Blogging About Blogging: Blogher Links and Sponsor Love

Remember how I was on a panel about blogging “professionally” at Blogher this year?

Well, the live-blog is available as well as the just-released podcast of the panel I was on, along with Mandy, Charlie and Gina. So, for all of you who missed out on the conference or the session, it’s all there for you to read and hear for free! Some takeaways include Mandy’s “Don’t poop out of your mouth,” and this…

But we managed to eek in some sensible, workable advice, too. Don’t be too hard on us. We were all nursing hangovers (or food poisoning, in Gina’s case) from the previous night. I mean, I was doing THIS just hours before.

To hear the podcast, go here and scroll down to Saturday’s Room Of Your Own sessions. We were the first one of the day- “Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally”
Click here to read the live-blog 

You can actually access all the live-blogs and podcasts for Blogher 2012 by going here. There is a TON of valuable info there if you’re a blogger or do anything with social media. There’s even an iPhoneography session… just about something for everyone.

I’d also like to take a minute to thank last month’s sponsors.

Olive Bungalow has some beautiful new one-of-a-kind pieces up, including these bracelets made with Montana Agate. Michele says her focus for pieces this autumn is texture. “All of my new items are going to be focused on texture – lots of texture.  I love the combination of polished silver with darkened patina.”

Girl Hearts Camera is home of The Photographer’s Planner and they also have a free Halloween card template available for download now.

Bloom Maternity ( is an online store with a wonderful selection of stylish and useful pregnancy, baby, and nursing gear and clothes. It’s so hard to find clothes that will take you from 9 months pregnant to nursing a newborn, but Bloom Maternity offers plenty of transition pieces.

If you’d like to advertise with me this month, I have several spots available, starting at $50/month. This blog was seen by over 50,000 people last month!

Head here to check out sizes, availability, and to submit an ad. 

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  1. Can’t wait to listen as after going to Blographer it was like a match under my bum & it made me say s WHAT have I been doing I need to get serious & I had no clue about Blogher until well everyone was talking about it that day! #truestory I have had a blog for 5 years but never used it to its potential .So I am on a quest to do such. I want to be able to be productive and work from home I am working hard and so I appreciate any tips words and anything I can grab. Baby steps but FULL Force here I go!

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