Safe AND Sporty? Yup! The New 2013 Honda Accord

Let me just preface this post by saying, whoa, this job is awesome sometimes. While some days I’m blogging about how the everyday overwhelms me, and others I’m just laughing at myself, there are a few days here and there lately that are amazing perks of being a blogger.

In August, I got to travel to Santa Barbara and check out the new 2013 Honda Accord, while living like a celebrity at the Bacara Resort.

You hate me right now, I know. I would hate me, too. Surely you can’t blame me for taking them up on their offer, though!

The cool thing is I’ve got the inside scoop on the new 2013 Accord, and I’m in a fancy video about it, too. Click through from my homepage to read more.

While I’ve personally never owned a Honda Accord, my younger sister did. In fact, the only reason she got it when she turned 16 (and I didn’t even have a car!) was because it was a stick shift, and I just simply could not grasp how to operate one of those.

You did not want to share the road with me when I was a teenager. I needed all hands on deck… or the steering wheel.

That car went forever. She still regrets having to sell it to pay for a ticket to Germany, where she lived for a couple of years. People seem to be really passionate about their Accords.

People at Honda, as it turns out, are also really passionate about their Accords. I was expecting to go to this event and be fed information by the (super lovely) PR team. Instead, we got to meet and speak with some key Honda R&D people, including Vicki Poponi, the Assistant Vice President of Product Planning. Shoji Matsui, the Chief Engineer and Large Project Leader of the new Accord (and many other key members of the R&D team) came all the way from Japan to speak with us. That was pretty impressive.

And they all were genuinely enthused. They showed us the new Honda Accord commercials, and the whole team had smiles from ear to ear, like they were watching a home video of their baby being born.

Jenny and I were driving partners for the weekend.


We got to cruise through the beautiful California countryside, taking turns driving our Accord. I was impressed by how much power it had. We drove a V6 and a 4-cyl, and even the 4-cyl had some oomph behind it.

Some of the best features,though, had to be the Lane Departure Warning, the backup camera and Honda Lane Watch. Land Departure Warning notifies you anytime the vehicle senses you’re crossing over a lane and not intending to (i.e. not using your turn signal). The backup  camera gives you a view (via video) of what’s behind your car as you backup. It pops up on the navigation screen.

Honda Lane Watch is the coolest. Every time you signal to go to the right, a camera mounted on the passenger side-view mirror sends video to your navigation screen, showing you who/what if anything is in the lane. The driver’s side-view mirror is extra wide, basically eliminating any blind spots.

The 2013 Accord definitely felt very safe while also feeling sporty.

The trunk? Was enormous. The back seat was nice and spacious. (Seemed like plenty of room for 2 or even 3 car seats.)

Really, if we were in the market for a new sedan, this would be at the top of our list. And I’m not just saying that because they put me up at Bacara. Swear.

Unfortunately, we need something much bigger, something we can fit 3 car seats in (no, I’m not pregnant) and a whole bunch of crapola. We’re test driving the new Pilot in a couple of weeks! Of course, I’ll let you all know how it works.

After getting to know the team at Honda, I’m kind of a fan girl. It was refreshing to be around a company that takes such pride in their work.

To get a better look at the new 2013 Accord and to see me taking it for a spin, check out this video.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask! I know I didn’t fill you all in on all the specs, but you can find those over on the Accord website.

Disclosure- Honda paid for my trip to Santa Barbara. No, they did not give me a car. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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  1. Alena @ Charmingly Chandler on

    I wonder if the lane watch would cause more people to use a turn signal.

    It looks like it has some awesome features.

  2. We owned a Honda (Civic) for many years. Once we outgrew it, we sold it to a neighbors kid. Let me tell you, that car goes, and goes, and goes. I just don’t know any other brand that can get to 200k with not that many break down issues. I would love to save my pennies for a new one.

  3. As the proud owner of two Hondas, we are proud of them.

    My very first car was a 1986 Honda Accord. I could literally do anything to it, being the young man that I was, and it would never die.

    I wonder if we could genetically engineer immortality from Honda DNA. Anyone a geneticist?

  4. Oh man, you’re making me REALLY miss my Accord! It was my first car and it was fantastic – tons of room in the trunk, fast enough I didn’t feel like I was driving a golf cart, and it NEVER broke. My family are all extremely loyal to their Hondas and I regret my departure from the norm every time I pay a repair bill.

  5. When I first met Jon he was driving an old beat up Honda. That thing drove FOR-EVER. Great pictures. And it’s always nice to hear when a marketing department is doing things right.

  6. Right now I drive a 1996 Honda Accord and I love it. It almost has 200k miles on it and it is still running great.

    I sooo wish I could afford one of the new Accords! They look so much safer and eco-friendly than mine. Athough mine still regularly gets 20-23 mpg–I do both around town and highway regularly–I’d love to get 27mpg or more out of a car.

  7. My first car was my dad’s retired commuter car, a Honda accord with, wait for it, four hundred thousand miles. Yes. 400,000. I was set to graduate and head off to college the next month when my dad borrowed the car for the day. He came home without it and broke the news to me. “Kiddo, the car made a bad noise… and it’s dead. Really dead. I sold it for parts.” I was devastated to hear my precious first car was gone. I was given another car for graduation and was of course thrilled, but there’s always this warm fuzzy feeling in my heart with I hear that signature Honda startup sound. Even better, I found out later that the man who bought my amazing little car didn’t tear it apart after all, he resurrected it and it’s still on the road today.

  8. We love Honda!!! My DH has an old Accord and I’m toting this kids around in a Pilot. I am able to fit 3 carseats across..but it’s pretty tight. One thing I wish the Pilot had was the LATCH in the middle seat. Our model doesn’t have it…and that would be one thing I’d change. Otherwise…we love the Pilot!!

    • The new model that we’re test driving, I believe, has latch in all 3 second row seats AND in the passenger side seat in the 3rd row. I’m hoping we can put our 4 year old in the 3rd row. I’ll be sure to let you all know how that works.

    • We have a 2009 pilot with latch for all 3 middle row seats. I have all 3 kids there and honestly don’t know if our third row has latch! We love it.

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