Back To School Means Getting Back To Organized, a momAgenda Giveaway

It’s Sunday night. Kendall goes back to school this week. He starts k-4 (preschool) on Tuesday. I feel like this year is a dress rehearsal for the big time next year.

I can’t be taking him to Kindergarten 5 minutes late every day. I can’t be forgetting his school events and running home to fetch money and important papers I was supposed to return that morning.

It’s a struggle for me, this staying organized thing. Somedays I do okay… most days I’m treading water.

Tonight, as I have for the last week or so, I sat down with my new momAgenda Mini-Daily and wrote out my tasks for the next 2 days. It’s just another step toward mastering this “organized-ish mom” thing that I need to have a handle on before we’re dealing with Kindergarten.

I’m loving the format of the Mini-Daily because I find it easier to write just what I need to get done in the next 48 hours down, and that helps me feel less overwhelmed. I have a Home Office Edition that I use to write out long-term goals, future events and deadlines that usually stays right by my computer on my desk. My Mini-Daily can go with me anywhere, though, and it’s usually next to my bed… or in the playroom (which may be why there’s a lovely and enormous pen mark zigged and zagged all over the front of it already, compliments of budding artist Leyna).

I know many of you are gearing up for another year of organized chaos with back-to-school looming. I’m excited to hook one of you up with a momAgenda Mini-Daily planner of your own! Just follow the instructions in the widget below.

*Disclosure- momAgenda provided the planner for me to review. All opinions and images are my own.
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  1. I would love to win! I have 3 kids in two different schools, I volunteer at both and run my own business. Life is crazy! I plan about 4am as I’m trying to wind down from each day…

  2. Tetsushi Tomonaga on

    I have been relying on my iPhone calendar which is great until I turn the volume down or leave it somewhere for a couple of hours! Maybe a pen and paper approach is the answer.

  3. i am always making lists on random pieces of paper (which usually get lost) at my desk or in the living room at the lap top.

  4. Kristin White on

    The kitchen counter with a little dry erase frame, but I lose any incomplete tasks each week when I redo it!

  5. I plan for the next day on my computer using google calendar. I add new things to the calendar on my phone when I get the info… but I usually forget and rely on my memory. I think this year is going to be the death of my memory between 2nd grade and a junior running cross country.

  6. I have a composition book that I write my to-do lists in. It stays in our home office most of the time, or on the dining room table so I can cross things off as I move around the house. My planning usually happens in the morning though, as I check email and drink my coffee.

  7. I mostly plan in my head while laying in bed at night. Hmmm, wonder if that’s why I’m not as effective as I could be? :-/

  8. I am currently using a two inch binder approach for household planning. And I plan in all my free time (free time, as you well know is a joke). The binder is currently where I am trying to do my planning, but it is combined with my other household lists and things end up less organized this way. I have been looking for something that I can take with me more easily than the binder and actually get organized. My little family just moved, and things are hectic enough right now, without not having a good place to plan and have plans.

  9. I was a day-planner addict pre-kids but have been living in chaos for the last couple of years. But with school starting next week I’m going to HAVE to get back on track. This would be perfect for writing out my schedule on Sunday nights.

  10. Plan for the next day? Ummm… how ’bout for the next hour? minute? second? haha

    Really, I do my “planning” the night before on the way to bed, when I set out lunches (on a good day) and clothes/diapers/etc for the morning. Everything else, I’m totally winging it.

  11. I usually have scraps of paper scattered all over the place with lists of what needs to be accomplished, who needs to be where and when, etc. I desperately need a place to get organized!

  12. A combination of post it notes, my phone and a mini calendar are my go to organization items. Would be nice to have 1 item that does it all!

  13. Melanie Mercier on

    Every Sunday PM I try to plan out our week and our meals, and every morning during bfast I review the day.

    However, my Agenda is a little bulky, and sometimes I don’t want to take it with me which kind of puts a damper of the whole system…

  14. Jordan Sandlin on

    I need to figure this whole organization thing out before our baby arrives in October! I can never seem to keep all our appointments straight!

  15. I’m in the same boat – trying to get organized!! I’ve got two in school this year and the first mass of papers came home on Friday. I spent the weekend brainstorming ways to get organized. I have yet to find a good “planner” for me to keep everything straight but this might work!

  16. We use the wall calander. I like to see everything spread out with different colored markers for each family member. I do put reminder alarms on my phone though 🙂

  17. I’ve got my calendar online and on my phone but I just love writing on paper. I really want to get better about organizing–including meal planning!

  18. I try to plan the night before sitting by my computer in the few minutes I have before my youngest wakes for the first of a million times in a night!

  19. We’re in the process of building a desk into a corner of our kitchen, as I lost a bedroom/office when my second was born (but that’s okay!). So, currently I plan, write lists, and blog from a wobbly Costco table in my kitchen. 🙂

  20. Courtney McHugh Lyons on

    I use an old school wall calendar, but it would be nice to add some portability to my calendar – now I can’t schedule anything away from home with any certainty!

  21. Stephanie Portz on

    I don’t have a regular method. Sometimes I write myself a note in the form of an unsent text on my phone, sometimes I just use a random scrap of paper, sometimes on the whiteboard on my fridge… I do have a planner, but I’m not sure where it is, and it’s too big to carry with me everywhere anyway. I need a better method!

  22. At night before bed I plan out the next day in my head. And when things get busy I’ll write lists on scraps of paper…this system fails me now, but with preschool about to start I have to come up with something better.

  23. Andrea Montoya on

    I plan at my kitchen table and use a scrap piece of paper. It’s sad, really. I tend to lose my lists often!

  24. Unfortunately, I have notes on scraps of paper, iPhone snaps of flyers from school and no one method of harnessing it all together. Some of my best planning is during the 15min sitting in the pickup loop at the elementary.

  25. Sounds great! I’d love one. I’ve got multiple places I try to keep myself organized, but usually I fall off the wagon.

  26. Plan?? Ha! I’m lucky if nothing is forgotten. With a 13 month old, I should probably start on this whole “organizing” thing. I’m also looking for an easy way to budget, for some reason my head won’t wrap around it. Doesn’t help that I’m the one who handles the money (along with everything else in the house). :/

  27. Melissa Crawford on

    I used to use a little mini planner, started trying to use my phone…and that’s why now I’m just trying to remember and failing. Need a new planner!

  28. Planning ahead is rare for me! I usually just grab my phone or a scrap of paper wherever I am and make a note of what needs to be done whenever I get the chance. I could definitely use this!

  29. Trying to keep a 6 year old and 16 month old traitor is a challenge while working full time. Add the full time working dad wo can’t remember anything and it takes an act of god to keep it all straigh. Portability would be awesome!

  30. Meghan Wengerd on

    I am a teacher so I use a calendar that my school gave to me to keep track of all that I have to do at school.

  31. Usually my Ipod but more then likely I do have a little planner I write and doodle in but to have a special place especially for this upcoming crazy school year would be AWESOME! Thanks for the chance.

  32. Keeping organized is a daily battle at our house. I have still not found the exact right organizer for me. I’d love to see if this is it!

  33. I’ve tried doing lists on my phone, on a white board, so many different things to try and stay organized. But a notebook as always worked the best. Plus I tend to randomly write down things next to my lists like phone numbers and the like that I end up needing in the future and in a notebook they stay where I put them.

  34. Right now I “plan” on a scrap piece of paper …. I am thinking this planner would really be a step up for me!

  35. Cassandra Suarez-Hanson on

    I try to set up my plan using the calender on my phone, but I have a tendency to forget, lost my phone, or not charge my phone, therefore any schedule I did have doesn’t get any attention. And I usually only have time to do this (when it actually occurs) after everyone else goes to bed. But lately I’ve been laying down with my son to get him to sleep and I almost always fall asleep as well, so nothing, from scheduling to cleaning gets done.

  36. I am bad about planning out my next day; probably because I am a SAHM with only a 3 and 1 year old at the moment. But I do like planning and keeping an organized calendar. I am in love with Google Calendar. One: it can come with me anywhere I go on my phone, or I can see it on any computer; and Two: my husband can sync his Google calendar with mine so we don’t over book. 🙂

  37. Andrea Rossman on

    I typically use post it notes which typically get lost or forgotten so anything to help me get organized is great!

  38. Hannah Blue Haws on

    I do all of my planning on my google calendar.. when I’m up for the task of entering it in all tedious-like =P.

  39. Kim Vanderbeek Malone on

    I am usually in the kitchen writing on the counter. We have a LONG kitchen counter (like 14 feet) so I have a mini home office on there so I can watch the boys and do other things! 🙂

  40. Courtney Dawkins on

    Sundays are usually my planning days. Early bedtime because of school the next day and generally being wiped out from the weekend make it easy to get some quiet time with my thoughts (and facebook 🙂

  41. Kandice Osmond Shiell on

    I love MomAgenda but right now I’m writing things all over the place, pieces of paper beside the phone, things on the fridge, notes on my phone, etc. It’s a MESS! Please help me!

  42. I’m usually at the kitchen counter. I make a old school list with boxes beside each task so I can check them off and feel accomplished. Make list – check, check off first item on list – check. Look at how productive I am! For calendar events I use a cheap “month at a glance” book.

  43. Jenny McClamroch on

    I am list maker! I will make the same list over and over and over again just to be sure I haven’t forgotten anything!

  44. Nicole Abundo on

    Usually while holding my baby with one hand I’m sticking post it’s on my fridge with the other! I use a sharpie and neon pink post it’s so I don’t forget all of my daughter’s appts

  45. I usually write post-it notes and leave them on my lap top for reminders or put it in the ‘notes’ part of my phone but something like this calendar would be so much more helpful and organized!

  46. Erin Baker Pence on

    I try to get my husband’s schedule on a wall calendar at least 3 months ahead, and my son and my schedules at least a week…actually planning for the next day… things are a little chaotic! 🙂

  47. Brianne Goetz on

    I go through my to do list whenever I can get my son down for a nap! Sometimes I do it at work right before I Starr for the day.

  48. Jennie Haan Verdugo on

    I’m usually lying in bed with all my to-do’s for the next day. I try to use the calendar on my phone and I’ve got a ton of paper lists all over……I need all the help I can get!

  49. I love my iPhone, but I always end up making notes on scrap pieces of paper. There’s just something different about writing it down on paper and making little check boxes

  50. Jennifer Heil on

    I try to plan a week in advance through our google calendar. Husband follows it and adds accordingly…and I have a paper planner for back-up. I try to stay organized…TRY is the word!

  51. Hilary Nelson on

    I try to schedule the big things out for the month and then try to go over the next 36 hours each evening in the kitchen with my husband. It’s not foolproof, but we try to make sure nothing major is dropped!

  52. I tend to write to-do lists on post-its which usually end up stuck somewhere that I find a few days later. Not the best system!

  53. Chelsea Gleich on

    I typically use a wipe-off calendar on my fridge. It’s a monthly calendar, though, so only the big scheduled events make the board. I then plan the rest in my head or through a to-do list on my iPhone – although, my planning skills for domestic tasks are greatly lacking. I’m more of a reactive cleaner/picker-upper, and a “let’s invite people over so I will finally clean!” type of person (loved your playdate Mommy Truth the other day). I’d love to create household to-do lists so I can get the satisfying feeling of crossing laundry off the list!

  54. I’m terrible about planning! A lot of the time I will have scrap notes but I usually mess those up, so it turns into ‘thinking about absolutely everything the night before while trying to fall asleep and then forgetting almost all of it by the morning’ pretty quick!

    I’ve tried planners before without much success, but I hope these really are as different as everyone says!

  55. I usually plan the day while standing in my kitchen. I will either write a list out or make a list in my phone.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  56. I have a fridge weekly planner that I transfer the weeks activities too from my phone calendar. It works pretty slick.

  57. This would be perfect for me:) being in school, starting a business, husband in grad school, toddler and trying for #2 makes for a great need for organization!

  58. I’m trying to get organized! Meal planning is my short-term goal. With dinner planned, I hope to be more available and calm when my son gets home from school and has to tackle his homework!

  59. I usually run through our upcoming week’s plans on Sunday night…then every morning I glance at the day’s agenda before getting out of bed. We use google calendar for most everything, which means I can access it from my phone, laptop, etc., which is good and bad I suppose :o).

  60. I had a Franklin planner that I got at work and I would write in it, but the thing was too big so I wouldn’t carry it with me; I’d end up forgetting everything I wrote down. Now in the evenings I sit in my kitchen with a scrap of paper and make a little list of things I need to remember for the next day. Then I hope that I don’t lose the paper when I put it in my purse! I’ve tried to use my phone but the act of physically crossing things off on a list makes me feel accomplished. I really need a new system though!

  61. I’m not sure if planning is the best way to describe what I do. I usually jot down what I need to do as it comes to mind… on the back of an envelope, post it paper, etc., but then have trouble keeping up with the random paper……

  62. Working FT and going to school FT, I keep up with things on my phone, work Outlook and random school papers and notes. There is no one central place for everything.

  63. I’m the worst. I write stuff down (mostly on post its) as I remember it, and then promptly lose them.

    Alternatively, I mentally recite a list of things I need to do the next day over and over and over in my head until I fall into a stressful sleep. But usually I remember in the morning. 😛

  64. Efrosini Demertzis on

    I have so any calendars but find all of them are too small to write out the enormous amount if tasks I have everyday! Which is why there are different colored post it notes all over the place! This planner seems to be just what I need to sty organized!

  65. Sigh. People PLAN?? Ok ok…so with two kids, a blog, and a part time business I do need to plan so I bought a planner at Target and I’m just beginning to use it….my husband keeps trying to get me to “use the cloud” but I NEED to write things down!

  66. I’m an organizer/planner addict! Totally go through it every night for the next day and the rest of the week. Would LOVE to try a momAgenda!

  67. Jennifer Carmen Mercer on

    I write myself post it notes and then forget where I leave them. It would be AWESOME to 1. stop wasting paper 2. have it all in one place!

  68. Lauren Riley White on

    I am so unorganized. I use a calendar on the fridge, then the rest of the time, my head is spinning trying to remember everything!

  69. Ashley Lawson on

    I write my plans out monthly and they are hung on the fridge right now. Would love this and more privacy 🙂

  70. Shira Windschitl on

    I do it all on my computer. Being organized is hard! Especially when kiddo commandeers the pens as useful coloring tools… to color all over my notebooks.

  71. Kelly Hoprich on

    I try to plan on weekends. I keep a calendar on the fridge and lots of papers laying around the kitchen counters with lists on them.

  72. Amanda Wilson on

    I tend to make lists either on my phone, or random pieces of paper. I was way more organized when I was working – this full time mama gig is a little overwhelming!

  73. There are way too many post-it notes in this house! I try to keep them in one spot (usually the fridge), but it never works out very well… great giveaway, thanks!

  74. I’m guilty of planning & organizing my personal life during my work day at the office. Not ALL day, just here & there. 😉 That or in bed at night. Either option is all I have since I can’t very well get anything productive accomplished, like planning ahead, while my son is awake. 🙂

  75. plan….ha, no need for that. Our lives are so seamless we don’t need to stress about it. Who needs to organize. Wait, where are my kids–oh…I forgot to pick them up from practice and my husband is mad that I missed dinner with his boss.

  76. I use my Iphone right now and whenever I think of something, i plan it on there….. But I need something better to plan, like a MomAgenda!!! 🙂

  77. Pamela Rodriguez on

    I use my phone and another type of calendar and the school calendar to try to stay organized. I have never tried a Mom Agenda, I have always wanted to.

  78. I plan on my Zebra planner from Target. i make notes at work and then once completed transfer/check off on my planner. Each family member and work is color coded. Works ok, but I am in love with the mom Agenda.

  79. I have a planner but I normally do my planning for the next day on little sticky notes and then shove them in the planner. Sometimes I plan at work, sometimes at home, it’s basically whenever I think of a task I have to jot it down.

  80. I either plan in my current planner or on a pice of paper. Unfortunately, if I need the list when I’m out and about, I tend to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter. Left to “remember”, I usually have a list going that never ends!

  81. I like to plan when I’m sitting at pick up after school or anytime I have a free moment. I love my Mom agenda but would really like to try the mini!

  82. Michelle Smith on

    I’m a Post-It note queen – my desk and computer monitor are covered in them. I also have a “mom” calendar hanging beside my desk. Just looking at the clutter makes my brain all fuzzy, obviously. 🙂

  83. Sara Kohlmeier on

    I spread everything out on the dining room table and write it in my planner. I also put the things that pertain to the family (and not just me) on the wall calendar.

  84. I love MomAgenda. I have one Desk Calendar that I buy each year. Altho I would like something to put in my purse to take with me, but I’m always using it and updating it. It’s my life line. I have two kiddos in school right now, and I just love that I have a line for each of my kids, so I always know what they are doing and don’t have to take up space on my section. 🙂

  85. Stephanie Marcusky on

    As I lay down to sleep – I need something beautiful to entice me to sit and think for a moment before I sleep.

  86. I have a huge calendar in my kitchen (where I spend half my day at) to tell me what’s up with hubby’s and my schedule and what is happening for the week. So far, September looks pretty sweet with hardly nothing on it. 😉

  87. I have last years giraffe momagenda desktop which has been a life saver this last year. The mini would be perfect for on-the-go!

  88. I normally take the last 10 minutes or so of my day at work and get my game plan down. Helps me from feeling overwhelmed when I’m greeted with a cranky toddler after work. I normally use my phone, but have found a pretty pink notebook from the Martha Stewart line of Avery products at Staples. I cling to that like nobody’s business right now!

  89. Basically whereever I am at the time and where there is paper ha! Hence why one of these would come in handy. It seems I am getting updates all day on things that are changing to schedules and being that I don’t have one place to write it all down I just grab whatever is near me and get to writing. If I have time I plug it into my phone calendar but not everything always makes it in there.

  90. Christie Walker Darago on

    I like the size of this little planner. I am usually in the kitchen/dining room because our home has an open plan. This would be perfect for planning without having to add another big thing to the space.

  91. I try to do most of my planning in my planner before I leave work – things are too hectic once I get home. However I typically have to do another run-through once I’ve looked at the papers that have come home from school that day.

  92. Arietta Elizabeth Holloway on

    I like to plan for the next day once the baby’s gone to sleep and away from him if possible.

  93. I like to sit down Sunday morning & plan out my week’ chores, menu, & appointments all in one fell swoop. Now it’s scattered among phone calendars, a wall calendar & a white board

  94. I like to plan with my phone but I remember things better when I write them down plus I now understand when people tell me that your memory is never the same once you have kids!

  95. I have a stack of scrap paper in my kitchen. I’ll grab a piece after everyone else goes to bed and jot stuff down and usually forget about it by morning!

  96. Sara Whitaker Hornbacher on

    I love to plan in the late evening after the kids are in bed! I can look at the next day and feel ready for it the next morning!

  97. I keep my daily agenda on the calendar in our kitchen but I don’t have anything in my bag to keep me reminded. Mom brain + no planner = many excuses for not being on time to places.

  98. Umm whenever something pops in my head, wherever I am, and with whatever is in front of me. Bags…paper towels…receipts….sometimes I get lucky and there is actually paper!

  99. Dayna Alexander on

    I use a calendar book from the $1 store and my phone’s calendar. I normally just jot things down as they come up.

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