Choose Your Adventure! The Poop Happens Issue

You’ve just psyched yourself up for a trip to the post office while pregnant with 2 kids (2 and 4) and 2 packages that really must go out today. Upon unloading your 2 year old from the car, you discover her diaper is FOUL, and LOADED to the brim. You, of course, forgot the diaper bag because your arms were full of the packages and children on the way out of the house.

Do you…

A. Pack everyone back into the car and head straight home for a diaper change, knowing that by the time you get back to the post office (which you really have to come back to TODAY) it will be much busier, and it will likely be raining… hard.

B. Head on in with the stink bomb disguised as a toddler and pray her diaper doesn’t self destruct while she tears through the post office as you wait your turn, all the while avoiding the disgusted looks of strangers when they get a whiff of her as she whizzes by.

I chose B. Like, 20 minutes ago. This is my life.

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  1. 1000% B. If you’d asked me that 7 months ago I probably wouldn’t have been able to fathom it, but I’m 6.5 months “seasoned” mom now, so without any hesitation my answer is B. 🙂

  2. After having to go with option B a few times with my first child, I learned to keep an “emergency diaper” stashed either in the seat back or glove compartment.

  3. I have to disagree and say I’m in the A camp, but that’s mostly because my son’s skin gets really irritated and red if he isn’t changed immediately. Getting judged by strangers for having a stinkbomb doesn’t bother me 😉

  4. A is just an I’m Trying to Be Nice But It’s Not Really An Option option. B is the only way to go (complete with stares back like WHAT at those who dare to stare in the first place.)

  5. Trick question. You have two kids. You always choose B. A is for amateurs that don’t know that the kids will only make a new disaster if you go home for the diaper change.

  6. I keep an emergency diaper in the car just for this. Granted, it has been a size too small before but it worked when combined with wet paper towels as wipes.

  7. Everyone stop what you are doing and go put an emergency diaper & wipes in your car right now. 🙂

    Unless you are flying a plane, and really, what are you doing reading this while you flying a plane. Sheesh.

  8. I, personally, would have done A because my daughter got MAJOR diaper rash if she sat in poop for more than five minutes. I’m talking like blisters and open sores. It was incredible. But if that hadn’t been the case I would have gone with B. you have to drive her home with a diaper full of poo either way, might as well get done what you came there to do. Besides it’s the post office, it’s unpleasant for everyone anyway 😉

  9. didn’t have a poopy smelling kid… but I did have a puke smelly kid at a play a few years ago when she was 6. She did the dead just as we pulled into the parking garage, all over herself & the car. We had a spare jacket so I threw that on her and then took her to the bathroom. There was no way to go home and make the curtain call. So I cleaned her up the best I could and we took our seats. Thankfully she was feeling perfect and oblivious to the people around us wondering where the smell was coming from.

  10. Definitely B!! On a side note, keeping a stash in the van is a great idea, along with wipes too. Except if you live in Ohio and its winter. I had a frozen brick of baby wipes in there the other day!! Hahaha!!!

  11. When my daughter was about 10 months old, we flew to Mexico for my cousin’s destination wedding. On the flight, when we were about 15-20 minutes out from landing at the airport in Mexico, my husband was holding the baby on his lap and he felt rumblings in her diaper. Next thing I knew, he lifted her up to check things out and there was poop ALL OVER HIS LAP. Of course, it was summer so she was in a cute little romper that provided NO protection for him. There were literally small piles of “peanut butter poop” that I attempted to “grab” with wipes (and discard in the barf bags in our seat pockets) but really just succeeded in smearing all over the place. Mind you, this was when the seatbelt sign was ON, we were descending, and there was NOTHING WE COULD DO. The poor guy in the seat next to my husband. OMG. God bless him, though, because he laughed and said, “I’ve been there, man!” But IT REEKED. I’m sure people could smell her anywhere within a five-row radius of us. We waited for everyone to get off the plane, then we stripped the baby, changed her diaper, finished wiping off my husband’s shorts as best we could, and then got off the plane ourselves. The funniest part was that we didn’t have any extra clothes for my husband in our carry-ons, so he had to go all the way through customs and get to baggage claim before he could change his poop-covered shorts. To hide the poop smears, he wore my Hooter Hider tucked into the front of his shorts like an apron. But yeah, people were totally looking around as they got whiffs of poop as we were circulating in the line (like a 30-minute wait) at customs. Gotta love kids (and POOP!).

    Link to blog post with full story, ha! A Poo of Mass Proportions

    • When you have one kid, A. Wait until you have the third, you’ll feel great to have time to change the last baby’s diaper even once a day. Enjoy the peace of just two while you have it, the easy days as I like to remember…:)

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