Fireworks, bah-humbug!

So, who else is chugging a pot of coffee this morning after waking ELEVENTY BILLION TIMES last night? Our jackhole neighbors were shooting fireworks as late as 1:30 in the morning. It crossed my mind to call the cops, but that would require talking and functioning, and I was too busy PUTTING THE TODDLER BACK TO SLEEP while sleepwalking.

Fireworks are crap.

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  1. Could.Not.Agree.More. I contemplated going outside to talk to them about it, but that would have required me putting on clothes … or maybe that would’ve scared them into stopping.

  2. Fireworks are the dumbest thing ever.
    They’ve (the big ones) been banned in Michigan for as long as I can remember, and this year the ban was lifted to boost the economy and the jobs of firefighters.
    My daughter does fine, but my dog has anxiety attacks and we have to basically swaddle her in her Thundershirt and give her tranquilizers only to have her chill so much that she pees on our bed in her sleep. My husband has an excellent point when he says “just give some dollar bills to all of your friends and set them on fire. You’re basically doing the same thing, except people will talk about it a lot longer.”
    SO ready for this weekend to be OVER!

  3. UGH!!! I dont have kiddos but thought the same thing before going to bed last night when the *POP* here and there started. My dogs are not fond of fireworks and we live far enough out in the country that it could ONLY be the neighbors. Needless to say I mentioned possibly drugging my dogs before bed last night on facebook. Glad I’m not the only one who hates the idiots. (Thank God hubby wasn’t on shift at the FD this year.)

  4. They stopped around 11:15 by us and the kids hadn’t been in bed that long so it wasn’t too awful. Not bad enough to where I had to go all irate psycho mom on them… (which i’ve totally done before)

  5. Mommy confession: I preemptively gave my kids Benadryl before bed last nigh…not just because they were having allergy problems. :-/

  6. Everyone woke up at midnight the 3rd/to the 4th when huge ones went off but we all went back to sleep. our neighborhood seems to like them, and shoots them off for days but not too late.

  7. As someone who has a phobia of unexpected loud noises, I’m right there with you! However, I have a fan running in both my kids rooms all year long which drowns out the night time noises fairly well.

  8. The problem with your Venn diagram is that the red circle should only be a fraction of the size of the blue one. We are in the far minority. At least it’s just one night – or should be.

  9. Ah yes that is me today. Add to those wake ups- comforting terrified toddler who has suddenly developed a fear of all loud noises. Yawn.

  10. Gale Langley on

    We used to live on a boat in a marina neighboring the Queen Mary (a big, old ship/museum). What did that mean? It meant fireworks all summer at 9 (I think…might have been 10)…which meant that after 3 days of me waking up to kabooms I got a later bedtime.

  11. Jenny Marie on

    OHMYGOD. Yes. When I voice this sentiment EVERY YEAR, people look at me like “You unpatriotic beeyotch”.

  12. I second, third, and fourth this! Our neighbors were also up to 1:30am shooting off illegal fireworks, and of course they saved the loudest for the last. Happily, 11month old did not wake up due to fireworks, but it kept the rest of us up (including a scared dog). However, Baby WAS up at 3am wanting to be fed, of course. And I had to be up by 5:30 for work. It was a VERY rough night. I HATE HATE HATE fireworks. What a waste of money and time and sleep. Don’t these people have jobs to be at the next day?

  13. Our kid sleeps through fireworks and thunderstorms but my two time veteran husband and I don’t. Nothing makes him thinks he’s back in Iraq than being woken up at 1:30 a.m. by a-hole neighbors shooting fireworks over our roof.

    I had to call the fire department last night because the other jackhole neighbors set fire to the field full of brush behind our houses with their cheap fireworks.


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