#InappropriateElf In July

#InappropriateElf wanted to be sure you all have a safe and happy holiday.

He’s enjoying his time off, and is taking advantage of the off-season by grilling, lounging in his private pool, working on his tan..

And doing wine-box stands to stay hydrated.

He also wanted me to remind you that he’ll be back this year for the 2nd Annual #InappropriateElf contest, and promises more awesome prizes. (Remember how last year the winner got an iPad 2?)

You can’t participate unless you adopt an Inappropriate Elf of your own… or just a regular elf that you turn to the dark side. If you take one in now, you should have plenty of time to corrupt them.

You can get one on Amazon. 

The contest opens for entries this year on Saturday, December 1st.

I’m only telling you all this because Inappropriate Elf thought it would be a nice reminder. I’m back to respecting the turkey, and the jack-o-lantern, and the Texas State Fair, and the rest of summer now.

Not familiar with #InappropriateElf and all his inappropriate co-workers? For shame! You have catching up to do.

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The Inappropriate Elf Winners of 2011

Happy 4th, y’all! And God bless a country where I’m free to photograph and exploit an Inappropriate Elf.

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  1. Ha yes! I’ve been missing that elf and his inappropriateness! And now I know to never read your blog while rocking the sleeping child from Dec. 1 on. Made that mistake several times last Christmas…

  2. Chelsea Keepcalmandcarrythem Wybrow on

    At this stage, I’m feeling that my child counts as an inappropriate elf. She is, after all, elfin, and we are insisting on placing her in many incongruous settings….

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