Sunlit Clovers and Dumb Luck

She zig zagged through the strip of dead grass alongside our house as the sun was setting behind her, looking for dandelions. I was squinting, trying to keep her in my sight and make sure she didn’t run into the neighbor’s yard and mess with some tools they had stacked against their house.

Ugh. The sun was SO blinding.

And it was then that my photographer brain turned on. I grabbed the only camera I had with me- my iPhone, squatted low, and took a picture of her hovering over a single patch of green… some perfectly sunlit clovers.

It was dumb luck. I had no idea if I even captured anything because the sun made it hard to see my screen.

Next time you’re out playing with your kids and you have to squint because the sun is right behind them, get low, snap a pic, test your luck.

I edited this in Snapseed to up the contrast and saturation, warm the white balance, and then I applied the Low-Fi filter in Instagram. If you want to follow me over there, I’m @BabyRabies.

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    • Honestly, I think I would have missed this moment with my 6D… or it wouldn’t be as raw? I’m digging the grain the iPhone gave it, too.

  1. I am in love with this photo. I will probably spend the next 3 months trying to capture something similar with my iPhone!

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