Weekend Kitchen Table Project

I gave our kitchen table to my little brother and his wife last weekend. Never mind that we didn’t have one to replace it. I knew it was the kick in the pants Scott needed to get busy building us a new one. (You may recall seeing our terribly worn old oak table in lots of the pictures I’ve posted on here. I think my brother and sister in law have grand plans of painting it… after a very thorough removing of all the crusted on food from the children.)

Not that that guy isn’t doing enough these days. What can I say? I’m a…. demanding wife. BUT I know he loves this kind of stuff, too, and we’ve been talking about building a new kitchen table out of the leftover pieces of wood from our new floors he installed last year forever.

So he started yesterday…

And hopefully we’ll have something to eat off of by Monday.

We (and by we, I always mean he) are not building the chairs, though. In fact, even if he could build them, I’m not sure I’d like the matchy matchy look. Instead, I’m 90% sure I’m ordering these:

Via Overstock.com

And hopefully we’ll end up with something a little similar to this:

Courtesy of Bella Manici Design

I’ll let you all know how it turns out soon! Ideally, we’ll have the chairs by the end of next week because what good is a table if we can’t sit at it? I mean, other than the obvious shit collector for all the things nobody actually wants to put away when they get home.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun home projects?

Hope it’s a great one, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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    • See all that wood stacked against the wall behind it? Yeah, we saved ALL the leftovers and now we have to figure out what to do with them. He already built an office desk out of some of it. We *may* be able to get our headboard from it, but a lot of the pieces are really warped and cracked. I’m hoping we can cut them down and use the small pieces for picture frames. From there, we may just have to let the rest become firewood.

  1. I LOVE your inspiration picture! ironically today I have been cleaning off my “shit collector” of a dining room table. 🙂 and off to continue organizing my new office, which is where most of the stuff on the table ended up.

  2. Very nice! We have chairs very similar to those but in bright yellow…with a white laminate table. I love the chairs and think they will look great with the hand-made wood table!

  3. What a beautiful table…I want one! We (and that really means my handy hubby) is in the process of building me a a very nice bench with shoe storage for our mudroom. I have grand ideas of the children actually keeping their shoes here and not in the middle of the floor. I love weekend projects and my handy hubby.

  4. That’s exactly what I’m going for in my kitchen – when I get around to stripping & staining the huge table I painted less than 2 years ago.

  5. I’m impressed that you are (or Scott is) using your extra wood for your table! We held onto 2 boxes of leftover wood from our floors for… 5 years or so before we moved. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. Looks great so far!

    We also installed hardwood floors but right after we finished slaving over them and were happy with the finished product the boys flooded the house. They had to be ripped up and we decided to never with peel and stick vinyl because we weren’t sure we could handle another project!!

    But we saved as much of the wood as we could and used it to build ourselves our dinner table, butcher block counter tops and a long winding bike trail in the back yard!

    • Oh. my. word! That would be terrible! Glad you could turn something positive out of all that. The table is built, we just have to finish sanding and staining the base this weekend. Hopefully I can share pics next week. Can I ask how you did the butcher block counter tops? We were thinking of maybe doing a butcher block top for our island, but I heard Oak isn’t the best for that. Is that what you used?

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