My Body Keeps Having To Remind Me It’s Pregnant

My body keeps having to remind me it’s pregnant. It’s quite inconvenient. I have stuff to do, yo. But, in the midst of this (nearly over) 2nd trimester energy surge, I tend to forget that I’m actually growing another living being inside me, and that that’s kind of a shitton of work.

So then my body is all, “WHOA. STOP THE TRAIN. Let’s sleep all day!” the day or 2 after a long weekend of non-stop madness, cleaning, home renovations (yes, more!), and child chasing. Like now. I’m totally wiped out right now. This typing of the keyboard is very exhausting. My fingers are crying.

Our house is FINALLY, mostly in order. The rooms are put back together after the carpet install, and all major biohazards (and even most of the laundry) are clean. We had a great weekend, full of baseball games…


And a Nintendo Wii U party (more on that later this week).


And now all I want to do is sleep ALL THE SLEEP in our doesn’t-look-like-a-frat-house bedroom (can’t wait to show the whole thing off to you all soon!).


When my body isn’t telling me to pass out at that very moment, no matter where- TARGET AISLES ARE PERFECTLY FINE TO NAP IN < says my body- it’s reminding me I’m pregnant with incessant heartburn, mixed with nonstop hunger. That’s a cruel fucking joke.

“You need to eat, Jill! You are going to die of starvation! You can’t eat anything, Jill! It will all melt you from the inside!”

Oh, and then there’s still the Pica. I hope you know how much I love you to admit this out loud. I have actually had dreams where I’ve come across a bucket that has just enough sand in the bottom of it. In my dreams, I get SO excited because it’s a “reasonable” amount of sand. I could wash it and then eat it, and it would be just enough to satisfy my craving without going completely off the deep end and buying a bag of sand. Because when I am awake? I have this conversation with myself all the time. How crazy would I be to go buy a bag of sand from Home Depot, scoop some in some boiling water, rinse it off, all for a spoonful of wet sand? I MEAN, THAT’S TOTALLY NORMAL, RIGHT?


Literally salivating right now just typing that out.

(Yes, my iron is low. Yes, I’m taking more supplements. Yes, my midwife knows.)

I’ve felt for a long while that this baby is probably a boy, even before I felt like my ultrasound techs possibly spilled the beans. Now, though, I’m not sure. This pregnancy, from the (non-food) cravings, to the insane heartburn, to the way I’m carrying are all like a carbon copy of my pregnancy with Leyna. It’s definitely keeping things interesting.

This morning I was bemoaning not having anything funny or creative to share with you all today, but then I figured, well, you haven’t heard me whine about pregnancy lately. So there. My gift to you. And a belly shot. 26ish weeks. This was taken at the end of the day, while helping Leyna wash up for bed.


 I keep meaning to do more selfies with my nice camera, but then my body keeps reminding me just how freaking tired I am. I’m listening, body! 2nd nap, here I come!

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  1. you look stunning though. seriously lovely! The human body is amazing. creepy weird, but amazing. Hope your bath is not full of stuff still also and you can have a nice long soak. children optional xxx

  2. Loving the bump! I seriously feel like sleeping all week and then the weekend comes and I wear myself out. Excited to see the full reveal of your bedroom. Looks amazing! Where did you get that frame above your bed? Looking for a few frames like that for around the house.

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