The Top 11 Inappropriate Elves 2012

Whew. Dusting off the old computer with one hand while blowing my nose with the other. It’s been a doozie of a month. I found out I was (surprise!) pregnant a little before Thanksgiving, and just when I thought I was starting to get through the worst of that awful first trimester morning sickness, I got hit with the official flu early last week.

Between all that and Christmas (and the horrible sadness from the Newtown shootings), I decided to put the Inappropriate Elf contest on the back burner and focus on family and getting better. Thanks so much for understanding my realigned priorities over the last few weeks. Life has a way of putting things in perspective like that.

I’m happy to finally announce the top 11 Inappropriate Elves this year. Yes, I just had to add an extra one again. It’s SO HARD TO CHOOSE! I’m super glad I had the girls from HaHas For HooHas to help with this first big step toward picking our winners. I’ll stop my typing now and introduce you to the hilarious crew of rowdy elves.

Elf Enough by #2 Most Votes

Lurker Elf from Tales of a Wanna-Be Supermom

Mrs. Claus, You’re Trying To Seduce Me from Random Acts of Coffee

Adult Diaper Wearing Elf by Dirty Diaper Laundry

Whipped Cream Bikini Elf by Awesomeness Since 2002 – #1 Most Votes

Cousin Eddie Elf from The Leggy Files

College Level Art Class Elf by Drea’s Dwellings – #3 Most Votes 

Magic Elf by Daze of Our Lives

Naughty Elf Haircut by

Maury Elf by A Life Examined

Ghost Elf by

It was extremely hard to narrow it down to just these! I loved so many of the entries this year, and again, am super grateful that Jen and Anna from helped make all these decisions for me! Now it’s time for the judges to weigh in. I hope to have the winners announced by this Friday.

Did you miss all the entries? You can check them out here. And here are the top 11 Inappropriate Elves of 2011.

Official contest rules

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  1. TheFeministBreeder on

    Ohmygod, so you knew you were pregnant when I was “Ohmygod, can you imagine if you were pregnant right now”ing you on Twitter?!?! HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA. Wow, I have impeccable timing.

  2. Christina Kirkland on

    No proof, but the elf shaving a guys head I don’t believe is an original… I’ve seen it on a bunch of different websites this season, and ones almost exactly like it on forums dating back two years…

  3. Tiffany Roebuck Belcher on

    The Elf Shaving the guys head is my photo. I put it on my facebook page the beginning of December and it has gotten over 50,000 shares worldwide. Not my intention but it happened. It is my original photo and I am asking suggestions on how to prove that it is mine. I sent Jill a picture of my husband and his tattoos that match the ones in the picture. Kinda hurts my feelings a little because it is my photo but I understand that people would think that being it has showed up everywhere.

  4. really all this over a picture…That guy is tiffanys husband why don’t you go through all her fb pictures and see for yourself…she should have gotten credit..all her friends she be able to voche for her picture just saying…

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