The Way I View: Friendship

I know they have a long road of sibling rivalry and arguments ahead of them, but they’ll wind up good friends eventually, right? I mean, my sister and I used to throw knives at each other, and now we’re as close as two sisters can get. So, I’m hopeful they’ll have many memorable meals together as friends throughout their lives.

This was my April assignment for my Clickin Moms photo challenge. 

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  1. That is a fantastic photo. My girls will go from screaming at each other to giggling all within seconds. By te time I go to break up a fight, they’re playing again. I walk away, they’re fighting again.

  2. Beautiful photo!! I am jealous of that gorgeous light in your home!!

    And, my kids can be super close, couldn’t-make-each-other-giggle-more-infectiously one minute, and then fighting tooth and nail the next.

    My sister and I are pretty close, and I used to know how to annoy her in less than 6 seconds. Wait, I can probably still do that.

  3. I’m 25 and my sister almost 30 and we’re best friends now. When we were kids she was HORRIBLE to me. Probably way worse than normal sister rivalry (like you said, throwing knives kinda thing{literally}). Now we talk on the phone at least 2hrs a day. I can’t imagine a day not talking to her on the phone.

  4. I love this pic! So cute & previous! Yes, I’m hoping my two girls get along too. Things are always up & down with them, but they are still young and I have hopes for the future, lol.

  5. Very cute! And yes, they will eventually become friends. My younger brother and I were horrible to each other as children and even young teens…we couldn’t be more different. We are still very different but we get along great and he is a very entertaining uncle to my three sons (one of whom is just like him!)

  6. They are so sweet! It’s possible to skip the rivalry/fighting stage(s), right? My girls just started the arguing phase. It’s pissing me off. They’re 11 and 8. Where did my sweet friend-sibling children go? My sisters are each three years older than me. I don’t recall our being close as children (although every photo of us as kids is the three of us together. Hmm.) but we are all very close now.

  7. My older brother and I used to throw knives at each other too!! Well, really it was him throwing knives at what ever door I locked myself behind, but whatev’s. Now we are SUPER close. I mean, since he has gotten back from his deployment in Afghanistan, my husband told me he is even a little jealous of how close Paul and I are. We are really like best friends. And throw my little brother into the mix and we are one freakin’ great big happy family!! I just never had a sister so I am not sure what to expect with my two girls. I am a little afraid. girls can be VICIOUS!!!

  8. I have a brother who is 3 years older, and sometimes that meant being left out or playing games that were rough and tumble just so I could be included, or being thought of the annoying pest little sister or having to pick me up from middle school theater rehearsals, or arguing about him hating a boyfriend of mine in high school because he didn’t like what his intentions were with me, but it also meant finally getting to the age when he wanted to hang out with me, then missing him like crazy when he went to college, eventually going to the same college and hanging out with my big brother and his “big” friends all over again. And now it means getting really, really, really count-the-days-down excited to go see him in Colorado, having a confidant when our crazy parents are being crazy, falling head-over-heels in love with his baby the way I only thought I could ever love my own, and having a sister-in-law I adore too. Jack is an only child and most of the time I feel really bad for him – there’s just nothing like having a sibling, especially when the two of you are all grown up. I can tell you that a brother-sister relationship is one of the sweetest gifts God has given me.

  9. Found a little book called “Close Kids” through Family Life Today. I thought it had some great ideas for helping siblings become friends. Great pic btw.

  10. I used to wonder the same things; there was 4 1/2 years between my son and daughter. We had the typical “she’s looking at me” “he’s breathing my air” kinda bickering, and thought it would always be so, but something clicked the Christmas my son was 11 and daughter was 7. He asked her if she wanted to play his new game with him, and they’ve been thick as thieves since. He’s 30 now, she and her husband have a 1 year old daughter. Life has been tough at times, he’s been through some hell and through it all, his sister stood at his side, sometimes with tough love, but always beside him. As a mama, my truest blessing has been their love and respect for each other. When their father passed away, I worried about my own mortality and how it would affect them. I watch them today, my son with his sister, brother in law and beloved niece and I don’t worry. They talk to each other almost daily even if it’s just a quick text and recently, and this makes me cry, in a discussion with my son about how he and his sister are still my dearest treasures and come first to me… he said…. no one comes before my sister and niece. I love you dearly, Mom… but no one comes before them; I would walk through fire for their lives. I couldn’t ask for more or better for either of them, than that love and loyalty. Everyone else will come and go in their lives… but siblings are your roots and your safety net. I feel secure and comforted in their relationship. I feel lucky that my daughter found a man to love who understands their bond and enjoys his own with my son. And I feel excited that some day my son will find an equally wonderful woman to share his life with.

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