It Really Is A Breeze, A Giveaway

There are some pieces of baby stuff that I’ve just come to accept will always be a giant pain in the ass.

The playard (or pack&play), is one of them. The one we have takes 6 arms to set up, and at least 90% functioning brain capacity to figure out which buttons on which sides to press first. Seriously, when we took it out before Kendall was born and tried to set it up, we were like, “Uh… we aren’t smart enough to be parents.”

It’s the kind of thing that, when I’m traveling alone, I pray there will be someone at my destination who’s smarter and stronger and much more patient than I am to help me.

But now? We can get rid of that headache and actually have something that makes parenting EASIER. Imagine! How wonderful it will be to arrive at our hotel or families’ homes at 1 in the morning and have this thing set up before the sun rises.

Actually, we can have it set up in ONE MINUTE. I know because I timed it.

The 4moms Breeze playard went from this:

To this in less than a minute. Not exaggerating.

I love that it’s not covered in lions and polkadots. I love that it’s gender neutral and streamlined. I love that it went from this:

To this:

In less than a minute, and then to this:

In less than a minute!

So, that’s one minute or less to set up and 2 minutes or less to break down. Oh, and no beads of sweat on my forehead and I could do it completely drunkΒ exhausted if I needed to. (Not that I condone being completely drunk around your kids, just that sometimes the exhaustion feels like I drank a 6 pack.)

Watch the video, and you will be amazed!

You can preorder the Breeze now, and it will ship mid-September.Β It retails for $299.

Now listen, I know that is steep for a playard. I will say, though, if this is a device you plan to use frequently, it is TOTALLY worth it. It also comes with a bassinet feature that makes the bed higher for the newborn stage, so you can use it from newborn all the way through toddlerhood. As you can see, Leyna fits quite nicely in it. The quality is awesome, and I anticipate it will last for many years.

And one of you? Will be lucky enough to win one! Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Disclosure: I was given the Breeze by 4moms to review at no cost to me. All pictures and opinions are my own.
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  1. This is seriously the coolest play yard I have EVER. seen. My parents might actually use this one instead of spoiling my kid by letting him sleep in their bed. WANT.

  2. Kendal Barriere on

    Ummm…. that’s amazing. For someone who has used a Graco pack n play for over two years….and always having to explain to “make sure you snap the sides up before you push the bottom down” over and over…. Awesome!

    • I think it is amazing! No more breaking out in a sweat trying to figure out how the heck to set it up or break it down!

  3. I’m on vacation now and, while I’ve somewhat got the hang of my pack n play, it sure is a pain to put together no matter how many times I’ve done it. This would be a lifesaver!

  4. I may have just yelled SHUT UP! very loudly…at work…

    That is awesome! I have given myself harsh bruises from setting up the pack and play, they are mean and nasty!

  5. O.k. seriously love that it looks like a rocket launcher before she plops it down. I love it. I can NEVER figure out how to collapse my MIL’s pack n play … Want. Need. /swoon

  6. All I can say is WOW! Amazingly totally awesome! I WANT THAT for my 9 month old, it would be perfect in our office space for him to play in! We had a Graco before, I hated it, when I gave it away to my sister she actually couldn’t set it up – that’s how hard it was, I had to come over and it took like half an hour to finally figure it out, sheesh!

  7. Just this weekend I was cursing my face off trying to set up the pack and play. The stupid arms on the side wouldn’t lock and I had to release them 90 times before it worked. This looked amazing. I love my Mamaroo, so I can imagine this product is JUST as amazing!

  8. I had a really hard time watching the video and may have stopped it before it was done, but I saw it go ‘up’ and then ‘down’ again. HOLY COW! I need one of these!

  9. Oh man I want this! We have the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper that converts to a pack n play. We still haven’t figured out how to fold it up for travel. I think the directions are written in Japanese. When we go to my in-laws she just sleeps with us because a pack n play is too much of a PITA to try and set up!

  10. I love the simple design of this play yard, and how easily it can be set up and taken down. This would be perfect for my baby. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Light years better than the hand-me-down pack n play I got from a friend (apparently, other than fabric changes, the basic design hasn’t changed in a decade!).

  12. Umm this is completely brilliant – I can’t believe it took a company this long to come up with this! This looks amazing – think about the headaches and curses this will prevent! I really want this!

  13. Alexandra Pitcher on

    Amazing. So easy, I have fought with our pack n’ play a million times; this would be a nice change. Plus, its so stylish!

  14. This looks amazing and makes me hate my current pack and play more than I already do! My only question is, how cozy is the cushion?

  15. This looks awesome ! We have a giant pack and play that gets set up before baby arrives and stays set up til they outgrow it- we don’t take it anywhere as it’s too much of a pain. Looks like this one would be great to have for travelling!

  16. Wow! I love everything about that!! I always seem to struggle with my playyard to get it to open or fold back up!! Just about every time either a side won’t stay put! Very frustrating!!!!

  17. Holy smokes! My “pack and play” is a royal pain to set up and take down and weighs a ton. I love everything about this one including how open it is on the sides. Must.Have.

  18. This looks so easy to set up! Would be perfect for baby #2– I don’t know how I would set up our pack & play with a crazy toddler and a newborn!

  19. This looks awesome! Love how easy it is to set up and I also like how simple the look is. A lot of the pack and plays on the market have designs. I love that this one doesn’t.

  20. Looks awesome! And the video is pretty awesome. I’m sure others would think the dramatics of it are silly but when you are a mom and have a screaming baby that is ready for a nap or just needs a timeout – something so simple is worth the dramatics.

  21. This would be so nice to have with three little ones and a new one on the way. I can’t believe how simple it looks to set up and tear down. We travel alot and my pack and play is way too hard to take with me.This would simplify my life.

  22. I was amazed at the video! It looks so easy! Our first play yard was a pain and huge so we had to stow it away when not in use. Unfortunately it was stolen so we are looking for something easy to manage! I hope I win. The price is steep but the product looks just incredible!

  23. A pack and play like this would make a world of difference in our small NY apartment. This will have to be the new trend in pack and plays.

  24. Wowie zowies…We inherited a pack and play from my husband’s coworker. My little guy was able to fall asleep watching me assemble and disassemble. I was very happy to put it in storage knowing that I was never going to set it up again!

  25. I think a lot of people have pack and plays or play yards but never use them just because it’s hard to set them up. Especially while trying to keep tabs on your little one at the same time. I am LOVING the easy automatic set up.

  26. I HATe looking at pack n plays simply because most of the one’s we’ve seen (with the exception of a few) are UGLY. but this one is so sleek and easy to use…without the ugly animals and patterns all over it! We dig it.

  27. Very cool! We have the bjorn travel crib, and it reminds me of this…except I like this style of this one better. Also, I think I like the material on the sides of it better than the Bjorn, too! Oh, this would be a dream to win as we are (fingers crossed) potentially needing a new sleep space soon…and this would work great!

  28. That is utterly amazing. My pack and play is simple in concept but the buttons are so hard to press and I am left struggling to collapse it. I love that this is simple and easy without sacrificing safety (not easily baby activated).

  29. That is awesome. I hated our play yard and how you had to lock the sides before doing the bottom. It always tipped over. Whoever invented this is a freaking genius.

  30. This looks amazing! I can’t believe how easy it appears to set up. I’ve never tried setting up a PnP before, but the other companies are missing out if it’s much more difficult than this.

  31. Elizabeth Keller on

    So amazing! I actually ordered one today. Can’t wait to get it next month! If I win, this one will be going at Grandma’s house!

  32. Too cool. This just after my husband balled our crazy pack n play in its bag, tossed it in the corner and refused to set it up post grandma and grandpa visit!

  33. Somebody's Parents on

    Entered! Love it! I must have this thing. I have HAD IT with ours. It took us hours to put it together, only to have it not fit through the door. Shoot me.

  34. Wow that does look easy. The one we have is very basic so it isn’t too hard, but it also isn’t the best quality.

  35. Jaimie StClair Fletchall on

    I haven’t purchased a play yard simply bc they truly are a royal pain in the rear end. This is a complete no brainer…very innovative by 4moms, just like everything else they’ve made-definitely a MUST HAVE.

  36. Love this…super simple to put up and that’s awesome- ours is HUGE. We got it second hand and it takes up half of our room, I swear lol. I would love to have one that is much easier to deal with and takes up less space.

  37. I would love to win this! I hate our playard, I gave it to our sitter instead of keeping it. But this looks amazing!

  38. Leigh McGilvray on

    I love the video…crazy! I agree with your comment about how simple and neutral it looks-such a hard thing to find!

  39. Cristen Murray on

    I haven’t invested in a pack-n-play either primarily because they seem bulky. This product is intuitive and looks as though it will store nicely. Good addition to the travel must-haves.

  40. Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler on

    2 seconds down 2 seconds up…. NICE! I had one that I LOVED– but it was so heavy and hard to break down. I never wanted to take it with me on an outing. THIS looks loke I would be relieved to have an outing to take it on.

  41. Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler on

    …and oh boy would this make my life easier moving across the country — road trip with 2 toddlers.

  42. Crystal Barnes on

    This thing looks amazing. I have a hand-me-down pack n’ play, and sometimes I can’t even get the sides to actually click into place. I’m always tempted to duct tape the suckers until they stay put. I’m really curious how soft the bottom of this one is, compared to the Graco one we have. It always feels so hard, so I find myself adding more blankets or padding (toddler, not an infant).

  43. Joanne Bahrenburg on

    I am so amazed at how innovative 4moms is in thinking about all the things that frustrate moms today. I’m always sweating by the time I set up our regular play yard and I can NEVER remember whether you lock the middle before you lock the sides or vice versa, and half the time I can’t even get it to work right when I’m doing it correctly! I am SO looking forward to possibly winning the Breeze and I love all the 4moms products. Definitely getting a Mamaroo for the 2nd baby on the way.

  44. Lindsay 'Chall' Matvick on

    The pack n plays we have are always a problem to pack/transport. We’ve actually bought 4 just so we could have one stay at each of the grandparent’s houses and our cabin. With another little one on the way, this would be a great investment so we could have one that we could actually travel with and not injure ourselves with when setting it up!

  45. Courtney Helms on

    Holy cow, that looks awesome! We never had a playard for DS1 (space is a premium in our downtown apartment) but I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to have one for DS2. This looks perfect, and super simple to use!

  46. I am breathless. I remember trying to set one up before I had my baby for a friend, and both my husband and I had the deer-in-the-headlights look-we seriously couldn’t be that dumb, right? I have one now that my daughter still sleeps in (8 months) because I want her with me-like-all the time. This is AMAZING and I gotta get one! πŸ˜‰

  47. Erin Richardson on

    This thing is amazing, and I absolutely love this company. I own the Origami & the Mamaroo, and adore them both:)

  48. Wow! I love how quick and easy it is! No more struggling and attempts to keep my fingers from getting pinched either!

  49. Mimi Bartlett on

    this has me laughing out loud. I HATE our play yard, seriously takes me 20 minutes to get the piece of junk up and/or down…. this would be amazing, and that video was awesome.

  50. Amy Bolda Pugmire on

    I have a pack n play. its very hard to put together and heavy. now I have 2 kids that need them and I have the mamaroo and love it. I feel like anything by 4moms is a winner!

  51. I love it!! I am due in December and did not opt for a pack and play to avoid the frustration of setting it up. This looks simple and quick. Would love to own one:)

  52. Lauren Little on

    I want a BREEZE in the worst way!!! We have an old Pack N Play that we never want to use because it takes up so much space and is impossible to open and close. 4moms are baby product geniuses!!!!!

  53. Kelli Butterfield on

    Just had our 2nd little one a month ago. With 2 babies under 2yrs this would be wonderful to have. The fisherPrice one we have is nearly impossible for me to fold down correctly and get it right the first try..

  54. Very cool! Our playard lives in the garage. My husband is the only one who knows how to open it. And it’s covered in monkeys.

  55. Heather Smith on

    This is pure genius! Is it heavy? My biggest issue with our last playyard was that it was way too heavy for me to carry along with any luggage.

  56. We’ve been talking about how dramatic the Breeze video is for a week! But it’s just so simple…
    Love how she justs walks in and walks out.

  57. Am expecting 3 grandbaies within 5 weeks of each other (2 of which are twins) and I imagine when they all come to my house my hands are going to be way to full to spend 15 minutes trying to figure out the old type pak n plays so am very very excited about the Breeze

  58. This looks SO much easier to set up than our current pack and play… It’s like a 10 minute ordeal with cussing and minor injuries involved! The breeze would be awesome!

  59. Wow the name gets it right….it looks like a breeze to set up. Amazing, I def need one of these with baby #2 on the way πŸ˜‰

  60. WOW! I used out pnp for both kids for a long time! I wish I never gave it away because I could use some where to put the littles some days! I hope I win this, it would do wonders for my sanity :o).

  61. Brandi Stewart on

    Oh my goodness this thing looks amazing! My husband was just cursing today about our bulky play yard because it has feet that stick out, and he trips over them at least once per day. It also takes me nearly 20 minutes to break it down, and at least 10 to set it up…I would LOVE one that is so easy to use!

  62. I want this. BAD. We will be doing so much traveling around the US and Europe that the thought of folding and unfolding our current pack and play sounds dreadful. I adore how streamlined it looks and that it comes with a bassinet. Amazeballs.

  63. Wow! Just watched the video on their website! Only one button to push?! Insane! !! I have no clue how to open ours and every time I attempt it I sweat!

  64. I love the simplicity. The price is a little steep, but I wouldn’t mind paying for it for my first kid – I would get a ton of use out of it.

  65. Holy Cow! I wish this would have come out a long time ago! I hate our pack n play for the same reasons you stated in your post. It takes forever to get put up or take down. Love this! I also love the color

  66. This is the coolest “baby jail” I’ve ever seen. We had 4moms mamaroo and loved it. I’m sure I’d love the Breeze too. I hope I win!

  67. I love the simplicity of that video, it tells you exactly what you need to know and it highlights their main feature, but it doesn’t scream and yell at you.

  68. Julie Schmidgall on

    That looks amazing and so easy to use! I never use ours because it takes so long to get up, I can never figure it out

  69. Hahah I love the music…as if its going to show you something really radical and complex and then its just….well its just that easy!

  70. This looks so super easy! Our playard is dumped in the attic. We couldn’t even figure out how to fold it back up so we just threw it up there. I’m selling it.

  71. Holy moly. I’ve been known to let my baby sleep with me on a floor pallet just so I could avoid fighting with the pack ‘n play after a long road trip. This thing looks incredible.

  72. Simply Genius!!! Play pins are usually so hard to open! I love how easy it is to open and close!!! Mommys don’t like to waste time opening a play pin!! Love it!

  73. I think it’s crazy that it’s taken this long for someone to come out with a playyard that is SO SIMPLE to set up! Why all the crazy, Fisher-Price?!?!

  74. I drop kicked the one we had, and very nearly the one we borrowed as it kept collapsing. I throw up my arms in resignation and let the monkey sleep with us when we travel. This would be a dream come true.

  75. Trisha McFarland on

    SO AMAZING!!! I would love to win one of these for my new little one I am expecting the end of next month!

  76. Allyssa Streeper on

    that’s amazing! I would love to be able to do that one handed with a screaming baby in my arms… it’s so amazingly gender neutral and not babyish as well!

  77. Wow this looks like the easiest thing ever! When are they going to start expanding to strollers (which seem like another daunting thing to me)? Love it!

  78. Um, that looks so friggin’ easy I don’t know if I believe it!! As a single mom, I’m wrestling my 3 month old with one arm, and my 2 90-pound dogs with the other hand, but with the ease of the breeze, I might not have to grow that 3rd arm I’ve been going for!

  79. This is amazing. My husband is in the military, so we are constantly traveling with the wee one. And I HATE putting her pack ‘n play together! This looks SO easy. And I love the neutral color. Need this!

  80. Ummm I think I’m addicted to watching all the 4moms videos because their products are BLOWING my mind. I think I may dream about the Breeze tonight. This is an awesome giveaway!

  81. Margaret Wetsel on

    I LOVE the Breeze and would LOVE to win one!! It truly looks like a breeze to put together and take apart!! Thank you for this giveaway!!

  82. Just watched the video and that is so easy to use. The pack-n-play I have has been up since my baby was born 11 months ago. I haven’t figured out how to get it down.

  83. Melissa Keranen on

    Jamie (TheBabyGuyNYC) sent me, and I am in LOVE with the Breeze!! It would be so amazing to have something that literally takes a minute to set up. Often times I am trying to get the pack and play set up while trying not to wake my baby. And since our pack and play was recently broken, this would be perfect!!

  84. Wow, that looks WAAAAAAY easier than my Graco pack ‘n play. It would be awesome to have something that easy to set up when traveling, especially since I’ll have 2 babies under the age of 2 come January! πŸ™‚

  85. I’ve seen the Breeze so many times at the internet, i just want it for my baby! Its awesome the way it folds and unfolds!

  86. It’s a bit pricy and since I buy a lot if hand me down items these days I may have to wait until baby number 2 to try this out!

  87. Sheri J.T. Herum on

    Wow, that looks WAAAAAAY easier than my Graco pack β€˜n play. It would be awesome to have something that easy to set up when traveling, especially since I’ll have 2 babies under the age of 2 come January!

  88. Rebecca Koshaba on

    I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded at assembling or disassembling a Pack ‘n Play by myself, haha! Now I know that it is possible with the Breeze. πŸ™‚

  89. Stacy L B Hancock on

    so, so easy! I love it! have to use one M-f for my friends kiddo and this would make life so much easier.

  90. Amy Clendenin on

    I think it’s totally AWESOME! I have cussed my pack n play more times than I can count….It would be great to have the Breeze to use when we visit our family back home.

  91. Nelly Rodriguez on

    I’ve never liked pack-n-plays because of how awkward they are to set up and generally…ugly looking. But, omg! I love this one. It’s soooo easy and good looking! Love it!

  92. Lisa Humphries on

    Dude, this is Uh-maz-ing! I always make my fiance set up the pack-n-play, but I could totally do this on my own w/out breaking a sweat! I want! (and I Luuuurve the color).

  93. Rachel Marshall on

    Holy cow! This is SO much easier than my pack and play. I always make my husband do it. Too complicated. But I could handle the breeze!

  94. Mary Lou Ricci on

    I looooooove the Breeze! It’s pleasing to the eye and offers the ease of use all pack and plays should offer – but it’s the only one to do so! Kuddos to 4Moms! Fingers crossed we can win one of our little Mia!

  95. i love, love, love the clean, unfussy look of the breeze! and the gender neutral color scheme and lack of “cute” patterns.

  96. This is amazing! I would love not wrestling with the ‘old school’ pak n plays anymore! And I used to have those flats that the lady in the video is wearing… until my dog chewed one. Grr.

  97. THAT was amazing indeed. I watched it again to make sure i didn’t miss something. That would take my husband off pack n play duty which I think he would love

  98. Heather Dalton on

    I NEED this! We now have two, an infant and a two year old, so I need as many hands as I can! This would be amazing! We lent our pack n play to friend a while back and it was accidentally sold in a garage sale…. :-/ We were looking at another php but not anymore! LOVE this and would love to win it!

  99. I LOVE that playard! I wish I would have had it when I had small children, now with 2 young grandkids and even more to come this would be perfect! I have such a hard time with the one my daughter brings with her when the kids are here. The others make me want to break out large hand tools just to release the sides once the kids have left.

  100. Alex Liz Robinson on

    I love it! I love how compact it is making it easy to travel and how easy it is altogether! Another great 4moms product!

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