A Warrior Mother Needs Our Help

Last night, around 3 a.m., Leyna woke. And it was one of those cries that let me know she was hungry or just plain annoyed and wouldn’t go back down easily… unless I nursed her. Yes, we’re still breastfeeding. I try not to do it in the middle of the night anymore, but some nights it’s just so much easier to appease her and get her back to sleep than to battle with her. Last night was one of those nights. I trudged to her room with all the enthusiasm of doing chores.

I always bring my phone with me to her room for middle-of-the-night feedings because 1. I like to use it as a flashlight to help find her ALWAYS MISSING pacifier and 2. I like to check emails and Twitter and such while she nurses.

I clicked on my email app, and noticed a name pop up that I’m very familiar with. Of course I would be. She’s been reading and commenting over here and on my Facebook page for… ever? A long time.

The opening of her email sounded like a lot of emails I get from readers. Something about how she hates to bother me for help, etc. etc. Usually this is followed by very sweet requests for advice on how to start a blog, how to potty train, how to survive postpartum anxiety.

I kept reading, wondering if I’d send her the sort of form response I’ve drafted on “how to start blogging” or if I’d have to send her a few links to Postpartum Progress.

And then I caught my breath.

And a tear fell from my cheek and onto my phone. I wiped it from the screen, off the words that read:

I am six and a half months pregnant and was diagnosed last month with some pretty serious breast cancer. I also have a two year old at home. I will be going through four rounds of chemo before the baby is born and will have a mastectomy within a month after she comes so between chemo and surgery and follow-up chemo and radiation there is no way I will be nursing her.

The heaviness of that moment took over me. Life, you are so very fucking unfair sometimes.

Her name is Jamie Thomas, and this is her family:

“my beautiful monkey Jack who keeps me going, and for whom i will fight harder than i thought possible”

Β “my husband Bob, who… is pretty kick ass, especially with all of this going on….”

Her request? Breastmilk for her unborn baby.

This amazingly strong woman who has such a fabulous outlook on this battle she’s waging has one simple request, and it’s breastmilk. I have a feeling we can all come together and make that happen for her.

I immediately replied to her from my phone, sitting in my rocking chair in the pitch black room, holding my toddler closer than ever, the sound of the white noise machine droning on and my fingers tapping away at the screen.

In our email exchange she said, “This has been a huge blow but I’m going to beat this because I have no other choice in this matter. It’s just going to be a long hard road, but I’ll deal with that.”

To which I replied, “I have no doubt you will kick this in the ass and emerge a victorious mother warrior.”

Because she WILL.

Jamie and her family live in Orange County, CA. Her baby is due to arrive on October 27th. If you live in her area and think you can help her, please leave your email address in the comments below. She (or someone she knows) will be in touch with you. If you don’t live nearby, aren’t lactating, but know someone else who might be able to help, please share this.

If you just want to leave her some words of encouragement, feel free to do so Β in the comments, or even better, support her and read about her journey over on her Caring Bridge page.Β 

UPDATE! I’m so excited to announce that Best For Babes has worked with us to set up a Miracle Milk Fund for Jamie. Read more about it here.

Also, I’m so honored this story was featured by Bonnie Rochman for Β Time.com. This community is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for being a part of that.

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  1. I have milk in our deep freezer since we are only nursing in the morning and night (and middle of the night – dd is 15 months old) that I would gladly ship. My sister is also somewhat of a cow and I’m sure she’d donate. We are from Michigan, but I’ve heard of shipping on dry ice before.

  2. Jamie-
    I will be praying for you, mama. You can do this! Your babies are so lucky to have you for a mom, a mom that will fight (and win) for them. You can do this! Stay strong, stay positive, and know that there are people out there that you’ve never even met that are cheering for you.

    • I’m not exactly sure of the logistics. I think it can be shipped on dry ice, but I also feel like we should see if enough turns up near hear that people can deliver to her to make things less difficult? I’ll do some more research on all of it tomorrow. I know networks like HM4HB exist for reasons like this, and I’ll try to reach out to them this week, too.

      • When I looked into donating my milk to a mom out in BC she had pre-arranged everything with Puralator. They had some conditions and rules about how the shipment had to be to ensure it made it there in the right condition.

        So that may be an option here too. They would just need to reach out to a shipping company and see what they can offer.

  3. my email is iluvmytriniti at gmail dot com. i can send some milk your way, momma. it wont be much, but it will be some. ill have to ship it from CT. please contact me!

  4. I live about 45 min away from the OC, in the San Fernando Valley. I’m still nursing my 2 year old. Not much, but I can certainly dust off the ol’ pump and see what I’ve got. Email me at littlebabyblog@yahoo.com. I want to help in any way I can.


  5. Heartbreaking. I have tears in my eyes for her. I live in Canada, but I do have friends in Cali. I will ask them to pass this along through their networks. I don’t know how it works in the US, but when we struggled (for much less severe reasons) I looked into a breastmilk bank. They do exist. Here they require a prescription from the doctor and are run by the hospitals, so everything is checked and clean. She may have already explored that route, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

    My prayers are with this brave and amazing Mama.

    • I can actually answer this one! I live on the LA/Orange County border in California and have donated to the Seal Beach bank off and on. A friend of mine had a baby about two years ago and they needed to require on donor milk for health reasons (she has a neurological condition that requires medicines which preclude her from nursing) and she talked to several banks in the area – ranging from as far south as La Jolla to as far north as Santa Barbara, and into the Inland Empire. She found that prices fluctuated per ounce based on supply available – and frequently the banks did not have milk leftover for private purchase after donating to NICUs and the like. She said that she and her husband averaged a payment of $9 per ounce to a variety of milk banks. (She wound up being the person who took my entire stash at the time – six full gallons frozen in approximately ten billion of those little Lansinoh bags! I was so proud. And so thankful to have my freezer space back lol!)

  6. I wish I was still BFing, I live in the Inland Empire, I would gladly pump extra for her if I was 8(. None of my local friends are currently pregnant or breast feeding either 8( Sending positive thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

  7. I would LOVE to help. I literally have an ENTIRE freezer full of a stash I will never put a dent in. I overproduced when my daughter was in the NICU a few months ago and has been properly deep frozen and in Snappies since. I live about 30 min from the OC and would be more than willing to help. jennamariebush at yahoo dot com.

  8. Does the donation button on the Caringbridge site give the money to Jamie or to Caringbridge? I don’t have breastmilk to give, but could donate monetarily to help them out.

    • Okay, that button goes to CB since it’s a non-profit. Jamie told me that they are fine when it comes to money right now, but if anyone has any little girl hand-me-downs, she’d love to take them off your hands.

      • Ok, I was guessing that went to CB. If someone can email me with their mailing address I’m sure I can send some little girl stuff their way. My email is lmt_582 at yahoo dot com

  9. I would love to be able to help! I am nursing my son currently and plan to do so until he’s one (Jan. 9) I was going to continue to pump and donate the breast milk to a local bank. I won’t be able to help right away but I would love to be added to the list and would love to help once I am done nursing my son. I wish I could do both but I barely produce enough for him.
    email is armylove24@gmail.com

  10. i’m in the seattle area, and can ship some to you if need be… please let me know the specifics if you need it! cardizzle at gmail dot com

  11. Im so glad you came across this and let us know to be thinking of her and sending love and light and endurance and peace. If I were nursing, I would totally contribute. But all I can do these days is pass on the request. And I’ll visit her caringbridge site. *HUG* You rock, girlfriend.

  12. Reading this makes me sad, but I know that a strong mama like you will find a way! I live in San Diego, which isn’t too far away, and am currently nursing my six-month-old; I imagine I’ll be lactating for some time to come. I’d love to help in some way if I can, although I don’t own a breast pump. But perhaps you know someone who does…? Surely we can figure something out! Email is holly dot scudero at gmail dot com. Please contact me!

  13. I’m not lactating (but your night time feeding with the phone and the white noise machine was spot on), but is there a milk bank in the area that she can also consult? I will be praying for her and her family.

  14. I’m currently nursing and pumping for my 6 month old son and would love to help out. I’m in Michigan so I’d have to ship it, so if she doesn’t get enough from local donations, please let me know!!! I’ve got a bunch frozen that I will not use.

    kelsi.iler at yahoo dot com

  15. My heart goes out to Jaimie. My mom went through breast cancer and beat it, but I can only imagine doing it while pregnant and with a toddler. I’m in Central California, but will be down in So Cal the middle of September. I can do a drop off then. My sister does live in So Cal and I’m sure she would love to donate as well. Please contact me. adventuresinfluff at hotmail dot com. I will also share this on my blog to help bring more mommies your way.

  16. I grew up in Southern California and just posted this on my FB page in hopes that some of my mommy friends can help out. Praying for this awesome mom and her family at this time.

  17. I’m not local but just have to say – fight, momma! You can beat this! You are strong and amazing! Prayers for you and your beautiful family.

  18. Well, I can’t help with breast milk. But I can help with the whole breast cancer thing. I’m in the O.C., 4 years out from my own diagnosis (my daughter was 8 months at the time of my diagnosis). I did the whole surgery, chemo, radiation. It would be my pleasure to talk with Jamie about the road she’s about to take. A breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence! She will beat it’s ass!! Please forward her my email wendy@wendy-nielsen.com or send her to my blog where I talk at length about my experience. I know from experience that she’s needing some peer interaction from someone who’s been there and “gets it.”

    • Speaking of which, there are a variety of other midwives and birth centers in the area as well as doulas who may be willing to mobilize their troops, so to speak. Beach Cities, Simona Wellness, Ancient Paths, and I don’t even know how many dozens there must be in Los Angeles.

      As well, there are several local parenting shops with communities who can probably help. Granola Babies is in Costa Mesa and will be relocating to Long Beach, so they’re in the area. Belly Sprout is in both Fullerton and Orange, I believe. Rosie Posie Baby is more focused on cloth diapering, but shares a similar community. There are also several breastfeeding-focused shops in the OC-LA County area. The Pump Station is in Santa Monica. Milkalicious is in Aliso Viejo. Etc.

  19. I have an 11 month and still lactating and would love to help if I can, I live in the Sacramento area. Let me know if there is a way to ship it or what I can do!!
    kts66stang at hotmail dot com

  20. I just have to say thank you so much for all of the wonderful and supportive comments, you really have no idea how much that alone means. Thank you to Jill for the beautiful words and I will start contacting people this week. Thanks for all of the other suggestions also. I very much dislike asking for help but in the short month this all has happened my attitude on so many things has changed and this is one of the big ones.

  21. I am due in December, I plan to nurse my newborn and toddler.
    I can provide some milk too, I am an avid pumper who seems to never use the milk : /
    Also there are a lot of moms on Eats on Feets who may have some now, I know it may seem a little extra crunchy but it can help her while she is going through chemo and her baby. She may also want to look into creating a bit of a freezer stash to get going if she can.

  22. I have a 3 wee old and plan on nursing till shes 2 so i will be able to donate. Please email me a ms-jess at live dot com

  23. Jamie, you go, girl. What an inspiring outlook you have, and way to make your wishes known! Prayers are coming to you from Boise, Idaho.

  24. Hi I recently moved to San Clemente CA so we are in Orange county as well! I have a 4 and a half month old baby girl. I only breastfeed and try to pump at least once a day. I am able to pump a lot of milk in just a 10min sitting (anywhere from 6-9 oz). I would LOVE to help you out! Please contact me and I have tons of frozen milk but I can wait till it is closer to your due date to give you some milk since frozen milk lasts for about 4 months. My prayers are with you!!!!!


  25. The fact you are due the same exact day I was due with my middle two children instantly connects me to you….oh how I wish I had milk to donate but my son started slowly about a year ago and finished about 2 months ago and I have no milk because of how he weaned he weaned as my supply went down. What I do have is hope..and STRONG hope you WILL beat this and get the wonderful doner milk you requested. My thoughts are with you Mama..and I am positive you will kick this cancer in the ass! <3

  26. I have some milk from may and June. It’s been in a regular freezer tho. If she can get it into a deep freezer it will last 6months. Let me know if I can help. My supply seems to be going down but I’d closer to the time I am still going strong I can supply fresh milk. My LO is 5 months and exclusively BF.

  27. I’m just comfort nursing my 3-year old, not producing much, but I DO have a kick ass medela pump that any momma is welcome to borrow. (I will want it back for baby #2!). Please speak up if anyone can use it to help out Jaime’s baby.

    lesleyswick at gmail

    • Does it happen to be the Symphony? My son is in NICU and I’m renting the Lactina but I get much more when I use Symphony at the hospital.

      • It’s the “Pump-in-style”. I”ve heard that the Symphony works better, but you can TOTALLY use it if it will make life easier on you. You can either use the same tubes and boil them to sterilize, or you can buy one of the manual pumps (for like $40) and have new tubes. It’s up to you. Email me if you’re interested. I live in Pomona, I work in Redlands, and I’ll be in Huntington Beach on Saturday.

        Sending love to your little one! <3

        lesleyswick at gmail

      • Hi Nancy~ I tried to post this response earlier, but perhaps I did it incorrectly (It’s the luddite in me!)
        It’s the “Pump-in-style”. I”ve heard that the Symphony works better, but you can TOTALLY use it if it will make life easier on you. You can either use the same tubes and boil them to sterilize, or you can buy one of the manual pumps (for like $40) and have new tubes. It’s up to you. Email me if you’re interested. I live in Pomona, I work in Redlands, and I’ll be in Huntington Beach on Saturday.

        Sending love to your little one! <3

        lesleyswick at gmail

  28. I love the positive attitude you have and are able to find ways around that of which we cannot control. You are an inspiration to many. Although I do not have kids of my own, I do feel a closeness when reading your story. I would love to give you the only gift I can give…A complimentary Couture Baby Bump. I am a professional face a body painter and enjoy painting mom’s bumps to embrace the last month of pregnancy. This makes for a wonderful photo opt with family. An example is on my website http://www.couturepaintings.com and my email is sara@couturepaintings.com
    You are a hero and deserve to be recognized!

  29. My name is Rachele. I saw this shared by a friend on Facebook. I am in NM and would also have to ship, but I would be happy to help in any way I can. You can reach em at rachelestuart at gmail dot com I wish you nothing but support and love as you go through this trying time. Do not be ashamed of reaching out for help – most women would simply ignore it and be resigned to formula. You are doing something amazing for your child, and everyone needs help sometimes.

  30. In Pasadena and have some milk to spare. My son is 19mo. Won’t be pumping much longer but what I have is yours. Thtr 4 me at yahoo dot com.

  31. I live in OC, Yorba Linda to be exact and currently nursing a 3.5 month old with food sensitivities, I can hopefully help out. And on the plus side there will be no dairy, soy, or egg in case her lo is sensitive too! I am part of a moms group and know a number of moms with lo’s so I will post this to my fb! GL mama and emma dot burton dot loder at g mail dot com

  32. I’m in riverside, Ca.. i have a 1 yr old im still nursing. I can pump & give you the extra milk I have in my freezer. I’m not very far from OC I can deliver it to you as well. Xoxo sending you my love & healing energy <3

  33. I am due in a week or so and would be honored to help. I live on the border of OC and Riverside counties. Trishwelham at hotmail dot com

  34. I’m due September 21, so baby will come sometime between 3 and 8 weeks from now, lol. I will be pumping COLOSTRUM from before the time the baby is born (I’m already leaking it, I’m a hyperlactater, and I’ll be pumping it once I’m full-term and baby is in a good position) and probably will continue to pump for comfort for at least a few weeks after baby is born. My babies are born jaundiced so I will probably need the colostrum and milk that is expressed right after birth to supplement to make sure that my baby can clear her jaundice, but if you want my colostrum expressed before birth and any excess I manage to come up with during that time, you are welcome to it. I do take some OTC meds, and may be on OTC painkillers and Tramadol after birth, but I never take anything that is more than a category 2 (“Probably Safe”) according to InfantRisk Center while breastfeeding. (Oh, and I use albuterol, but not frequently.) I have no communicable diseases. I have a deep freezer in which the milk/colostrum will be stored, and will be using disposable/recyclable bottles to which nipple rings may be directly attached to pump into to minimize transferring. I’m located in northern Los Angeles County (about an hour and a half to two hour drive from most parts of Orange County) and would happily arrange to meet someone (I’ll arrange for a disposable cooler) as far south as Sherman Oaks, where my husband works. Please email me if interested at roguejaina AT yahoo DOT com.

  35. I’m able to donate milk I’m currently nursing f my 7 month old and plan on doing so until 2 year old . I live about 1 1/2 away but don’t mind driving to deliver it .
    I also have baby girl clothing I can mail out just give me a list oc what’s needed and I will look I. My storage bins . My prayers go out to her and her family and all willing to help with what they can .
    My email is
    Sylviamta at yahoo dot com

  36. I really wasn’t sure where to type the comment. In the comments or in the facebook section? So I’ll put it in both.

    I have 100 or so ounces of pumped milk. I pumped it in May when my daughter was born, and I live in San Clemente. It’s in my regular freezer (not a deep freezer). Some of it is actually colostrum/transitional milk, so it would be great for newborn. I’m not sure of the exact ounces, that’s just my guess based on how many bags I have and approx how much is in each bag.


  37. I’m in the IE and in OC all of the time. I am due at the beginning part of October. I wasn’t a very efficient pumper with DD1, but am willing to see what I can do this time around. I will also share this with my baby-wearing group, etc. Sending prayers for mama and baby.

  38. I’m still nursing my 15 month old son and live in San Diego. I haven’t pumped in a while, but if need be, I could break out my breast pump for this. Contact me if needed. My heart goes out to you. Secorless at gmail dot com

  39. I’m in south OC and would be honored to help you win this battle! I’ve got a small frozen stash and am still making more nursing my 13 monther. I’ll start pumping even more tmrw for mine and yours:) We can bring it to you, I’d love to meet you anyway. Tons of love and admiration for you!!! Juliashelp at yahoo dot com

  40. I live in Fullerton Ca and had a son 5 weeks ago! I plan to breastfeed until 2.5 so I plan on lactating for MANY more months…I will help in any way I can.

  41. Amy Cheatham Hayes on

    I am in San Diego, but will gladly drive to OC to drop off. My daughter turns one on Oct 9th, and I was planning to wean her (in order to ovulate/TTC)…I will still wean but continue to pump for the entire month of October, then I can drop off one big stash. amy.hayes83@gmail.com

  42. There are two facebook pages I can suggest right off as we use them ourselves. eats on feets and human milk for human babies, both should have a CA page.

  43. Kristina Garcia on

    If you haven’t done so already please post on Human Milk 4 Human Babies – California that way you can find milky connections. I’ll be praying for you mama.

  44. I have an 8 month old and this completely breaks my heart. while I didnt breastfeed, so i dont have milk to donate; i have a bin of little girls 3-6 month clothes. let me know if youre interested and I can ship some your way good luck and Godspeed. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Please email me at ryanebulka@gmail.com

  45. Tiffany Snyder on

    So my husband is a truck driver for a living, and I live all the way in NY, if, when he is done with his training, and his company gives him a truck with a fridge, or we get him a fridge, I will make a point to make him get to Orange County, or a very close city, so you could even have breast milk all the way from NY!

  46. Stephanie Seifert Stringham on

    I wanted to offer words of encouragement. The sister of a friend of mine went through your situation a few years ago, and she and the baby came through with flying colors. Keep up your glorious attitude and you can beat anything!

  47. Susan P Smith on

    I just wanted to say I will be praying. I am unable to pump anything, but there is Human Milk for Human Babies. They may have someone who can help!

  48. Becoming Sarah.com on

    I can help! I live in Orange County (okay, technically I live in Los Angeles County, but I’m LITERALLY right across the street from Orange County, so whatever) and I’m due the same week that she is – AND I’m still breastfeeding my toddler right now, so I can provide her with colostrum from the minute of her baby’s birth simultaneously with my own baby – and I can continue that arrangement with age-appropriate milk. I also belong to two local mom groups, both heavily populated with breastfeeding moms with young children who can probably be mobilized to help stockpile milk as well, and the Eats on Feets and HM4HB pages in our area are both immensely active.

    My e-mail is sarah@becomingsarah.com If she wants to talk, please have her send an e-mail =).

  49. Erin Baker Pence on

    I am in OC and posted on my moms group page to see how many mamas I can rally to donate! Is there any health screening she needs/wants? Our group is super crunchy, so she’d be getting milk from lots of moms who eat organic and use more holistic health methods than medications. I don’t have an electric pump, but I’ll sit down with my hand pump every day to help out, and I know I’ll be able to at least get a few more moms on board! πŸ™‚ mezzo77@juno.com

  50. Michelle Jurgens-Fyhrie on

    I currently tandem feed my 2 & 1 year old and I feel I may be of some assistance. I’m in Huntington Beach. I can throw in a pumping session at night and start stockpiling to get ready for her baby’s arrival at the end of October. We’re here for you, Jamie. Rock on, Warrior Momma! michellerenee_28@msn.com

  51. I have posted this anywhere I can think of. Eats on Feets SoCal, Pass Area Breastfeeding Cafe, SoCal Natural Birth group and Beautiful Breastfeeding. I’m going to see if there’s anywhere else to post.

  52. Kelly Nease Kennelly on

    I am in Fullerton. Can you add me to a list and keep me in the loop of her needs. It will take me a bit to build up something worth donating, but it sounds like she is going to need ongoing help. I had a Mom give me her stash when mine was getting small and it took so much stress of me. I feel I need to pass on the love to someone else in need…. way more need than I ever had! Will be praying for this mom, baby & family! kellykennelly@me.com

  53. I am very moved by the outpouring of support for this mother. Go internet! I have no breast milk but I’ll offer up a thankful prayer on her behalf.

  54. Done. I have 100 or so ounces in my freezer in San Clemente. I pumped it all in May after my daughter was born. It’s not labelled with the exact ounces (new mom brain and all), but I was putting about 5-6 ounces in each bag and I have like 30 or so bags.

  55. Holy Hell’s, My husband has just freaked out because I burst into tears. You are right this is not a breast feeding v’s formula debate. I did both, and support any woman’s right to go either way. We have breast milk banks here, women donate excess breast milk for exactly this reason, Sadly a continent and probably import laws won’t allow. Is there anything I can do on this side of the pond because this is breaking my heart?

  56. Marissa Harris on

    Please message me for my information, I would love to help. I am currently BF my little one but I am fortunate enough to produce more than enough for him and then-some.

  57. Crystal Mullins Fink on

    praying and sharing! Have you considered using breastmilk for yourself? May help fight the cancer and boost immunities during chemo.

  58. Will be praying here also. You guys have made me cry from miles and miles away. THIS is what the internet came around for. This right here. Reaching out and helping one another from across the fields, the desert sands, the cool water. I applaud all of you.

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  60. The response from all the mommies to this call for help, warm my heart as I’m tearing up. While I’m no longer a bf’ing mom and I’m not near her geographically, I still wish there was some way I could help Jamie. Jill, please keep us updated or let us know of anything else we can do. Jamie, I’m sending prayers for you and your family. You’re going to kick this cancer’s ass!

  61. I am blown away by the support in these comments from the very first one I read. I have to tell you that it makes me cry to not only think of the battle facing her, but also the goodness of women when they want to help.
    I will definitely be following this through Caringbridge and will think nothing but healing thoughts for this amazing mother!

  62. I wish I could help. I’m on the other side of the country and barely get anything when I pump. πŸ™
    If there are other ways we can help, please let us know.

  63. I also live on the other side of the country and I am no longer nursing, but you and your family will be in thoughts and prayers!

  64. I’m in South OC. I have some frozen milk, but it will be a year old by that point. I’m not sure how long it actually stays good in a regular freezer. I’m not pumping these days but could probably get some milk here and there if it’s needed. My yahoo email is Haloball8.

  65. Love, prayers and healing thoughts! This is one of the reasons I chose to go through the process of becoming a milk donor. I know it will go to help a family in need.

  66. I live in Lemon Grove and would be more than willing to help out. My son oz 3 1/2 months old and starting to nurse less frequently (finally able to go 3-4 hours between feedings!) I can definitely pump between his feedings.

    I also go to a Breastfeeding Support Group at Sharp Grossmont in La Mesa and can share this story with the group. I’m sure there will be other nursing moms that can help out too.

  67. I live in Arkansas, but would be happy to ship. I am currently a donor with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas and I overnight milk to them once a month. I’ll be happy to help in any way that I can. smckelvain at gmail dot com.

  68. I have known Jamie for, what, almost ten years now? I can’t believe it’s been that long. We met at work and have been friends ever since. For everyone reading, she is one of the strongest women I know. She is always there to help other people (and animals, she’s a HUGE animal advocate). I know she will get through this and be a better, stronger person because of it.

    Love you Jamie. You know I’m praying and pulling for you every day.

  69. Oh how I wish I lived closer. Why did they ever get rid of wet nurses?
    I am by no means a big breast feeding advocate. Hell I could only feed my son for a few months. I have been feeding my daughter now for 14months and it feels natural. I now understand the physical side of nursing. We now in Australia have a breast milk bank. I sure hope that there is one in the USA as well. Best of luck Jamie, I’m sure you will kick that big C out of this world.

  70. This has me crying today. Not necessarily tears of sadness (though I am sad Jamie is having to deal with this), but ones of joy of the instantaneousness with which other women are responding, offering to help. I’m not so jaded with the world to believe that this doesn’t happen often, but seeing it firsthand, the power of the Internet and beyond, it is beautiful and inspiring.

  71. I don’t live in CA and I am not lactating but I want to let Jamie know that she and her family are very much in my thoughts and prayers. I know she will beat this!

  72. Hi, my name is Amanda and I live about 40 min from the OC, I am nursing my two month old and would be more than happy to donate milk πŸ™‚ just tell me how to sign up!

  73. My heart is in my throat and I’m wiping away tears in the middle of a conference.

    I will share and hope that we can help this strong, incredible mama as much as possible.

    Thank you for sharing with us, Jill.

  74. Hi, im still nursing my 1yr old and pump extra every day. I also live in the OC. Just let me know how to get you the milk. I am so glad to help a loving mama πŸ™‚

  75. Just wanted to say that I am so moved by all of the support. Wish I could help. I do deliver in March of 2013 and would be happy to help if it comes down to still needing help. Nice work, mamas!!!!

  76. I am so stunned right now. You never think of a women that is pregnant having to endure anything more than that physically. I am deeply sorry to hear she will have to be such a fighter in this journey but like you said she will emerge a victorious warrior mother and will kick cancers ass.

    I am not nursing currently but will reach out to my friends that are and see if they can help. This touches a special place in my heart as my mother is currently battling breast cancer and going through chemo/radiation. I hope that Jamie has a lot of family support and loved ones nearby. I know that has been the best part of my mom going through treatment – it made us all realize the value of love and support in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing Jamie’s story!

  77. There is also a site called Human Milk for Human Babies, which is a milk donation site. You can post there that you need milk and hopefully, someone who has some to spare will see it and send it to you! They are on facebook as well as have a website. I am BFing my 8 month old and my stash is not as strong as I would like, but as I wean, I will be more than happy to donate any extra milk I have!

  78. I will be out in Thousand Oaks Sept 9-15 and will be pumping for my 10 month old. I have plenty of milk in my freezer, so instead of shipping the milk I pump in CA back to VA, I would gladly donate it to Jamie. I won’t have access to a car, so she would have to come and pick it up. It would be all set and ready for when she delivers in October.
    Let me know if that is something she’d be interested in and we can work out the details!! Sounds like she has a lot of milk coming her way:-)

  79. Hi, I live in the OC and would love to help. I’m currently nursing my 4 month old daughter and can pump extra. My email is Kim.fukuoka at gmail dot com

  80. Hello, we went through a similar experience. 2 weeks after our daughter was born in 2007. my wife was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she was only 27. She was treated at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. They got us in contact with breast cancer angels. While they might not have reserves of Breastmilk laying around, they are very, very helpful. Please email me if you haven’t already been in contact with them. Good luck with your battle! NEVER give up, when it seems too difficult, keep going! They say God only gives us what we can handle, and I know it’s really hard, but you can beat this! it will be one helluva battle, but stay strong! As for you husband it will be difficult, he will be challenged to the ends of the Earth…stay strong, when your wife can’t fight anymore, you must fight for her! Good luck to the both of you! God bless!!!

  81. Dominique Davis on

    I live in Los Angeles and I am currently nursing my 11 month old with no plans of stopping. I was just talking about donating yesterday because I have extra, and I would be more than happy to help this momma out! My email is ddavis0831@gmail.com. I’d be willing to drive to OC as well and I will talk to other moms I know in my area to see if they can help too. Sending a lot of love and positive energy to this beautiful and strong family.

  82. I’m from Pasadena, CA (not too far from the OC) and my daughter is about to turn 1, we continue to BF but I don’t pump, I will try to start pumping and see if I can help out with some. My heart goes out to you!! My email is pekkleloca@sbcglobal.net

  83. I have a 13wk old daughter who just had open heart surgery and I’m both nursing and pumping, I’m not sure how much extra I’ll have on a regular basis yet, as we get back into the full-time work/daycare routine, but I do have a stash in our deep freezer and we’ll be nursing at least through next May – I’d be happy to help if needed. We brought home the milk I pumped at the hospital in a styrofoam cooler (packed by the Milk Room at the hospital) and would be willing to ship from Michigan if needed. Sending many prayers of strength, comfort & love for Jamie and her whole family. *hugs*

  84. I also wanted to mention about a home made formula I learned about (If you have ever heard of Nourishing Traditions or Weston A. Price, it follows those guidelines). If I ever HAD to give forumla, it would be this: http://www.realmilk.com/formularecipes.html

    Thankfully I never needed this, but working full time with a newborn and undiagnosed hypothyroidism created some serious limitations on my milk supply.

  85. Jessica Knight on

    I breast feed my 10 month old; although I don’t have much frozen milk since I haven’t needed to feed her many bottles, I do have a hospital grade pump and can start pumping everyday to save up. It seems like so many wonderful people have offered to help already so I don’t know if she would even need mine, but I would love to help her out if she does.

  86. Brenda Polumbo Huelsbeck on

    I live in LA and can bring some frozen breastmilk to you. I had a premature baby earlier this year and pumped milk for him for his 12 weeks of life before he passed away on June 5 and now I have a good amount of breast milk left over. It’s not a huge stash but anything helps, right? Would love to help this mother in need.


  87. I’m still nursing my 18 month old and have a pretty great supply. I’ve backed off pumping as she has started to ween. I’m in Oklahoma but would be happy to add my second pumping session back in if the need is there and if I can get it to her. Please email me if I can help!

  88. I could donate the little bit of milk I still produce, but it sounds like she will have enough. Also, I have too much lipase in my milk and Landon never drank my pumped milk because of it — it smells really bad although it’s just fine.

    This is just such a sad situation — will the baby be fine with all those drugs in her? I so wish no one would ever have to deal with cancer. My girlfriend In Germany was just diagnosed with breast cancer as well.

    Thank you for telling us about this, Jill. I’ll share this on Twitter and FB. Praying for her and her family.

    If I can help in ANY way, please contact me at dagmar at dagmarbleasdale dot com.

  89. For Jamie,

    I can’t offer milk since there’s just not much in there these days (on and off nursing a three year old). But I can tell you that you inspire me and that I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. You have an army of moms behind you, supporting you and sending love (and breastmilk) your way.

    Kim in NY

  90. Heather Saunders on

    Ugh TEARS! What an amazing woman! I’m due Oct 20th and plan on breastfeeding. Assuming I have the same MASSIVE oversupply that I did with my first, I would GLADLY donate to this mama! I live in Riverside County. About an hour away.


  91. Jennifer Awrey Weatherman on

    I can help, too. I am in North LA County, but we can figure something out. jennifer.awrey at gmail dot com.

  92. Can’t help much in the way of donated milk, I’m pretty much to a point where I have *just* enough for my ten month old and can’t pump anything for the life of me…but it warms my heart to see so many mommas offering up anything and everything they can to help this mom & new baby get the right start with breastmilk. Keeping the family in our prayers here!!

  93. I live in Murphy, TX and currently breastfeeding my 6 month old and I would love to help. Not sure if it’s even possible to ship breast milk though. :-/ Can someone let me know if it’s possible?

  94. Melissa Kibrick on

    I live in Irvine, and I have a freezer full of milk that is going to go bad sometime in November (or possibly later if you have a deep freezer). I have around 150 oz that I could donate. I am full time at home with my daughter, and this was all from insurance pumping in her first month so I have little use for my huge stash. Please email me at melissa dot kibrick at gmail dot com.

  95. Check out human milk for human babies -california on facebook. You can post your need and get donors. Also you can so bm but it is costly. I will be in orange county at christmas and will gladly bring a bunch with me to donate. please email me!

  96. Badass breastfeeders of coosbay oregon on

    I live in oregon but if any one is driving from here to there I got breastmilk in my frezzer.

  97. Nothing more beautiful than a community of mothers coming together to offer encouragement, support and milk πŸ™‚

    More than happy to donate if need be. I’m in Santa Ana and would be honored to help nourish this blessing!

    Prayers and love to Jamie and her family! You’re an awesome mama and you’re going to beat this!

    Please let me know if you need anything!

  98. Valerie Ronin on

    I live in the Inland Empire and would be more than happy to help in any way that I can. I have a one-year-old that still nurses around the clock but I will definitely make time to pump. I can be reached at ronin dot valerie at gmail dot com. My heart and prayers go out to this family. <3

  99. I am so very sorry to hear of this. I have a friend who went through almost the exact same situation. She got diagnosed with breast cancer at 6 months pregnant while raising her amazing little 15 month old. She wrote all about it on her blog here agirlwithcancer.wordpress.com/ I highly recommend you check it out and contact her (or me). I donated milk to her little one and I would love to send some your way but the pump is no longer my friend :(. Sending much love your way!!!

  100. I’m not breastfeeding at the moment so I unfortunately have nothing to contribute, but I just had to post because I am so incredibly moved by this outpouring of love and support. It’s absolutely breathtaking and it brings tears to my eyes. When I see such selfless acts of kindness, I am reminded that there is still so much good in this world.

  101. I live on the other side of the country and I am not lactating, but this is a beautiful string of comments that speaks to the power of strong women. Awesome.

  102. I am bf’ing my 3 mo old son & have about 40 4-oz bags of frozen milk I can donate (I live in NB & can drive it or have it picked up). Also, a girlfriend in Laguna recently underwent the exact same thing (breast cancer diagnosis & chemo at 6 mo pregnant with toddler at home). She just celebrated a year since her diagnosis & she’s cancer free! I encourage Jamie to check out my friend’s blog & reach out to her: http://fiercelyhappy.com/

  103. Just in case I commented in the wrong area – my moms group would love to get together a milk drive to help out in an ongoing basis. At least 8 moms, some of whom are already pumping, some will be pumping before the baby comes, who want to help out. We are all in Orange County and I’m happy to coordinate milk deliveries! πŸ™‚ I can be reached at mezzo77@juno.com

  104. Elizabeth 'Izzy' Soriano-Clark on

    Just spoke to a friend, yesterday, who lives in OC (We both do)…she has 80+ oz. of breastmilk, pumped from 4/12 on (baby was 4-mos old in April). Text is better than e-mail: (714)…868..6646.

  105. I’m so sorry to hear this, but the outpouring of people helping is amazing. I am unable to help now, but maybe in 7 months. It’s so moving to see how many people are trying to help. I hope she kicks cancer’s ass.

  106. This broke my heart! I live in the Orange County area and have more than enough to donate. I would love to help! Sending lots of prayers.

  107. I live in Orange County, and I’m willing to help. I’m currently nursing my 21-month-old daughter and donated milk to another woman from the time my daughter was 4 months to 11 months. I realize there is a significant difference in the qualities of toddler breast milk vs. newborn breast milk. If she’d prefer to stick with milk from a mama with a younger baby, I may be able to help there, too. I have one girlfriend who just delivered her second child this week, and with her first child she had HUNDREDS of ounces per month of excess milk which I also gave to the woman I was donating to. Another one of my friends had her first baby a month ago, so no telling what her supply is like, but she may be willing to donate as well. Contact me.

  108. I would love to help! Its amazing how many people have replied to this post! I live in Georgia, I pray there is a way to ship the breast milk to you for your little one. I recently gave birth on July 22, however I have been blessed with my supply. Please let me know what I can do to help.



  109. Christina McGoldrick on

    Hi! I would be happy to help. I live in Mission Viejo, CA. I’m off the 5 fwy & Alicia. I currently have a 6 month old that is not on solids yet. I can start pumping and saving now. I also have some in the freezer from when he was born. You can contact me at christina.mcgoldrick@gmail.com Thank you!

  110. I shared on my FB page and hopefully some of my west coast friends will share further. My mom has just finished radiation on her 2nd battle with breast cancer, my heart goes out to you and your family. Kick cancer’s ass!

  111. I would love to help Jamie and her family. Im also in Orange County (Dana Point). I have a 2 yo and my baby is 8 months old. PLEASE let me know!

  112. I’m in Long Beach and have milk I’m happy to donate. It was pumped for my 18 month old so the age is off, but as we know it’s better than the alternative. Let me know!

  113. I live in Orange County and wish I had known about organization that could have helped me with breast milk when mine didn’t come in. My son was born nine weeks premature and it would have been a huge weight off my shoulders if I had known about such an organization. Please tell me you are having your baby at Saddleback Hospital. It has one of the best NICUs in the country and if God forbid your baby needs it or they need to take the baby early that is the hospital to be at the nurses there are wonderful not to mention the neonatologists. The perinatologist I had was also kick ass she saved both mine and my son’s life. I know she had an angel helping her but neither of us would be here today if she didn’t take action when she did. I give you my prayers for a quick recovery and a healthy delivery.

  114. This has encouraged me to find a milk bank I can donate to. It’s so courageous what Jamie is asking for, and I so wish I could help. But if I can’t help her at least I can help someone else. Keep fighting Jamie you’re in my thoughts.

  115. Christina Ezzo on

    I can help! I live in San Pedro, CA which is only about 30-45 minutes from Orange County. I currently have a 6 month old EBF baby girl. I know she is not due for a couple months and I don’t know how it works with the age difference but would like to help in any way I can.

    My e-mail is cmaryleon@yahoo.com.

  116. Colleen Meyer on

    I am a milk donor with Mothers Milk Bank. I still nurse my 2 year old and am giving birth in a few weeks. I may be able to donate to you depending on how I am doing nursing two at once. I live in costa Mesa. God bless you.

  117. Jamie- Stay strong. You know we are here for you anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Just a phone call or a drive away. Keep up the fight, stay strong, you will pull through this. We love you.

  118. Wow this touched my heart I never produced milk we aren’t even sure why, but all you women coming together for this women is just awesome. I come from a family that pretty much you will die from cancer before anything else so I am understanding, but seeing so many people come together exspecially these days is just amazing. I give you all so much credit and god bless you all <3.

  119. Breann Welton Cadieux on

    I can help if we can figure out how to get it there from Fresno. I know that in the past for mothers milk bank I would send my milk in an ice chest but I’m not sure if that’s the route we would want to go. I have milk from the first couple days my LO was born (6-11-12) out for at least a month that I can send. My email is breannwelton@yahoo.com. Let me know if that would be helpful. Praying for her.



  120. I did not read all of the comments and if this is redundant I absolutely apologize…

    I was unable to breastfeed my now 20 month old due to multiple genetic disorders I have been diagnosed with and severe malnutrition, though I wanted to still provide my son with breast milk. Our pediatrician and lactation specialist at the time recommended a “breast milk bank”. I believe it is a bit pricy and I am not sure if one is available in CA but that might be an option? I know this is not much help but I will also forward this story/information to all in hopes that another mother out there can help provide the much needed breastmilk.

    I admire your strength and tenacity Jamie, and you and your family will be in my thoughts. Though I know you will be doing so without my encouragement, I nonetheless wanted to say– keep fighting!! I do not have cancer and thereby never presume to understand that which you are going through but my multiple diseases are likely to take me away from my son far too early… it’s a daily battle and one that entails much emotional, mental and physical strength but one that is absolutely worth it when I look at my child. He is my living, breathing and giggling source of strength and makes the fight worthy. I wish you all the best!!

  121. Hi, I live in Orange County (city of Orange) and I would love to help. I have been pumping and donating my extra milk for quite a few months now-I watch my diet carefully-limit caffeine and I don’t use any herbal supplements (i donate milk to an organization that helps very premature and critically ill babies so I have to have absolutely pure mama milk). I would love to help donate milk to you and your sweet babe. Please contact me if I can help. Prayers and blessings…

  122. I live in the OC (Lake Forest) and am due a week before Jamie on October 20th. I’d love to be able to help if I can. I am not pumping or nursing right now but did successfully nurse and pump for my now 2 year old for a little over a year. contact email gweleck at gmail dot com

  123. Dear Jamie,

    Fight on woman! I am awed at the responses to this post. I love and am grateful for the many women out there, brave enough to ask for what they need, and also for the women who are willing to share what they have.

    Your story, and others like it, is the reason my friend and I started the Bay Area Breastmilk Cooperative. We wanted to create a space to connect for families who needed breastmilk and families that had breastmilk to share. Since then we’ve discovered so many other great organisations out there doing the same thing – Eats on Feets, Human Milk for Human Babies, MilkShare, Modern Milksharing… to name a few.

    If you’re open to it, I would love to share your story as well. Even though you’re not in the SF Bay Area, I’m sure people here are connected to people near you who could share breastmilk. Please let me know if it’s okay. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’d be delighted to help in any way I can.

    Many blessings to you and your beautiful family.

    and Ms. Jill? Thanks for being so consistently awesome! πŸ˜€

  124. I live in Studio City, CA so basically LA. I am currently nursing my 6 week old and have started building my stash for going back to work but I should definitely be able to get some extra for donation. Please feel free to email me at andrea.johnson26@gmail.com.

  125. Dear Jamie:
    If ANYONE can get through this YOU can. From the moment I met you at OCB in HR I knew this was a woman not to be taken lightly. You have a caring soul and the fight of a soldier! My prayers are with you and it looks like so many caring Mothers are coming to your aid. That is wonderful to see!! Please keep me in mind for the things that happen after that. I can come over and help with whatever you need. Clean, cook, babysit, you name it. I know Bob is a strong man but sometimes they need a break too. Just call Jamie. GEskew5150@aol.com or 714-349-4172
    Your baby is due on my daughter Christine’s Birthday…..that is special. Call if you need anything, that goes for Bob as well.

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  127. Samantha Schultz on

    Hi there! I can definitely help! I have over 2000 oz in my freezer from July-now. My daughter is 5 months old and I will never be able to use all this milk. Please let me know how I can go about donating it. My email is samanthajschultz@gmail.com.

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  129. Coming late to the party, but I’m still nursing my 13-month-old regularly. I live in Oceanside, CA. I haven’t been pumping, but for a cause like this, I can start again. Don’t know if you want/need toddler milk, but I produce lots. Please let me know if you still need donors. Jshaham@gmail.com

  130. Hello I am posting in hopes that this is still active. Icannnot offer musch physical assiatance for Jamie. But would so much love to be able to get in touch with her. Can aynone let me know how to reach her?

  131. Naomi Sandoval on

    My son who was born October 26th of last year is still nursing but slowing down. I have some milk to donate, maybe 50-100oz. It all frozen. Feel free to email me.

  132. If she is still looking for milk, I live in L.A. And have frozen milk stored since June. My email is: jmv1.md(at)gmail

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  135. I feel a lot of compassion for Jamie because dealing with cancer while a young mother must be SCARY. And, it’s very cool that there are mothers willing to donate their stashes. However, I was a Mom who produced a miniscule amount of breast milk –it was so paltry that my first baby was diagnosed “failure to thrive” because I kept trying to breastfeed (and follow everyone’s well meaning but misguided advice). I was smarter the second time around and gave up as soon as it was obvious that my breasts just don’t work.
    So a thought –would you still be willing to donate to a completely healthy woman who wants her baby to have breastmilk but just can’t do it?

    • Absolutely! There are lots of women who do just that (I actually did donate my milk to a mom who produced too little while traveling to Seattle) and lots of milk banks and milk sharing organizations set up for it. I’m so sorry you had such a rough experience. If you find yourself expecting again, I’d be happy to send you some info on milk sharing networks that could help you.

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