You’ve Got A Friend In Me… And a Babysitter

Well, what an adventurous few days it has been!

I apologize for all the site issues. I mean, it’s very possible nobody is even seeing this right now.


My Letter To My 51 Year Old Self was unexpectedly very popular, and I had to take my site to a different server. It’s working the kinks out still. I really hope all the issues dissipate by this evening.

Meanwhile, back at my chaotic abode, life had to continue. It’s not like I could explain to the children, “Mommy wants to punch her blog in the face right now. So entertain yourself while I frantically pound on my keyboard and make some phone calls.”

What I could do- what my first plan of attack is in all emergency situations when a babysitter isn’t readily available- is put them in front of the TV.

Woody? Buzz? You’re on.

I high fived their tiny plastic hands on their way into the living room.

Toy Story (all three of them) were Kendall’s absolute favorites right around the time Leyna was born. Then he quickly found sports and Power Rangers, and the last year he was decidedly “too grown up” for Woody and Buzz. I even contemplated packing them away to clear out some clutter in his room. But one day I found Leyna sitting on the floor, pulling Woody’s string and laughing over and over.

So I put Toy Story in the DVD player the next time we needed a little quiet time. Kendall tried to object, but I insisted it was Leyna’s turn to pick out a movie.

She adored it!

Upon seeing this spark of interest in his sister, Kendall quickly had to stake claim to the toys that belonged to him. He suddenly was VERY interested in playing with Woody and Buzz, and was quick to take them from Leyna, shouting, “THOSE ARE MINE!”

We had a couple after-school-special worthy chats about sharing, and he came to the decision to release his death grip on Woody, and Woody only.

“Baby sister, you can play with Woody because Buzz is mine. Because Buzz is the COOLEST toy ever.”

She seems happy with her sloppy seconds.

I give them both an A+ for entertainment value.

Sooo… I hate asking for votes for things, but I’m up for the 2012 BlogLuxe Awards for Blogs That Make You Smile. It would be awesome if you’d head there and vote for a blog that makes you smile, whether that’s mine or someone else. 

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  1. So sweet. We recently put the big Toy Story toys away and I was so, so sad. I hope I have another that gets to play with them someday.

  2. Oh yes, I’ve been there! It’s amazing how much interest your older kid will find in a toy they haven’t touched in ages once their little sibling gets a hold of it. I constantly find BG1 saying “Hey, that’s mine!” to a doll or one of her play-kitchen parts as soon as the baby grabs it. Luckily for the baby, she’s never swayed by these attempts and is easily distracted with her newest obsession: chairs & stools.

    Yes, I have a weird one…

  3. Both my older girls love Toy Story. It was cute because the other day we walked down to a neighbor’s house, since they were having a yard sale. My 2.5 year old picked the Buzz Lightyear toy out of everything!

  4. Couple things-

    I tried to read “A Letter To My 51 Year Old Self” at least 85 million times and I couldn’t get it to work so I’m going to try one last time and if it doesn’t happen, well, I quit!

    I looooove Toy Story (all of them) and I plan on forcing my kids to enjoy it, too.

  5. I love this – and confess insane jealousy that your children will watch television. Is that okay to admit? I’ve tried. I mean tried and TRIED.. He much prefers clinging to my leg and howling during all emergency situations when I could really use the boob tube to be a friend 🙁

  6. Krista Dulaney on

    The Toy Story movies are a big hit in our house right now too! My 4 yr old calls the first one “Toy Story Zero” 🙂 The 2.5 year old prefers Toy Story 2.

  7. I will definitely be voting for you. Normally I would read the request and think “absolutely, I will do it next time I’m on my desktop” and then completely forget about it, because lets be honest, that happens all the time. However, your request was so perfectly placed I was still physically smiling from the sloppy seconds comment and then that picture of Leyna. So I am heading straight over to vote right now 🙂

  8. HaHas for HooHas on

    Hooray for your site working! Did you do the running man when it finally started working?

    Darn right I voted for you! Best of luck, sister! ~Jen

  9. Aubri Shauger-Haley on

    How could we not vote for the woman who says want we are thinking and makes us laugh daily! Glad Toy story was able to rescue to infinity and beyond! Even if it was a couple hours….

  10. Holly Beneky Dahlquist on

    I voted twice now for you. I spent some time reading a few and your’s is by far the best/most entertaining.

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