I Have A Sick Day(s) Hangover

Days like this are hard to kick in the ass.

I’m coming off a weekend out of town, followed by 2 days of feeling like crap thanks to some sort of cruel “summer cold.” That equals 4 days of ignoring my inbox, pushing back deadlines, ignoring my son’s disaster of a bedroom, and pushing aside piles of ┬álaundry.

Parents don’t get sick days.

I don’t get to come back to this job after a couple of days of laying in my bed, eating chicken soup and watching trashy television, to find things exactly how I left them. This part of the job was not thoroughly explained to me by the Union Of Parents before I signed that contract in blood(y show). I’m quite upset about these poor working conditions.

Instead, I come back to mess and chaos, to 15 windows open on my computer, bouncing back and forth between them all, trying to figure out which fires are more important, or if the “fires” in my kitchen and laundry room should take priority.

It’s so tempting to say, “Nope. Still not better. Going to bed. Ignoring all of this FOREVER. The children will learn to feed and bathe themselves eventually. Email? Huh? What’s the internet?” But I know what I really need to do is power through, respond to no less than 10 pressing emails, write and write and write, organize tasks, make lists, prioritize, take ten thousand deep breaths.

Ugh. It all makes me sweaty and anxious. I have a headache just thinking about it all.  The sick day hangover is worse than being sick.

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  1. It’s the worst. On those days, I pick 5 super important things that HAVE to get done for the day and then just close shop and address the rest on the next good day. Or I quickly write out responses like, “Got your message and I will get back to you ASAP. Been sick and plaything catch-up.” and then feel better that at least I acknowledged SOMETHING. I find that if I have no mojo, my creativity is at a zero and whatever I write or blog or design is worthless anyway. Most people understand (most). Hope you’re feeling better soon and you find your mojo!

    • Am I the only one who feels totally lame saying “sorry! I was sick!” and excusing myself? I feel like people are all, “We don’t care about your ASS-cuse. Quit whining and start working!” and by people, sometimes I mean my children.

      • LOL- yea, the kids you can’t say it to. That’s for sure. But, the house and work deadlines? I do now. I used to feel that way, too, though- that I couldn’t possibly say I was sick or behind. But now I’m totally fine with saying it. AFter baby #3 ,18 months ago, I realized that I am only human and can only do so much, and, whether the world believes it or not, I get sick or leave town or become so run down that my body literally shakes with anxiety. I used to bend over backwards in those situations to still get everything done, but now, I don’t. I just can’t. Nothing is worth putting myself into a mental institution, because that’s where I”ll end up if I pretend everything is on track every day. I can’t tell you how many times I write email responses that say, “I will be a day or two late on this, but am moving as fast as I can.” It still all gets done. People like the finished product. And no one has stopped working with me. Well, except for maybe my children. But they never really collaborated to begin with.

      • I totally feel like people don’t give a rat’s ass when I say I was sick. I also feel like a total slacker for getting sick in the first place, having to take time off of work and then admit it makes me want to shrivel up. All of this is most likely all in my head though.

  2. I’m with Jen. I am a WOHM, but I am the only one at my company doing what I do. When I’m sick, it doesn’t get done and I have been known to go to work for part of a day while sick because whatever has to be sent RIGHT NOW. When I’m not in that circumstance, I make a list of things I have to do, do the most important first, and if I get through 5 of them I feel great. No one should have to apologize for being sick. The people you are telling that you were sick and are working on their project ALSO get sick from time to time. As far as the stuff at home that is cleaning related, I do what I can. I know I will have a chance to catch up on it eventually. Also, I have a HUGE Electrolux washer that has definitly made a difference since I can wash HUGE loads in little time and it gets everything clean the first time. (Put it on your “Mama wants” list.) Hang in there!

  3. Whenever I get sick, genuinely sick enough to be out of work, I always feel bad not for the work that isn’t getting done, but for all those times I used up my leave unnecessarily lying when I wasn’t really sick (I have perfected the fake cough over the years). Karma.

    Generally, I say screw it all once I’m down and out. It’s worse to try to force yourself through the laundry, makes the sickness last longer when we don’t properly rest. But at the same time, how can your mind rest knowing that the piles are still there, the dishes are still there? My husband does all he can when I’m sick, sure, but it’s not the same because the kitchen towels don’t belong right there.

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