From Blah to BOOM- A Front Door Makeover

This was our front door up until recently.

Builder grade white, dingy, brass kick plate, dinged up door frame, boring door knob. I did my best to jazz it up with a yarn wreath that took me nearly a decade to make (or a few weeks, same diff… but seriously, how can anyone charge less than $1k for these time-sucks on Etsy?), but it was still BLAH.

This is our front door now.

I repaired the door frame with some wood putty, then applied a fresh coat of paint over it. I painted the door exterior black paint by Behr from Home Depot. As much as I’m not a fan of the kick plate, I had to replace it instead of getting rid of it since there are holes at the bottom of the door from the screws that held it in.

To finish it off, we replaced the doorknob with a more fancy door handle. Then I added that metal powder-coated white wreath, which I got on clearance from Chiasso (hurry, there are still some left!). Apparently, it’s a holiday wreath, but I think it’s just funky and fresh enough to jazz up my door most of the year. Contemporary or modern wreaths are hard to come by!

In the past, I’ve hung wreaths with Command Adhesive hooks, but they just weren’t cutting it with the new metal wreath. I didn’t want to put a nail or screw in the metal door, so I wound up getting one of these:

It’s a magnetic wreath holder, and it is STRONG. It actually comes with 2 to a pack, so you can use them on glass doors, too, by placing them on either side of the glass. It could probably hold a kid up by their underwear.

Not that I would ever do that.

But back to what we were originally discussing. Ugly front door is now dramatic, pretty front door. In all, including the wreath, it probably cost $175 to upgrade everything, which is really far less than what I would ever charge anyone for a handmade by yours truly yarn wreath.

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  1. That is gorgeous- I wouldn’t think a black door would be a good idea, but wow what a difference- it looks great! You’ve given me the courage to try a new color on my door 🙂

    • Thanks! Black wasn’t my first choice, but any other tan or brown color I felt would look odd with all the white trim. Our HOA says no red or colored doors. I would never do black if our house was facing the other way, toward the setting sun.

  2. Ahh, I love those hooks! We got a bunch around Christmas for hanging wreaths because we rent- so didn’t eant to strip paint off the door with a sticky hook, didn’t want to drill holes, PLUS the back door is glass. They are phenomenal!

  3. I have to re-paint our front door…sadly it needs to remain white because of the stupid HOA. I will never buy in an HOA again.

    Technical question: Did you sand the old paint off the door? Did you use a brush or roller for the majority of the door?

  4. Did you change the outdoor lights too?
    I really like the look. I am not sure if black would go with white vinyl siding

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  6. stumbled upon your blog today, and i must say nicely done! i aspire to redo my front door as well. I also purchased those magnetic hangers, and then realized that my door is wood ! not my finest moment!
    Your house looks VERY similar to the one we rent out in Spring. Must be a Texas style 🙂

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