They Sleep So We Can Regroup

Let’s do better tomorrow, little man. Both of us. Let’s do better tomorrow.

Taken with my Canon 6D, uploaded to and edited on my iPhone with the Snapseed app. Technology makes me happy. Pushy 4 year olds and limited tempers from both of us do not. Here’s to another day.

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  1. Oh, that’s more days than not around here. I watch my sleeping four year old with a mixed sense of overwhelming love and frustration and guilt. What a beautiful picture.

  2. Oh gosh, AMEN! (And that’s why it feels like you’re losing your mind when they WON’T sleep for whatever reason – WHEN ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO REGROUP IF YOU CAN’T GET A MOMENT TO YOURSELF??) 🙂

  3. It’s amazing how completely defeated I can feel at the end of a difficult day, and all I want is for the little ones to be asleep and out of my hair. But after I’ve had a little while to decompress, I find myself *almost* wanting to wake them up, because they look so peaceful and precious when they sleep. It’s always so reassuring when they wake up the next day with arms wide open, ready to welcome us back in. Great post/picture, thanks!

  4. I know these days. I know it’s been a day like this when I look at my sweet, sleeping daughter and feel overwhelmed with love and peace . . . but only because she’s finally asleep and the day is over.

  5. And when they don’t sleep and we don’t regroup and we continue the next day as we did the day before…that’s when we locking ourselves in bathrooms.

  6. I have fourteen year old and twin eight year olds. I didn’t have the strength to get out of bed last night and tell my fourteen year old I am SORRY. Dealing with the flu and pms, So I texted my son last night. He texted back. Love comes in many forms. Humility is the difference between good parenting and not. Says me. Seriously though my kids know I am human doing the best I can…just like them. Lots of love not always having to be right but real. Does that make sense or has the flu melted my brain too.

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