Something Amazing

“Kendall, what are you going to learn at school tomorrow?” I whispered as we laid in his bed under his solar system mobile while the planets danced around.

“I dunno, I bet sumping amazing,”  he matter-of-factly replied.

I bet so.

Kendall started K-4 today (his second year of preschool). He helped me lay his clothes out last night, insisting on folding them himself. He was so excited that he woke on his own this morning and got himself dressed before he came out of his room.

I guess that strong will and independence comes in handy every now and then.

I have to admit, there was a sense of relief that drop-off this morning wasn’t for kindergarten, that I get to keep him a little closer to me for one more year. I planned to enroll him in 4 days a week up until about a month ago when, strangely, I had this urge to want to keep him with me as much as possible this year. I say “strangely” because I’ve long said that I was looking forward to more days at school for him so that I could get more work done in peace.

I figure I only have one more year of lazy Monday mornings with trips through the donut drive through, one more year to explore zoos and museums and (if I’m being honest) malls on weekdays with him. For now, I like the idea of him being home with us an extra day (though I’m giving myself permission to change my mind at any time).

I don’t know, I guess I just have a feeling that something amazing is going to happen this year to him, and I want to be sure I don’t miss it.

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  1. Kindergarten has been such a mind-blowing experience for me – as a self-admitted Type A personality I am having a lot of trouble with the lack of control I have now for 7+ hours 5 days a week.

    My oldest started K yesterday and I was proud of him and myself. I walked him to his classroom and hovered for just a minute to make sure he was all set and then he said “Mom, I am fine…you can go now.” I couldn’t wait to pick him up and hear about his first amazing day (which he loved!)

    Today was a bit harder…I dropped him off in the car line and watched as he walked himself into the school and…that was it. I cried on the way home and silently said a prayer that he found his way to his classroom and was safe in the care of his teacher. All summer I could not wait for school to start and now that it is here I wish I had just a little more time with him at my side.

  2. Awwww. I know what you mean.

    Although I’m also kinda looking forward to Kindergarten (I still have two years to go, though). Hopefully by then he’ll have settled down a bit. Hopefully.

  3. Ellie Augustin on

    Sigh so sweet! My oldest is at HS Orientation this AM & am dying for him to get back so I can hear what happened. New school & new people new adventure. My youngest is starting Kindergarten next week. My heart is tugging but also so thankful to see them flourish & grow.. even though I am still in shock how fast time has truly flown by. 🙂

  4. Cameron Dose Bissonnette on

    I had the same feelings this year! Keeping my little one close to the vest for one more year! Sniff, sniff…

  5. I’m keeping my boys close too this year! It’s like knowing your life will never be the same after they begin kindergarten; they will belong to a school teacher for 30+ hours and not have me there making sure they ate and went potty. So scary. I am not ready.

  6. This is off subject here, but I have a wide footed boy. Wondering if you can give me recommendations on shoes that I won’t waste any more money on. So far, all I can squeeze his foot in is crocs.

  7. I think boys goes through some of the biggest changes between 4 and 5. Then between 12 and 14 huge shift again. My nephews and my two sons have all shifted between those ages the most dramatically. Got to love those little balls of energy with their sweet love and sneaky wise words.

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