June Sponsor Love

It’s that time again, when I give my blog sponsors a big virtual hug to thank them for supporting me this month. As always, I’m lucky to have fantastic companies and blogs represented in my sidebar.

Olive Bungalow I adore my stacked gemstone rings, I really do, but this new emerald cut design is GORGEOUS and makes me want to figure out how to justify another set.

Good Girl Gone Green is back again this month, and again I must link you to a, what seems to be, delicious recipe she’s posted- Chia Ginger Green Tea. Did you know Chia seeds are for more than just Chia Pets? You do now.

Daily Mom Report just earned a spot on Forbes Top 100 Websites For Women In 2012. Congrats!

Dirty Diaper Laundry Apparel Use the code BUTTON to get a free “I Love Cloth Diapers” button with your order of cloth diaper advocacy shirts in infant, toddler and adult sizes.

Pea Wee Baby Y’all, after raising 2 babies in this blazing Texas summer heat, I can’t BELIEVE I am just now learning of the awesomeness of this “cool” swaddle. It is so flipping hot here that it feels like borderline abuse to bundle a baby up in a traditional swaddling blanket. These are on my must have list for the last baby.

Girl Hearts Camera just announced they will start selling The Photographer’s Planner “an original, one of a kind day planner, designed just for photographers,” shipping mid-July. You can pre-order now, and rumor has it I’ll be hosting a Facebook Page exclusive giveaway later this week.

HMS Independent Graphic Design Holy eye candy! Heather creates beautiful and pleasing logos, websites and can even help you find what your brand should look like.

Bloom Maternity is an online boutique run by the sweetest girl from San Antonio. Ellen and I met at Blissdom this year, and it’s so inspiring to hear how she came to own and run an online maternity and baby store. She is a mom who is passionate about helping other moms.

One Smiley Monkey “Featuring the latest green, useful and unique family friendly products and services.” I enjoy reading through all their helpful tip posts.

The Sleep Sense Program Dana specializes in stepping in when exhausted parents are frustrated and unsure of how to get their children to sleep. She wrote a great blog post for me this week with 5 Tips For A Stress-Free Bedtime. 

Passionfruit Ads The only way I manage private ads these days! If you’re a blogger, you are missing out if you’re not signed up.

Speaking of selling ad space, if you’d like to see your ad in my sidebar and linked in a blog post at the end of the month, head on over to this page to purchase a space for July.


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  1. You’re right – that stacking ring is COMPLETELY OFF THE HOOK! I need it.
    What I really want is for someone to take my three “push present” birth stones for the kids and turn them into one piece of jewelry. I wonder if I can send my stones to her and have her create something truly fantastic? One day when I have disposable income again I will so contact her.

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