Dye-Free Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

I pretty much despise dying Easter eggs. It never goes well for me, especially now that my kids are old enough to insist on actually doing it themselves and not watch me do it for them.


Don’t feel too bad for them, though, because their father is some sort of super dad who loves doing stuff like that with them… when I’m not around.

Doesn’t mean I can’t have fun decorating eggs with them, though! Here are some dye-free ways to decorate Easter eggs.

First, STICKERS. Kids love stickers. I’m betting you have a ton of them hanging around, and there are loads of cute Easter themed stickers out right now. Check out the scrapbooking section of your craft store for dimensional stickers, but don’t be afraid to use up non-seasonal ones you have hanging around and even yard sale dot stickers!

While decoupage is nearly as messy as dye, I’ll admit, it won’t stain your fingers, and your clothes, and your counters, and… everything else. I don’t know about you, but I seem to hoard used tissue paper from gifts given to us. Half the time it’s too wrinkled or torn to use again, but it makes a great craft supply. Just tear it into little pieces and apply with a paint brush and a little Mod Podge. Let your imagination run wild, and combine colors and patterns.

Glitter. Okay, it’s messy. Okay, it’s slightly harder to clean up than decoupage. BUT, it’s… glittery! And this method keeps the mess to a minimum because there’s no glue required. Just apply some double sided tape or double sided dots to your egg, then roll it in some glitter until the sticky sides up are all covered.

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Something about kids and tape… it’s like you’ve given them the key to the office supply closet. They get to play with tape? COOL! You used to only be able to find these colorful, patterned tapes at fancy paper stores, but now they’re in the office supply aisle of Target. Pick up a few colorful rolls and let the kids go crazy.

Finally… OMG. I love this last one. So, tattoos work on eggs. You just put them on like any regular tattoo. They look beautiful on them, too. You can use any kind of temporary tattoo you can find, BUT I am in LOVE with these little mustaches I found at Michael’s this week. They’re meant to go on your finger, but they are the perfect size for an egg! I simply used the fine end of a Sharpie to draw on the eyes and other features for these, but if I had more time, I would have gone wild with sticky googly eyes and yarn for hair.

I was on D Living today, showing off these dye-free egg decorating ideas. It’s really worth a watch if only to see the host’s face when I call glitter the “herpes of craft supplies” on live TV.

Also, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens. I got quite a few of these ideas from this post of theirs.

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  2. OMG, dying of laughter from her reaction to “herpes of the craft world.” LOL! Totally worth it! Also, you’re awesome on these segments. So relatable and fun.

  3. Love it! We use the brown eggs from our own chickens, and the dye doesn’t work as well, so I’m always looking for new ways to decorate eggs that don’t involve dye. Thanks for sharing!

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