Being Elmo: Elmo Redeemed Himself A Bit

Last night I made myself step away from work, leave my phone behind, and park it on the couch next to Scott for some TV time. We’re about to embark on a crazy 10 days, and I wanted to enjoy a quiet night of being lazy together.

So I poured a glass of wine, and we pulled up Netflix. This time, instead of rambling off movie titles at each other while we take turns vetoing for 45 minutes, I knew exactly what I wanted to watch. Scott was on board, too.

Being Elmo – a documentary

I heard someone talking about this a few months ago, and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Scott and I have been enjoying documentaries lately, especially ones that uncover the scenes behind magical children’s characters (see also: Becoming Santa).

I don’t want to ruin the doc for you, I’ll just say that Kevin Clash (puppeteer and creator of the Elmo we know and love today) is one my new favorite people. His story, his determination, his spirit – inspirational.

And I can maybe forgive Elmo for all the times he’s annoyed me to no end now. A little.

So, if you’re looking for something to watch, maybe check it out. Not at all sponsored. Nobody asked me to blog about this. I just really dug it.

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  1. I sat down and watch that a couple of months ago when I was recovering from surgery and really enjoyed it. It is always neat to see someone find their passion in life and just go for it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Donita Dennis on

    Every time I see Kevin, I’m shocked that Elmo’s voice comes out of that grown (not small) man’s mouth. Amazingly talented. Didn’t know that this documentary existed. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Jennifer Humeston on

    Thanks for posting this! I have been thinking about watching for a while! I will for sure now!

  4. That trailer gave me warm fuzzies. I was just complaining about Elmo and how my daughter is obsessed with him. But really, it’s so sweet to see how someone basically created this character that millions of little children have fallen in love with. I also find it much more endearing now. I’ll have to watch it!

  5. Elmo never bothered me TOO much, but I have to say that after watching that doc, I kind of love him. Can you imagine having that much passion for something from such a young age, and carrying it out through adulthood? Amazing.

  6. Okay, okay I’ll watch it. Several people have recommended it and you’ve successfully convinced me with the “Elmo will seem less annoying” angle. Smart.

  7. Yep, I loved it too. An amazing and inspiring story. I can’t wait for Chloe (3) to be old enough to watch and enjoy “Being Elmo”.

  8. I loved this documentary! I wish I had seen it before I met Elmo last year at BlogHer. You forgot to put in the warning about how you ended up SOBBING when they got to Jim Henson’s funeral. Or maybe that was just me. SOBBING.

  9. Suzi Sayles Beckwith on

    Really? I was not a fan… I agree that he worked very hard, was super talented and all I was really bothered that he was so great at being Elmo & entertaining the world’s children but seemed like he forgot his own daughter.

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  11. Nicole Mattison on

    LOVED the doc. Sends a strong message to kids about following what you love and believe in no matter what others think!

  12. I love that you made a post about this (by the way, I’d never heard of this blog. Found it via CrappyPictures). I absolutely LOVE Sesame Street, but the newer seasons aren’t as good as the old ones, and I had gotten kinda mad at Elmo for taking over the show. But then my husband and I watched that documentary, and we found out how awesome Kevin Clash is. I wish he would do some of the other characters who aren’t on there as much anymore because he’s good at other voices too 🙂 Thanks for this post!

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