Hold Me. I’m Scared Of This Baby.

This baby is trying to break me. It’s testing me.

I’m in the 2nd trimester- the  honeymoon trimester- and it’s laughing in my face. This pregnancy has been the hardest of the 3 in terms of how I feel. Granted, kicking things off at 9 weeks with full blown flu certainly didn’t help, but it feels like I’ve been dealing with some form of blerg and gag ever since.

There was a brief window last week when I thought, “BEHOLD! The 2nd trimester is nigh! And it is good!” And then this week happened. Headaches, indigestion, aches, pains, and YAY the food aversions are baaaAAACK.

This baby has made me hate nearly everything I once loved.

Coffee? Hate.
Wine? Disgusts.
Chocolate? Wretch.
Any and all food? So much hate.
Husband? There are moments of strong loathing.

Hell, even by the end of this I’m sure I’ll be hating sleep, my most favorite thing of all.

The only thing it hasn’t made me hate are my other children (though be sure my temper is much shorter with them at times). I think this has to do with all 3 being born of the same womb lined in evil powers… that they can’t use against each other.

Instead, the 3rd will get here, and it will be like the trifecta of evil doom is complete, and they’ll form some sort of jungle animal when they all roll together and shoot me with their laser beams.

I am very scared.

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  1. I’m going to sound like a crazy person but when you get indigestion, eat a spoonful of raw oats. You will feel like a horse but it will help the heartburn INSTANTLY. It was the only way I survived my 3rd pregnancy.

  2. LOL @ the womb lined in evil powers. I’m pregnant, due sometime at the end of August, and I also HATE coffee which I have always loved….like open the vein and give it to me loved. Sad. I also find food disgusting and think everything stinks, including my husband’s cologne which I formerly loved. I’m kind of worried that since I had an easy time with my first baby that this one will be a total hellion from the get-go and I’ll never breathe easy again. Maybe since the 2nd trimester is laughing in your face, your 3rd trimester will be a breeze?? Hope so!

  3. Oh I hear you. I kept waiting for the “gloriousness” of the second trimester to kick in. And then suddenly I was in the third trimester. To give you hope I have had moments this trimester where I actually have enjoyed being pregnant. So, even if the food aversions never go away, (they still haven’t gone away completely for me) it will get better. Hang in there.

  4. So I don’t want to throw confetti in your face or anything but, I loved wine before I got pregnant with my 3rd child. LOVED IT, a glass a night and several bottles on the weekend love (no I did not have a problem). I got pregnant with 3rd baby and couldn’t look at it. Just had my first glass, it was ok but not as magical as it once was. My daughter is 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of my other aversions were fine after I had her, but I miss that one the most. Hoping you dont have the same issue!

  5. My 1st pregnancy, you couldn’t stop me from eating. My appetite consisted of: everything, all the time. It was awesome. With my second, I could hardly eat. Even if I was hungry, I’d eat and feel AWFUL–just bloaty and uncomfortable or nausea and abdominal pain – BUT! He has (KNOCK ON WOOD) been the most blissfully happy and easy going baby (he’s 18 months now) I’ve ever met.

    But, at around 2 weeks, I knew something was up w/ him healthwise – it took me fighting with my (former) pedi to get an allergist appt at 3 months – but I was right – he was allergic to milk, soy, (his test results now indicate he’s growning out of those! YAY!) AND IS allergic to certain nuts, and our dog – no wonder everything I was eating during my pregnancy was making me sick – it was making HIM sick!!

  6. I’m pregnant with my 2nd and have about a month left to go and it’s like I’m getting morning sickness all over again. I have to pace myself to eat a little at a time or it comes right up. Argh. I also had the worst indigestion and my dr. recommended Zantac and it’s helped a ton, but I still have to eat Tums sometimes…

    This pregnancy has been so much more worse than the first, I can’t imagine ever doing this again…

  7. I was miserable every, single, day of my pregnancy. Getting her out was hard (3 hours of pushing).

    But once she was out? Easiest. Baby. Ever. You might get lucky, too! Hold out hope.

    PS – I still suffer from wicked heartburn that started during pregnancy.

  8. I always skipped the glory of 2nd trimester and felt like crap until the 3rd one started where I just felt ravenously hungry and fat. sorry. wish I could be more help.

    • I’ll gladly give up glowy just to be consistently hungry, and not the kind of hungry that tricks me into eating too much food only to want to puke it out later.

  9. I feel for you. My first one was a breeze…not morning sickness, no food aversions, didn’t show till I was 9 months.
    Second one wasn’t to bad, had a little morning sicknes and chocolate for the first trimester made me sick but was fine with it for the rest.
    My third (and last) was hell. I swear I had a devil baby in me. Morning sickness 24/7. Not one day went by where I wasn’t hugging the toilet bowl. Food aversion? Coffee, Chocolate, Pizza, anything to salty, even gum made me sick. I won’t even get into my veins and how much they bulged (it freak fiance out till no end). She was also my hardest to get out. It will get better eventually 🙂 Mine did once she was out. lol

  10. Wendy Cray Kaufman on

    I’m at 35 weeks and I haven’t had one single week of honeymooniness this whole time. I feel like a wretch saying I’m miserable, but I’m miserable. I hate everything…probably sleep, too, if I could remember what that was like. Hang in there…it will all be worth it (right?)

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