Boobs! (The Last) Hurrah!

I went to Dillard’s to buy a new bra last week. Victoria’s Secret was closed for a remodel, and Dillard’s was the closest place I could think of that had a lingerie department.  I recall buying some of the bras in my early years from Dillard’s. Didn’t they carry Miracle Bras? I’m much more in need of a miracle these days than when I was 15… but I digress.

This time, a young sales woman, after fitting me, brought me two hands full of bras that looked like they could function as soup bowls… or basketball slingshots… or props from Mrs. Doubtfire.

“Errrr… I don’t think… those are… wow. They are ugly,” I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh, I’m sure it’s the color throwing you off. Try them on, you’ll like them,” she encouraged me, like I was Sam I Am.

I gave her the side eye, then did my best to shimmy into them, one by one, while trying not to fully expose myself to her. I don’t know where this sudden modesty came from. It’s not like I’m not half naked in front of strangers somewhat frequently since embarking upon this motherhood journey. But medical professionals and bra fitters are kinda different, I guess.

“Yeah, no,” I sighed as I sloughed off yet another hideous contraption. “Don’t you have anything with less… fabric? I mean, I don’t need my entire breast covered. And I would actually like some cleavage. In fact, I’m pretty sure I need some padding, something like a push-up.”

She looked at me and my 38 Ds like I was a stripper.

“Oh, well I’m not sure we make anything with a lot of padding or pushups in your size,” she replied.

And so I left. And I found a Victoria’s Secret further from home that DOES offer pushups in that size because I am a mere 32 years old, and this is the last time in my life my breasts are ever going to be this glorious (while not leaking fluids) without the help of plastic surgery.

SO I’M GOING TO PUSH THESE BABIES UP. And together. And I’m going to celebrate this cleavage one last time.


Listen, I know Victoria’s Secret is certainly not the end all be all for bras, but it’s never failed me, and I knew I could find one in a mall with a pretzel stand near by.

I’m quite happy with the bra I came home with from there. Oh sure, it won’t work as a nursing bra, and it likely won’t fit me after pregnancy, but damn if it isn’t a powerful piece of pushing up and together machinery.

I’m going to need to get used to it’s powers a bit, though, and rethink some of my wardrobe. After slipping into a dress for a fancy end-of-conference party at Mom 2.0 this weekend, a dress that fit me perfectly 2 months ago, I spent the rest of the evening assaulting innocent passersby with my very outgoing rack. I’m certain my breasts would have leapt out and done kegstands if I wasn’t watching them closely.


Me, my two Mom 2.0 roomies- Morgan and Katherine.

(Not that there were kegstands at Mom 2.0. I’m looking at you, Wall Street Journal.)

Boobs are definitely one of my favorite perks of pregnancy, and I intend to cherish them this last time around before I turn them over to another hungry mouth. Not that breastfeeding boobs don’t have moments of amazing, but for now they are both equal in size and haven’t started shooting streams of milk across the room when I take off my push-up bra. I’m digging that.


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  1. My boobs were always what you would call M&M’s under the carpet – I am fairly flat chested. I will NEVER forget the moment when I walked to Victoria’s Secret when pregnant with my son and the lovely girl there measured me and said “38C”. I went home skipping and singing. This is my second and last pregnancy and I LOVE the boobs. It is truly the only thing that I will miss about being pregnant. Wish they would stay, but well, I know they won’t, so I am enjoying them with frequent visits to VS and with displaying the cleavage while I have one.

  2. is a great place for bras that push you up and with bigger cups! Only place I go now.
    Oh, and they almost always are offering free shipping or a discount.

  3. Oh, being a small chested girl I LOVED my breastfeeding boobs. After I was done nursing my son, I told my hubby we needed to contemplate surgery. He said absolutely not. When my milk came in after I had my daughter I cherished those suckers like crazy. I even flashed my husband and was all “See…this is what I want.” Maybe one day…..they are so small now 🙁

  4. My boobs were AMAZING right up until about mid-pregnancy this time around (my husband may have even caught me checking them out) and then they just got out of control. I never thought I’d be sporting a 34DD or having to find a reasonably priced AND semi-attractive bra.

  5. Rock ’em while you can! Mine on the other hand are out of control this pregnancy. They are ginormous and I have to hoist them just to get them into bras. They kinda just rest on my huge belly. I’m terrified of how they are going to look once I’m thru nursing.

  6. I have to say, my last pregnancy and nursing for 14 months I NEVER got boobs, they didn’t go up a size EVER. This time around…holy boobs! I’m loving it and showing them off! 🙂 You go girl!

  7. I had great boobs. Then I got pregnant and I had near stripper sized boobs. Then the baby was born and I’ve had little to no boobs for 3 years. I’m really, REALLY hoping that they come back when I get pregnant again. I have no expectations of keeping them mind you, but at least I’ll know enough to say a proper goodbye this time.

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