Burlap Pomp Wreath Tutorial

I think I’m getting a reputation as the crazy wreath lady because people keep asking me to make more. I guess it’s an earned reputation, though, because I never say no and always look forward to coming up with something new!

Like this burlap wreath I created for the launch of Emma Magazine. It was a nice departure from all the tulle wreaths around here.

You can read the full tutorial AND the rest of the magazine, which is full of great holiday ideas, over at EmmaMag.com. Scroll down and click on the holiday issue. 

A couple notes that we weren’t able to fit in the magazine tutorial:

1. The best part of this wreath is it gets it’s beauty from imperfection. Don’t stress about cutting the squares perfectly and all to size. Fray the edges of your fabric for the bow a bit.

2. You’re going to feel like you’re messing this up. The squares will lay flat or fall to the side until you get a bunch on there and they start to fluff up. This wreath doesn’t come together until the very end. Just keep working on it. It will be beautiful.

For the rest of the tutorial and the materials list, check out the magazine. 


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  1. we have made the turkey and the santa…. both sooo cute! Hoping you will have a Valentine and St. Patty’s day wreath too!

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