PEEPS! Put ‘Em On Your Fireplace

PEEPS! Love ’em or hate ’em- fresh or stale (officially Team Fresh PEEPS, BTW) they are pretty versatile. I mean, beyond eating them, you can blow them up, or you can craft with them. So much you can do with them!

Just check out this adorable video of all the real things people have done with them (those annotation bubbles that pop up are clickable, and link to examples!).

I took my inspiration from the colorful little sugar-coated mouthfuls of crack, and created my first ever Easter themed fireplace mantel!

Now, there are plenty of PEEPS decor ideas out there, but I wanted to keep mine as simple as possible. To start, I created a super easy wreath.

I spray painted a plain grapevine wreath a bright green. It was super quick and painless, and dried pretty fast.

Then I hot glued 2 little PEEPS in a small nest (also from the floral section of my craft store) and hot glued that to the wreath. I topped it off with a loose pink bow at the top.

Awww! Love birds.

I also purchased 3 curly Willow branches, again, from the floral section of the craft store. I poured a couple bags of jelly beans in the bottom of a vase, placed the branches in it, then hot glued some PEEPS along the branches.

The hot glue will melt the bottom of the PEEPS a little, so it works best if you put the glue on the branch first, then place the PEEPS on it a few seconds later.

And those bunny PEEPS?

They’re simply surrounding a battery operated candle. Easy PEEPS-sy! (I couldn’t help myself.)

I rounded out the other side of the mantel with a picture of the kids from last year that I dug out of the blackmail drawer. And I love this ceramic bunny that’s made to look like a foil-wrapped chocolate treat!

It was a super simple setup to complete. Let’s have another look.

Not too cluttered, but bright and happy. I’m in love, and terrified the kids are going to ruin it while I sleep. All those PEEPS up there, just haunting them, calling their names! Here’s hoping it lasts through Sunday.

This post was sponsored by PEEPS, but all the ideas were mine, and how cool is my job that I get to play with (and eat) PEEPS as part of it? 

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  1. So.darn.cute. I’d probably have to spray mine with shellack to keep the kids from trying to eat them. I’ve already noticed the jar of jellybeans I have out for decor is slowly emptying.

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