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I opened the jug of milk right there in the parking lot. I happened to find a bottle of water rolling around in the back of the car, which was like a little gift from the heavens because I was JUST debating how bad it would be to pour the milk directly into the brand new sippy cup I bought without washing it out first.

So I set the milk down and gave the sippy cup a quick rinse, letting the water pour over it and into the grassy patch next to my car. Then I filled the cup up with some milk and made sure the lid was put back on the jug nice and tight. The way this day has already been, I knew there was potential for it to be THAT kind of day where a 95% full gallon of milk spills all over my car.

I rifled through the rest of the groceries. Lunchable? Check. Yogurt? Check. (Organic yogurt and Lunchable sorta cancel each other out and I’m left with a neutrally healthy lunch, yes?)

I threw them both in a plastic grocery bag, along with a plastic spoon I stole from the deli. BONUS POINTS FOR NOT FORGETTING THE SPOON, JILL.

And then I drove BACK to the kids’ school. Where I had already left them 30 minutes prior. Where, at drop-off, I realized I’d completely forgotten to bring a cup of anything for Leyna to drink. She’s having a Thanksgiving Feast today, so subconsciously I thought I was off the hook for any and all nourishment and hydration between breakfast and school pick up. But the feast doesn’t include sippy cups because duh.

At Kendall’s classroom, I noticed a sign that said “Thanksgiving Program today at 1:15!” Oh hey, did not know that.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you mentioned something about it yesterday,” his concerned teacher said sweetly.

Yesterday we took the kids out of school to go to an indoor water park for the day. I specifically picked yesterday because I didn’t want them to miss their Thanksgiving Feasts today. I was SO ON TOP OF THINGS I even managed to drop off the food they needed to bring for their feast yesterday on our way to the park. Because I thought they needed it a day early? To prepare it? I’m confusing myself at this point.

The POINT IS. I was very on top of things yesterday in my head. To the rest of the world? Crazy lady randomly bringing food but not her children to school one day, then bringing her children, but not food to school the next.

And so it came to be, that at 9:31 this morning, I ran back through the school, dropping off a brand new sippy cup of milk for  Leyna that may still smell a bit like China. And then a grocery bag full of lunch for Kendall.

And now I need to shower and prepare for the Thanksgiving program. So excuse me, html, blog issues, emails, and deadlines. You’ve taken enough of my time and brain capacity this week.


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  1. Umm.. as always I love you. I have been there SO many times. And I have totally done the brand new sippy cup thing- more than once. And without washing it. Thank you for being so honest and not trying to hide that sh*t! You just make my heart swoon.

  2. yup, all of it (except the blogging part). brand new sippy’s, bottles etc. haven’t always rinsed them either…you get bonus points in my book for that!

  3. I’ve always got it together in my head, too! Now if I could just get myself together on the outside, I’d have it made!

  4. I gave my tiny infant a brand new pacifier without washing it, let alone sterilizing it as per the packet instructions. A screaming infant while grocery shopping was not an option so she had to have a fresh-from-factory flavored paci.

  5. My mom emailed me today and said “I got the 21st off so I can get the baby”….I tried for a good hour to figure out why she was getting my kid on the 21st and finally I emailed her back…”can you remind why she’s staying with you?” To which my mom replied…”honey, you’re having surgery”….oh! Oh yeah! I AM SO TIRED.

  6. LOL, I just stopped at the grocery store this morning and picked up lunchables and fruit pouch on the way to drop Noah off at school. Bonus points: He was eating a frozen, but cooked, french toast sticks while being pushed in the cart and we made it to check out only to realize that I didn’t have my card. AMAZINGLY I had exactly $7.40 in my wallet.

  7. I hear you! I took my kid to his granddaddys this week for him to take him to preschool (I work) and sent my kid with two left shoes….. Same kind of shoe, different colors! Could they not have at least been one for each foot!?! Maybe the kid has too many shoes….. He missed school and hung out with Granddaddy all day and now doesn’t want to go back to school ever and has a new $5 pair of slides from Walmart courtesy of Granddaddy.

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