Another Ordinary Day In Our Life In Pictures

Yesterday I documented an ordinary day in our life by taking a picture every hour, from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Here’s how it unfolded.

At 8 Scott took a quick 5 minute break from work (he works from home on Wednesdays) to help me get the kids lunches together while I got both of them dressed.

9 a.m. we pulled into the parking lot at Mothers Day Out. Kendall was finishing up a cup of strawberries and dancing to One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”

I finished up a Level 2 workout of the 30 Day Shred right at 10, and sat down with some water to watch a little Kathie Lee & Hoda before getting to work.

11 a.m. conference call with the Red Jeweled Media team. Had to keep my end on mute most of the time so I could eat my lunch.

The dogs hang out in the office with us most of the day, soaking up the sun. Taken at noon.

1 p.m. Scott’s workspace… a touch cluttered, but who am I to judge?

2:15 p.m. Home from school, eating what’s left of his lunch and watching a little PBS Kids while I put Leyna down for a nap. She was extra cranky at school today, I’m told.

Well, that was fast. Leyna’s up from her nap at 3.

4 p.m. Yup, still cranky. I haven’t been able to put her down since she got up from her nap. I suspect either teething or a growth spurt are to blame.

5 p.m. and it’s a *little* cooler in the backyard, so we all head out for some play time. Kendall loves climbing and hanging from the new play set.

6 p.m. Early bedtime for this one. She’s not herself. I nurse her, which involves a lot of wrangling on my part. She’s used to twirling my hair, but since it’s put up today, she has to settle for my bangs and the teeny tiny wisps at the back of my neck. That feels as awesome as it sounds. Ouch!

7 p.m. Bedtime for Kendall. He’s wiped out from the day and doesn’t put up too much of a fight.

8 p.m. Both the kids are asleep and Scott’s out for a run. I should be doing dishes.

9 p.m. Here we go. She’s been up every 15 minutes for the last 45 minutes. I send Scott in to put her back down. She’s clearly not happy about that.

10 p.m. Look who won! She raids the kitchen, proud of her victory, gloating, digging in the junk drawer. Spoiled. Rotten.

We were all in bed by 11, including Leyna who was kind enough to sleep in stretches longer than 15 minutes throughout the night. I love looking back and comparing this to the day I documented last year! So much has changed, even though most of it still feels the same.

I took all of these with my 30 mm 1.4 lens on my Canon T2i, and processed them with Clickin Moms Paparazzi presets in Lifestyle and Classifieds (for the black & whites).Β 

Have you documented an ordinary day in your life recently? I just wrote a post with some tips on how to prepare for it. You can read it here. Then be sure to come back and link up so we can all peek into each other’s days. You know, if you’re cool with that kind of stalking.

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  2. M-I-Z! Our baby is as of yet unborn but already has a full wardrobe of Tiger clothing. I just hope he doesn’t make his appearance on a game day.

    • Remember how in 2010 we were supposed to be, like, the #1 football team? And how we royally effed that (per usual) and wound up in some crappy bowl game at the end of the season that we lost? I can’t remember what bowl it was or who we played, but Leyna was born that day, and we watched the pitiful game from the hospital just a couple hours after she was born.

  3. I love your pictures, they look so nice & professional!

    That’s so awesome that Scott helps out so much when he can, he’s such a good man! Poor Leyna, BG2 goes thru cranky periods like that too, def teething/growth spurt. Damn those growing pains!

    LOL, that last pic reminds me BG2, always digging through the drawers at her height, happily pulling everything out until our floors are basically an obstacle course! Ah, kids!

  4. Btw, I SO wish I could do another one of these since I remember doing one and linking up with your blog when you did it last year. But, alas, I am without my family for another month and if I took pics of what my days are like now, it’d just be:

    – me, sitting at a desk either studying or online
    – me, sleeping
    – me, staring into space


  5. My little girl is almost 18 months and is snotty and teething like CRAZY right now and it’s interrupting her sleep too. She’s been snacking on frozen fruit and seems to really enjoy that.
    great pictures!

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  7. You inspired me to do one of these posts last Fall, and then I followed it up with more recent one about 2 months ago. It’s amazing to see how much our little ones have grown in such a short time! My Carina was born the same day as Leyna πŸ™‚

  8. Looking at your pictures I totally thought that looks like a teething baby. Are you still using the amber bracelet (or am I thinking someone else)? I love your pictures. See that one of Scot and Kendall made me realize I have practically none of Elena with her daddy (ie love of her life – aside from food that is).

  9. I love that you let her “win”, and thanks for putting it out there for all to see (kind of like the dirty dishes post). I always felt like kind of a loser for nights like those when I’d cry uncle and just bring the baby out of bed to toddle around for a while, and never really told any of my supermommy friends who had champion sleep-26-hours-per-night babies. Fast forward a couple of years, and some of my very favorite memories and pictures and funny little video snippets came from those nights. Especially for my second, it was some of the best one-on-one time we had.

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  11. Love this, thanks for sharing. My favorites were the nursing picture (so lovely) and the ‘she won’ picture with the junk drawer (hilarious and so true).

  12. Hi Jill,

    I have never commented on you blog yet, but I’m a loyal reader and fan! Love your posts and your humorous writing! I have a quick question for you…I noticed in the picture of Leyna in her crib that you have these material pieces tied around all the top sides of the crib. Are those to prevent teething on the wood? That’s what my boys both did/do and our oldest destroyed our first crib. Now our 2nd is in a crib I borrowed from a friend and we just have those rubber teething guards on it, but they’re not so attractive! Obviously I don’t want him to chew away on a borrowed crib, so if that’s what those are on Leyna’s crib, can I ask you where you got them?
    I live in Toronto, Canada. Feel free to email me if that’s easier:

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