You Color My World Valentines- Tutorial & Free Printable

Procrastinators, relax! There is still time to come up with something cute for your kids’ Valentines, and I promise it will look like you spent way more time putting it together than it will actually take.

What you need:

9 x 12 sheets of felt (each sheet makes 2 pouches)
Ribbon (each pouch requires 6 inches of ribbon)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Fabric scissors
Crayons (each pouch holds 8)

Pinking shears
Color My World printable Valentines (download here)

Start by folding your sheet of felt in half, lengthwise, and cut down the middle.

Cut a piece of ribbon 6″ long, and wrap it around the front of the felt, one inch from the top, securing the excess on each side with hot glue to the back.

Fold the felt 4″ from the “top”… or bottom at this point? The edge where you put the ribbon closest to.

Run a bead of hot glue along each 4″ edge of the pouch (sides only, not the top) and adhere the sides together.

If you have pinking shears, use those to slightly trim the other edge of the pouch.

With regular scissors OR pinking shears (whatever you’re working with), cut the corners of this edge at an angle.

Fill with 8 crayons.

Most crayon boxes seem to come in multiples of 8. See how easy I made it for you?
Pro Tip: Buy in bulk and save. Michaels has all Crayola products for buy one get one 50% off right now, including mega boxes of 120 crayons.

Tuck top flap into the ribbon.

Print off these free Valentines! (But not actually THOSE… down there. That picture is a low-res version. CLICK HERE FOR THE HI-RES PRINTABLE.)

Not digging your printer quality? Check out places like Office Depot that let you email the file to them and pay online, so all you have to do is swing by and pick them up an hour later. I highly recommend printing them on cardstock.

Cut out and have your kids color them in for a personal touch. I had to help my 2 year old with her name, but she was thrilled to “co co” the hearts.

Slip the Valentine inside the ribbon of each pouch and you’re all set!

I would say it takes about 5 minutes (or a little less) to make one pouch, but you could get that time down if you do it assembly line style for several. That’s how I plan to spend my evening tomorrow. I’ve got 24 to make, and I anticipate dedicating an hour to it.

I hate that I got this up so late in the game, but you know me… the procrastinator. For all you fellow procrastinators looking for a last minute (candy free!) idea, I hope this helps!


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