Making Baby Food Easy- For Home And On The Go

It’s a few minutes out until today’s D Living episode airs. I was in the studio on Wednesday, and recorded a couple segments with Kim on how to make your own baby food. There’s still time to tune in and catch me on KTXD if you live in the DFW area!

If you already watched it and are heading here to get links to all the products and recipes I used, here you go:

The first recipe I showed was the Sweet Potato Coconut Puree. This is a recipe from the Weelicious site, by Catherine McCord. Head here to check it out. 

I also talked about how much I love Catherine’s book Weelicious! You can order it on Amazon here.

Those handy little glass cubes we put the puree in to store it? They’re by Wean Green. And let me just say, I plan to buy a bunch more of these in the near future. Not only will they come in handy for baby food this next time around, but I can pack my kids’ lunches in them! Check out their website here.

The second recipe I (tried to) show you all was a simple banana & avocado mash. Remember, this is something you can really only make right before you serve it because both bananas and avocados brown with time and don’t freeze all too well.

Simply smash half a ripe banana and half a ripe avocado with the back of your fork for a chunk consistency. If you want it to be smoother, throw it in a small food processor. You can always add a little breastmilk or formula to thin it out, too. My kids’ first foods have always been bananas and avocados! They’re super easy to prepare, and so great for little growing bodies. If you’re practicing baby-led weaning, they are great for this too! You can read more about baby-led weaning here.

Dr. Greene’s book Feeding Baby Green is also an excellent resource for figuring out how to start your baby on solids. I highly recommend it!

Finally, I showed off these AWESOME new pouches by Squooshi. They are refillable and reusable. I don’t know about you, but at our house we can go through a box of squeezable apple sauce in 2 days. It’s expensive! And I don’t have much control over what’s inside them. We’ve had these pouches for about a week now, and it’s awesome being able to fill all 12 bags at once with organic applesauce or even greek yogurt and some honey, then leave them in the fridge for the kids. They’re BIG fans.

You can’t put these in the dishwasher, but they are seriously easy to just rinse out and set on a drying rack before using again.

You can check out Squooshi here.

The recipe I used to fill these, the one that sneaks in some spinach, can be found on their website here.

And those beautiful lunch sacks that I had on set? The ones in all the cute patterns, that are lined and insulated with a freezable gel all the way around? Those are the fantastic Packits. I’ve been in love with this line of products for months now, and their new colors and designs make them even better. The smallest mini-cooler is the perfect size for a few Wean Green cubes, a spoon and a small sippy cup. Making baby food on the go SO super easy. Just fill it up and toss it in your diaper bag. You’ll be good to go all day.

Check out Packit’s entire line here.

For those who missed the segment, you can watch part of it here!

I’m so excited I had the chance to show just how easy it is to make, store and take your baby food with you wherever you go.




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  1. Heidi McGowen Blaue on

    this might be a silly question, but I have not been able to find ice cube trays to freeze in that I feel is safe & that aren’t crazy expensive. any suggestions? Baby #3 will soon be starting solids so this post was perfect timing for us!

  2. Thought I’d let everyone know… Packits are on Groupon Goods today. They have them marked down to $24 + free shipping.

    The link is in my website field or you should be able to just go to the Goods site.. I believe those deals are nation-wide.

  3. I’ve been dying to try the squooshi, what do you use to fill them? how do you get it all in there? Do you just rinse to get it out? My daughter is obsessed with Ellas and mashups and I’m obsessed with getting more veggies into her diet since she is beyond picky!

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