Operation Freeze The Fat Is A Go

Remember how I told you all about CoolSculpting? How it’s this FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that kills the fat cells on your abdomen and love handles with nothing but the cold? 

I went to my consultation this week in Dallas at the EpiCenter Park Lane, chatted it up with Holly, who could NOT be any nicer, and I’m cleared for takeoff. I’ll have 2 areas done at the end of this month- my upper and lower abdomen. Then I’m going to head over to the Plano location – EpiCenter Legacy– to have my “flanks” done, better known as my muffin top. 

I. am. stoked.

So, the thing about this procedure is it’s not a weight loss thing, which is fine because it’s not that I’m not okay with my weight. I’m actually quite happy with it. It’s to target areas of fat that want to just stick to you and be all “HEY! Remember that cheeseburger you ate when you were ELEVEN? Still here, beesh!”

Now I get to be all, “FREEZE AND DIE, cheeseburger fat, FREEZE AND DIE.”

And yes, I asked more questions beyond just how it kills the decades old cheeseburger fat. It’s safe for breastfeeding. It really doesn’t affect anything other than targeting the fat cells and killing them off. They will slowly, naturally be metabolized by my body, so I won’t see the full effects of CoolSculpting for a couple of months. It’s possible I could experience some surface bruising and maybe even some cramping, but that’s not all too common, and even if it happens to me, I’m pretty sure I can handle both of those.

In reality, there’s no downtime. You can go on with your day after your short appointment. However, I think I just may milk this for half a day off. Heh.

“Mommy has to REST! Her fat cells are frozen and it makes her tired.” 

What it’s not going to do is tighten my skin or take away the stretch marks, so it’s not like I’ll be rocking a bikini after this, but I’ll notice a difference in the way my one-piece fits… and my shorts.. and my shirts. Holly said I can expect 1/2 inch reduction in my waist, but may see up to an inch.

I confess, I was apprehensive heading into this, but Holly and I talked for a long time. My mind really was set at ease, all my questions answered, and now I’m ready to get my freeze on.

I think this is the point when I figured I might show you all a before picture, but my camera battery is dead (true story!) and it’s late, so the light is terrible, and they’re going to provide me with one of those creepy, headless before pictures anyway so maybe I’ll show you that?? I don’t know. I promise to show some sort of before and after shot. Eventually.

Not tonight.

Tonight I’m having a going away party for that f-ing 20-year-old cheeseburger and all it’s late night college pizza cronies.

But, I won’t leave you with nothing. Here is a drawing that looks vaguely similar to the situation I’ve got going on. You can use your imagination, right?

Disclosure- I was not paid for this post, but I am receiving CoolSculpting treatments in exchange for my honest reviews. 

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  1. I want to jump on this bandwagon. I have oh so many areas of wicked fat that have appeared in the 4 years since I got pregnant with my first baby, then had two more in a very short period of time. I’m lumpy. There is really no area I can say is smooth on my body – sadly not even my face as I approach my mid-30s. I am looking forward to your reviews and will sit here super jealous that I am not asked to review such an awesome thing.

  2. Samantha Gallagher on

    You are killing me today. Seriously, tons of consistently informative yet hysterical posts. Well done.

  3. Kristan Anne Kremer on

    I have never heard of this, but definitely interested. I am looking forward to reading the review. Good luck!!

  4. Very cool. While I have some overall work to do, I know there are spots on my body that just won’t budget. I’ve been told these are “old” fat cells from when I was morbidly obese as a child. That no matter how much weight I lose, these spots will be there.

    Perhaps I should investigate freezing…

    Thanks for sharing. And please keep us updated.

  5. Hi Jill!

    I am so jealous that you get to do this! How exciting! I do have a question though. You have mentioned that you plan on having a third child. Why do the procedure before a third baby that will inevitably stretch out your belly and add that little layer o’ fat back in (at least it would for me). Again, congrats on the perks of having a great blog!

    • Hey! Great question. First, I made sure it was okay to do this before getting pregnant, and have been assured it’s completely safe (as long as I’m not pregnant at the time, which I’m not). I’ve been lucky in that I’ve lost the baby weight after both of the kids pretty quickly (by 9 months postpartum both times), so the fat that is left is really just what I’ve had since before I ever had kids, plus a lot of extra saggy skin. This procedure can’t do anything about the skin anyway, so it’s not like I’m going to ruin a tummy tuck. I’m doing this now, mainly, because it’s opportunity I’ve been presented. Also, I have contemplated having something more dramatic done (like a tummy tuck) when I’m done having kids, so we’ll see if I feel the need for that after the last baby.

  6. Loleta Smith on

    Oh Lord! I just laughed so loud I got yelled at (supposed to be doing my online homework) and was very creepily snickering through the drawing! Good luck and can’t wait for the after posts!

  7. Mama Challenge on

    I’m sure that @epicentredallas isn’t looking for another patient to test these out, but if so, put my name on the list. I was already looking for some treatments to get rid of that special muffin top…from my neck to my knees!

  8. I have a friend in Austin who is getting her consultation for this as well. I’m excited to see both of y’alls results as an option for me after I have kiddos. Looking forward to the after drawing. hehe

  9. Ashley Mooney on

    I actually market a site-specific body wrap that DOES tighten and firm skin, as well as minimizing those pesky stretch marks, in only 45 minutes. I’d love to send you a wrap Jill! 🙂 Message me if you’d like to give it a go!

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  11. hello, please let me know if you tried cool scuplting after all while breastfeeding. Mine is 9 mo and breastfeed only at night and I wanted to do cool sculpting for my abs, too and really wanna know any “side ” effcects for the baby . many thanks and looking forward to your feedback as soon as you can,

  12. Stefanie McHugh on

    I am curious about your coolsculpting experience with breastfeeding. I am finding conflicting views on this and would like to hear from someone who had it done while nursing. Thanks!

    • Hey Jennifer! I definitely noticed a big difference! If you search my archives you can see the results posted. I think worth the money would be relative to your own personal situation.

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