(Breast)Milk On Ice

“Hey, the ice machine isn’t working anymore. I tried several times to unjam it, but I don’t think there are any chunks of ice that are keeping it from dispensing. I think it’s broken,” I said with a sigh as Scott walked in from work this evening.

And I really had “tried” in that I had jostled the ice drawer back and forth with great force several times, and then ran my hand through it, searching for… I didn’t know… a large chunk of ice that was too big to pass through the hole? No dice.

Scott pulled it out of the freezer, refusing to accept my hypothesis that the ice dispenser was suddenly out of commission based on my findings. He emptied the ice into the sink as I stood there with my empty glass.

“Wait!” I shouted, “Ugh. I wanted some ice.”

“Well, I don’t know if you want this ice,” he replied. Then he added “So, that’s what the white stuff in my water was last night,” as he handed the drawer back to me.

“Ohhhhhh…nah, I’m good. Lukewarm water, it is.”

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  1. Cheap Mama Chick on

    I found some in the back of my freezer the other day….and I haven’t pumped in a few yrs. I should probably clean out my freezer pretty soon ;).

  2. Shelley Tomich on

    ROFL! I found one in my freezer awhile back and didn’t have the heart to throw it out for a couple more months. Such hard work for that bag!

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