An Update On Jamie – Mom to Newborn & Toddler, Mom Fighting Cancer

If you’ve been anxious for an update on Jamie – the mom who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer while pregnant, the mom who reached out to me to see if we could round up donated breastmilk for her baby girl – I’m happy to point  you to Bonnie Rochman reported on how Jamie is doing these days, and how we (that means all of *you*) helped make her wish for breastmilk for her baby come true.

More than 100,000 people read her post, and more than 100 said they could donate. In the end, Thomas’ most realistic option was the offer from a group of moms in Orange County, Calif., where Thomas lives. Even before Thomas, who is 37, entered the hospital in October to give birth, the group had already dropped off its first batch of donor milk at her home.
Breast Milk Donors Come to the Rescue of a New Mom with Breast Cancer –

Via Jamie Thomas and 22 Weeks And Cancer

Never forget how powerful women are, especially in numbers. We can move mountains. We can feed each other’s children. We can change and save lives.

You can stay up to date with Jamie’s journey and cheer her on over on her blog 22 Weeks And Cancer. She has some precious pictures of her new baby girl up now! My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as she continues to fight (mastectomy, chemo and radiation) while also managing life with a toddler and a newborn.

Best For Babes is still raising money via the Miracle Milk (TM) Fund for Jamie AND to “Educate physicians about lactation management, breast care, and cancer warning signs while breastfeeding, so that any abnormalities can be found earlier.” Every donation counts!

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  1. All my love, from Tenerife Island for Jamie and her baby. I´m sure she is very strong and will be good soon. I will pray for her….be strong..!!!

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