Finding Peace Through My Lens

My soul needed the trip I took last weekend. It was a “work” trip (and I’ll blog more about the work side of things next month), but it was at an AMAZING place – Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara – with wonderful people, like Jenny and Heather.  

And it was peaceful. So peaceful.

I found myself grateful I’d brought my camera from the minute I stepped off the plane. I love photographing my kiddos, this house and all our everyday chaos, but something about this place really sparked my creative spirit.


Getting to know my surroundings through the lens of my camera gave me a whole new perspective. You have to breathe, you know? You have to be still. You have to think. You can’t tweet or Instagram or text someone while you’re trying to compose a picture. It was good for me.

I took a little break form my photography journey this summer, simply because I didn’t have time to dedicate to immersing myself in it while the kids were home. I’m ready to jump back in, though. I have big plans for a camera upgrade soon (eek!), and Clickin’ Moms just invited me to take part in this CM Team All Access Pass Breakout Session. It includes 5 mini sessions on:

Developing Pricing (which, as someone who doesn’t plan to go pro with photography, I may not take much, but I’m interested in learning how these approaches can be applied to how I price my consulting and social media services)
Elements of Design
Against the Grain (how to shoot well in low-light)
Editing: Methods for Enhancing Mood and Tone

 With your registration fee of $50 you will receive access to 5 separate mini sessions, all at the same time. A total of over 150 pages of PDF information, along with several videos and the opportunity to ask questions of each presenter in a private dropbox are available to registrants.

If you’ve been wanting to dedicate a little time to improving your photography this fall, this is a wonderful value and great opportunity! Even if you’re NOT a Clickin Moms member, you can still register for it for only $50. (But really, why aren’t you? Use code BABYRABIES for a FREE 7 day trial.)

I’m looking forward to finding more beauty through my camera lens this fall. Of course, another trip to Bacara wouldn’t hurt, but I’m still trying to convince Scott we need to sell a kid…ney to afford an escape there.

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