On Wine and Escaping and Winning Money (Really, You Can Win $100)

Me + A glass of wine + My office – noise = My Chateau
I’m not all that fabulous with math (I blame calculators and Google), but figuring out my Chateau is pretty easy for me. I may not have a real Chateau anywhere, and I may only have the confines of this house to escape within every night. When I pour a glass of wine at the end of the day and sneak off to my quiet office after we tuck the kids in bed, though, it’s as peaceful as any place I could imagine.
The wind-down at the end of the day is a challenge. Every living thing in this house is STARVING, and most of us are cranky. Chances are, we have no idea what we’re making for dinner, and there’s a mad rush to make sure laundry that’s needed for the next day is getting clean and kids are getting cleaned. By the time we get through all of that, Scott and I are usually looking at each other with that face that says, “Ready for a drink?”

Some nights we break down and pour one before we get the kids to bed. (Yes, I drink my wine from a juice glass. I can’t be trusted with stems, and I broke all my stemless glasses. Juice glasses are my thing now.)

Since I usually get most of my work done at night, I typically head off to the amazing office Scott built us and sit at the desk Scott built me. In fact, he had something to do with 90% of the walls and floors in the office. He even built us some beautiful closet doors (seriously, they’re not your everyday closet doors). So I guess I can say that my husband built me a Chateau. I’m very spoiled lucky like that.

My nightly glass of wine is a wonderful way to reward myself and relax a little, and this week I had the pleasure of enjoying a couple bottles by Chateau Ste. Michelle. It’s actually a winery I’ve purchased many bottles from before, so when this review opportunity came along, I pounced on it. It’s a 100% natural fit for me. The wines were wonderful, as usual. I was given a bottle of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Riesling and the Indian Wells Cabernet which is also from the Columbia Valley, and they were just the nudge I needed to find my quiet, happy place each night.

Who needs a private real Chateau anyway? Just more bathrooms to clean, right?

I bet you could make your own “Chateau” experience just about anywhere with $100. To enter to win a $100 Visa gift card, all you have to do is leave a comment below with YOUR Chateau. For example, You + a glass of wine + what – what = your Chateau. Need some help creating a visual? Head to the Chateau Ste. Michelle Facebook app.

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  1. I miss my “chateau”. It’s just me and wine and reruns of Friends while I work on some Pinterest projects as the rest of the house sleeps. I haven’t seen my chateau in a while since I’m pregnant and passing out early with no energy for projects (or, let’s be honest, the dinner dishes), but I shall visit again one day!

  2. Me + a glass of wine + a good, REAL book (none of that kindle stuff for me!) + a hot bubble bath – work and school work = My Chateau

    It’s 2:55 and I’m considering that now. Man I love wine.

  3. Me + a glass of wine + my husband + a cool breezy night on my back porch with real conversation – iPhone/iPad/iMac/iAnything = my chateau.

  4. Me+Wine+Good Food+My Sister and/or husband – parenting responsibilities= My Chateau

    And since my sis is moving 8 hours away instead of 14-16 it will happen more often.

  5. Nothing beats a glass of red wine at the end of a long day!

    Me + couch + full DVR of new shows – anything left on the to-do list = my Chateau!

  6. me + a glass of wine + sleeping kids + hubby + beach house = my chateau

    i think i am going to get a glass now, close my eyes and put some ear plugs in and pretend i am at my chateau RIGHT now

  7. Cheryl Amabile Oliver on

    (Me + glass of wine + bubble bath + peacefully sleeping children) – (work + household chores) = my chateau

  8. Me + free time + crafting = my chateau.

    Nothing like working and going back to school (no kids yet, thank goodness, though many people I work with do also have kids and I have no clue how they do it) to make me realize what a pleasure simple time to do stuff I find fun is.

    That, and vacations!

    • I’m realizing I’ve commented twice! So sorry. FB went all crazy sauce on me when I tried to post there & I thought it didn’t post, so I came to the blog.

  9. I wish I felt that I had my own Chateau. We’re moving across country sometime in the next month or two and my goal is to make myself some space at the new house that can just be my happy place.

  10. me + wine + cheese + all my friends that I dearly miss in San Diego + happy hour over looking downtown/the ocean like we used to do + great conversations + no curfew = Chateau

  11. Chateau St Michelle is one of the few non-organic American wines I can drink bc of my sulfate allergy. Tastes great with no after-migraine. πŸ˜‰

    my chateau= home+good book+my husband home as well.

  12. Me + a hot up of coffee + a beautiful crisp morning + a good book = My Chateau

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Me + a glass of wine + My hubby + a bottle of wine + a nice dinner + music – stress – dirty dishes = My Chateau.


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