedroom makeover so bad. I would love to have a bright fluffy comforter set that makes me want to stay in bed all day.

  98. I’m not sure if my computer freaked, but I don’t see my comment saved, so I’m writing it again!

    We started redecorating the house just before I had our first child 2.5 years ago…two children later, it’s definitely fallen on the back burner! We’d love to use the money to re-boot our projects! 🙂

  99. I have had 4 different “sample” shades of grey painted in big squares on my wall for longer than I care to remember. Unfortunately, the nightly rituals of the 3 year old and 6 month old prohibit painting. Or decoration shopping of any kind (breakables. eek). Or sleeping.

  100. Tiffany Holtzinger on

    I would LOVE to win this prize because seeing as though I’m the parent, my husband and I’s room is the last to get touched or thought about. My kids are always in our room and as soon as you walk in, you’d think it was a kids room. I would love to have the chance to re-do, buy some new things, and freshen it up. I would love an “adult” bedroom complete with “adult” furnishings lol. This would be awesome!!

  101. Kristin Kelly Miller on

    I love the colors you chose! Our master bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover! I started planning what I wanted to do to our bedroom 5 years ago when we bought the house and moved in and so far all we have done is painted the room. That was a chore itself and took me 9 paint samples before I found the “perfect” color. Once life and babies happened completing the room went to the bottom of the priority list. I would love to be able to finally get our room finished!

  102. Jenna Marie Kirkum on

    We moved into this house about nine months ago and I have yet to finish scraping dreadful looking wallpaper in order to do our master. This would give me extra motivation to make the time. Today is my fourth wedding anniversary and two kids later, my husband and I have nvr decorated our own room!!

  103. Laura Griffith on

    As all parents probably know, when something gets upgraded, the parents stuff is always the last to be improved. This would give us a huge jump start on redoing our room and we couldn’t leave it half done, right?

  104. My bedroom is so plain. It has nothing decorative. No one sees it but me, but still it’s just so BLAH. I would love some color!

  105. Jaime Catherine on

    I desperately need to get away from my white bedding that is covered in marker and lipstick and other misc. baby stains. I should probably go with all black everything.

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