Things I Love- Popsicles In October & Cute Bathrooms

I love sharing the things I love with you all. Here are some that I could draw bubbly hearts around.

Moen sent us all new fixtures and accessories for the kids bathroom when they heard we were renovating it. I’ll have more pictures of the bathroom to show you all when it’s finally complete (but don’t hold your breath because we all know how long it can take me to wrap up a project.) For now, though, I have to show you what I did to solve our storage issue.

I hung a basket from Target from one of the Moen towel bars, using baby links. Those things are infinitely helpful.

And how cute is that shower curtain? I got it from Target, but can’t find it on their website. You can order it from Amazon, too.

One of my favorite pictures of her ever. Sure to be fodder for future therapy appointments. 

Completely unrelated to the bathroom, we are loving the this Hamilton Beach popsicle maker I picked up on clearance at Target. It’s definitely paid for itself by now, considering we’ve used it nearly every day since we got it a couple of weeks ago.

You don’t plug it in! It makes 2 popsicles in about 10 minutes once the base is good and frozen. Now, that is the hardest part, explaining to the kids that you can’t use it until the base has had time to freeze for 12 hours. But once you get past that initial freeze, you can quickly make popsicles out of whatever you want.

Even though it only makes 2, you can reuse it up to 3 times (as long as you do so quickly) before having to refreeze it. Though I find that by the 3rd batch, it helps if I pop it in the freezer for the 10 minutes it takes for the popsicles to set.

Just some stuff I’m loving right now that’s making life around here a little more organized and cheerful.

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  1. I LOVE the shower curtain! I’ll try to look for it at Target next time I’m there, but your link to Amazon is giving a 404 error for page not found 🙁 I’ve tried it in both IE & Firefox

    • It’s sorta just a “fun” thing still. About 80% of the time we can get her to poop on the potty. She thinks it’s great because she gets to watch the PBS Kids app on the iPad when she sits there. I think I’ll be more serious about it over Christmas break. I think she’s definitely ready.

  2. Hi! I realize this is an odd question, but I LOVE this shower curtain and can’t find it anywhere! Do you know of a place I could find it or have your kids outgrown it? If so would you be willing to sell it? Thank you for your time!!

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